Stained Glass Adventurer UI

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Hey all! This is meant to be a generic adventurer UI. It counts with a arrowhead cursor. Replaces the Orc UI, but may work with the Human UI though

Edit: minor fixes.

Cursor (Texture)

Inventory Cover (Texture)

Tile 1 (Texture)

Tile 2 (Texture)

Tile 3 (Texture)

Tile 4 (Texture)

Time Indicator Frame (Texture)

Great UI! Love what you did with the map section and the item slots. Very creative. Some more features would be great, a lot of space could have been used for something creative like the features mentioned above. But this is definitely worthy of...
Level 28
Nov 12, 2007
Thanks for the compliments everyone!

How do you use and import this?
Open the import manager inside World Editor and import all the files.
Double click on them to be able to insert a custom path text.
The custom path you'll have to type is displayed right beside the image previews (here in this page), under the name "Import path(s)".

In the end it'll look like this:

well for it being 'stained glass', there's very little actual stained glass xD

its awesome already tho 'u'
You're right haha, this could've been named "Backpacker UI", but I only thought of that after months since it has been uploaded here.