Storm Crow Form Crash

Level 7
Feb 20, 2016
I tried adding the storm crow form ability to a custom druid of the talon using a custom model but when i click on the ability the game crashes. i imported a custom blp for the storm crow which i think automatically replaces the texture (path UnitsNightElfDruidOfTheTalonRaven.blp).

how do i fix this?
Level 9
Dec 12, 2007
1. check if the original form and its alternate form are the same, if the original is a Hero, then the alternate must be a Hero, vice versa, if the original is non Hero, the alternate must be non Hero too.

2. check if both original and alternate form unit has the same storm crow form ability

3. check if your model is not corrupted (just use that model for any unit then place it on the map, try play the map and view the corrupted model, if crash, that's the problem.)