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Texturing Contest #26 - Results

Discussion in 'The Arena' started by Heinvers, Jun 17, 2017 at 6:56 AM.

  1. Heinvers


    2D Art Moderator

    May 7, 2010



    Contestants are to create a skin representing the gothic clothing, gothic fiction, architecture or related to it using the vanilla models or the custom ones found on the site.


    • First Place: 40 reputation points and your entry on the award icon. Also the chance of getting a unique thematic rank icon done specifically regarding preference.
    • Second Place: 25 reputation points and an award icon
    • Third Place: 10 reputation points and an award icon

    • Each judge will receive 5 reputation points.



    Shading 30/30
    Very wc3 like. At first sight, I would'v said that it's ripe for the taking and looks flawless compared to the game's shading style. Shadows, highlights and light sources are well balanced.

    Concept 35/40
    Solid design that portrays your idea well. I'm just not sure about the golden motifs. Might seem too far stretched.

    Details 26/30
    These are made well and are clearly seen from in-game angle. Skulls,...yeah not too fond of those.
    Lovely sharpness factors. Well contrasted and highlighted. Just a bit washed when seen from in-game camera.

    Total 91/100



    Shading 27/30
    Almost there but missed some factors. What you seemed to focus more on was the clarity of the skin and overall shadding. Compared to vanilla skins, yours looks almost on the high res side and it looks somewhat strange next to in-game skins.

    Concept 36/40
    Great design and final result. what I did not like was the fact that the Poe factor took more from the concept than the needed quantity. The skin looks a bit off compared to the contest's thematic.
    Otherwise good job.

    Details 24/30
    I like your style. Although, as prevously mentioned, you focused too much on clarity.
    The small details are barely seen and the dominant ones like the cape, boots, torso seem a bit too busy due to all the intricate stuff added to the skin.

    Total 87/100



    Shading 28/30
    Hit the spot but might I say too much? Just by a bunch missed the bench. Vivid shading and clear highlights.

    Concept 37/40
    I love the Valkyra inspiration here. It suits the Warden model nicely.
    Though, the cape and her hair are lacking big time.

    Details 25/30
    Nicely done so far. What is difficult to see is the torso areas which in your case, it is full of details.
    Well done however.

    Total 90/100



    Shading 20/30
    Oh dear. You went over the top. The blacks are too pronounced and the highlights seem too wide,
    Comendable effort though. The skin could use higher contrast.

    Concept 34/40
    The Gargoyle concept is godly done. I like it. The arms and tail areas could've been more clean and added some various color tones. Variety is good when done in acceptable quantities.

    Details 22/30
    So forced. The whites are throwing the eyes around quite a lot. The creature's skin, however was finely put into attention.

    Total 76/100



    Shading 23/30
    You had it in the bag but the black quantity in your shadows almost killed it. The highlights are too wide and throw off the eye by a notch. Though, the overall shading of this skin looks and integrates nicely with the vanilla skins.

    Concept 36/40
    The concept itself is not really new, but for Archimonde's racial conversion alone you score well.
    Evene the 'suit' and boots are seen relatively good from in-game angles.

    Details 23/30
    From close up, the details are seen clearly but they are faded from in-game camera. I think that the boots, cape and tail are rather blob like. The sharpness there seems to not work as you intended in the first place.
    Cleverly done face, torso and pants details.

    Total 82/100



    Shading: great Shading mate, fits well the Warcraft 3 art style I do believe you've went a bit strong on the highlights and that went a little overboard with your shadows, but overall, great execution! The face is really lovely : )


    Concept: a gotic looking knight isn't the most creative idea out there I'm afraid. The fact you've went for gold plate armor is nice though but not very gothic mostly because you've used it to showcase a dragon theme. The skulls were nice though and the overall color palette was a bold move that worked well.


    Details: there's some great ideas going on, love the flow you've created in the plate armor, love the cross pattern in the shoulder-pads, even though out of place, the dragon shoulder-pads and the cape is really cool details. The skulls are great to, you've also found the right balance of Warcraft 3 details




    Shading: Great job overall! I do feel some parts seems like it got less love though, like the plate boots and the fur capes compare to the rest. But overall, great texture work, nice highlights and shadows and great volumes.


    Concept: Love the face! Going for a full plate armor isn't the most creative idea though, but the fact you used Rexxar as a based skin was a nice twist. Overall, you seem to have made your research and only took small artistic decisions for the overall look of the plate armor. The flag on waist, the crow on the axe and the small hints of gold here and there was a nice touch though.


    Details: Great execution for the plate armor, the chain-mail, the cloth texture, the crow on the axe, the layers of plate armor etc. All that without going overboard with the details and staying in the Warcraft 3 frame when it comes to detailing. Great job!




    Shading: overall great execution! Greaaaaaaaat job with the highlights and shadows. Kudos! But your gold rim seems desaturated, overall your whole texture seems to be on the same level of tonality which makes your whole texture looks a little fade and bleak. Also, some of your highlights to shadows transitions are a little to cutout. I would have love to see a smoother rendering


    Concept: Just like the others you've went for the plate armor knights. Like the fact you went for gold though, the floral pattern here and there is also a nice touch but I feel like your main problem is theming = you only seem to have went for something dark and detailed to fit the gothic texture theme, but if you set yourself a goal like = let's make a religious warrior! or something like that, it would have helped overall the look.


    Details: Great execution there mate, love the scale armor, the chain-mail, the scratches on the armor here and there. Overall lovely work mate : )




    Shading: I feel like you've went all over the place in this one. Your shadows are way to dark, your highlights are way to bright. I feel like your overkill amount of details was a bad idea, you can't read volumes properly because of this. :S also we can't tell it's a statue beside the fact that it's grey and has moss on it and you called it a gargoyle. Again you're over use of details made it way to noisy.


    Concept: YAY! GARGOYLE! concept-art wise, you're my favorite submission, the fact you went for the old mossy statue was a great idea, very fitting! Although like the shading, your over use of details makes it really really hard to read.


    Details: Don't need to say it all over again, but yeah... next time you want to create a counter balance mate = if you have large empty areas, the areas that are details strikes the eye even more. Find that balance for the next competition. ; ) The use of moss was a nice touch though, I'll give you that! The floral pattern too.




    Shading: You've went overboard with the highlights and the shadows mate, everything seems to be made of obsidian metal! D:
    we do seem to understand what is made out of cloth though, I guess.. can't really give you a higher note.


    Concept: yay WEREWOLF! Glad you went for a werewolf idea! You seem to have been highly influenced by Greymane from heroes of the storm though, not sure I,m a fan of this. :S next contest I would suggest you to simply get inspired by the design and then build from there, with a different color palette, different textile and armor patterns.


    Details: the blasted shadows and highlights makes it hard to read. I do love your balance of detailed areas vs more empty areas though. The lack of gothic visual is a little sad though, would have love to see some skulls or religious pattern in there.


    Scoring formula: J1+J2/200*75 + P/Ptot*25

    TxC26 - results.png


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  2. Just_Spectating


    May 16, 2007
    Congrats to A.R.
    and good job to everyone else
  3. Misha


    Jun 9, 2008
    AnemicRoyalty takes the crown xD
  4. ~Nightmare


    Jan 25, 2011
    Third Place curse </3 :xxd:
  5. Mr.Goblin


    Art and Graphic Design Moderator

    May 26, 2008
    I've been a good boy @Ralle :3

    Good job everyone!
  6. Kyrbi0


    Jul 29, 2008