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Druid of Talon Model Problems

Level 4
Jul 12, 2011
For my map, I'm trying to make Druids of the Talon and Storm Crows seperate units.

But in my map, for some reason (Even though the Storm Crows have the alternatesex and Druid of the Talon (Caster/Crow) model, they appear as floating night elf druid forms in the air. Its looks pretty bad.

I think the problem might have started after I removed "Storm Crow Form" from their abilites. They arent dependency equivalents to eachother anymore either. Any help?

My goal is to have the Storm Crow form Model for the Storm Crow unit, instead of the Druid of the Talon form model for the Storm Crow unit.

Thank yuo!
Level 37
Mar 6, 2006
Place a unit into the map. Select it and check the animations in the preview window. If it say "stand" and "stand alternative" for example, then you know that you need to apply alternative animation tag to the unit.

You can do this by setting Art - required nimation names in object editor, or by using trigger Animation - add animation tag to unit.