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May 14, 2019
Feb 3, 2013



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May 14, 2019
    1. Maker

      You are right, I could add IsJumping check.

      The selection circle seems to be set to ground level for flying units and it is a bug. I will think of a way to fix it.
    2. Ardenian
      Thank you for your rating on my resource!
    3. Stork
      When will you comeback buddy xD
    4. Stork
      No problem :)
    5. Stork
      Its okay, don't feel sorry bro
    6. Stork
      Hey Its been a while, how are u doing?
    7. Stork
      Its pretty close tho. but if the spirit try to suicide itself while the target is running, the spirit's height will be too low which means it will submerge into the ground lmao. Also can you do the spirit spliting out effect when start casting the abillity, it should have missile spawned per second (spawning tick), changing height speed, height changing tick should be 0.031125 for smoother effect, max height min height.. (i suggest you to use Spirit Tower's Missile, i think its the closest to the effect in the video :D)? I posted the video in the request below (details video).

      Details Video: "From 2:25 -> 2:32 (The way spirits are summoned)"
    8. Stork
      Sorry, i've misunderstood of what you said before. I tested myself when there are only 2 units, of course its infinitely bounce until 1 unit left.

      Also what does it mean to dispel the effect? Is there a supposed spell or item that removes said effect?
      Mirror Image is the first one that i mentioned in my request, because turning something into invulnerable will instantly remove almost all the buffs from them, except buff can affect invulnerable or aura adjusted to affect invulnerable units. But i suggest to trigger the dispel effect to certain ability. Example, Unit Start effect of an ability, ability being cast equal to Mirror Image, bla bla bla, set the stack of the plague = current stack - 1 just an example, i think you'll get it

      And also, Plague Siphon, its supposed to increase the caster physical damage, not make the units that affected by plague takes more physical damage. Yes, only the caster deal increased damage, i first think in my mind that the increased damage should be visible (means bonus damage, using item bonus damage), the bonus damage has 10 level (0,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90),(0,100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900) and so on, level 1 always provide 0 bonus damage, well i don't know how to explain it, but i've done this before. it can give bonus damage (of course is visible as real bonus damage not a damage detect system tho) as % of maximum HP, current HP, mana, max mana, movement speed etc.
    9. Stork
      For the 1st question yes its okay to do so.

      For the 2nd question:

      Yep its infinite, it once stops when meet the true condition, otherwise it will be kept bouncing, dispelling abilities like mirror image or making caster invulnerable like divine shield will cause the plague bounce to other unit.
    10. Stork
    11. Stork
      Updated Spell Request!
    12. Stork
      Necrotic Plague: Infects the target with a deadly plague (Missile Speed: configurable), after reaching the target, place a debuff on targeted unit, slow its movement speed by 25% , causing 5000 Magic damage every 5 seconds for 15 seconds (damage can stack if multiple of plagues affect 1 target, for eg: 10000 damage per second and 50% slows if get affected by 2 plague). If the target dies while afflicted, or the effect expires after its 15 sec duration, this effect will gain an additional stack and jump to a nearby enemy unit within 600 AOE. The 15 sec timer is refreshed after each jump. If this effect is dispelled, it will lose a stack and jump to a nearby enemy unit in a 600 AOE distance, if there is no target the plague will be removed completely, plague cannot jumps if there is only 1 enemy unit in the affected AOE. Whenever this effect jumps, the Caster's power will increase.
      p/s: I suggest using a DOT Timer for this XD, the damage stack i will explain more: for eg: We have 2 units. 1 unit is already affected by 1 plague (5000 damage/s, 25% slows), other unit is affected by 1 plague too (5000 damage/s, 25% slows), but the plague is affecting other unit is expire, the plague will jump to the first unit and the first unit now take 10000 damage/s, 50% slows with a seperated duration, not refresh it, which means the first plague that affected this unit will be ended sooner than the recently plague.

      Plague Siphon — Increases physical damage dealt of the caster by 2%. Stack increases each time Necrotic Plague jumps. 30 sec duration. Stacks to 500.

      The 2 spells are related to each other and considered as 1 Spell. I think is pretty complicated though.

      Wietlol also done this, but his necrotic plague does not have missile, does not have slow stack, does not cause the caster's physical damage increased by stack, the fire still ignites the affected unit even that unit is dead.

      Spell 2: Summon Vile Spirits
      Summon Vile Spirits — Creates 10 Vile Spirits (Flying Unit) over 5 seconds which will attack enemies after 30 seconds.

      Spirit Burst (Vile Spirit's Ability) — When reach enough distance, sacrifices the caster, dealing 2500 to 10000 Magic damage to all enemies within 350 AOE.
      Because Vile Spirit is a flying unit, if they try to use Spirit Burst, Their height need to be changed over time in order to get to the actual height when they reach the target, if their target died before reaching the target, their height will be changed to default over time. Example:


      Details Video: From 2:25 -> 2:32 (The way spirits are summoned)
      And From 4:00 -> 4:08 (Spirit's spell - Suicide)
    13. Stork
      Exactly system, working good as usual XD Only 2 requests to go, do you want me to give you the details now or a couple of days later?
    14. Stork
      Honestly, Yeah kind of dumb lmao, is there anyway to config your system like what i will write below?. The AoE i think is abit mess up. In my opinion, distance function is better

      -------------------------------------------- (1000 Distance)
      which means: from 0->300 is close, 300->650 is moderate, 650 -> 1000 is far.
      The colider travels 1000 range, in the first 300 range bla bla bla, next from 300 -> 650 range bla bla bla, and final 650 to 1000 range bla bla bla. Is the same as your ColliderSystem, same speed,Starting&Ending AoE, etc execpt adding the modifcation for the buff and damage. Example again:
      set CloseDistance (0 - 300) = Distance between caster point and the point that offset by 300 towards to the caster
      set ModerateDistance (300 - 650) = Distance between the point that offset by 300 towards to the caster and the point that offset by 650 towards to the caster
      set FarDistance (650 -> 1000) = Distance between the point that offset by 650 towards to the caster and the point that offset by 1000 towards to the caster.
      This is just my example, i know you can make the distance seperated even more with the system (extra Close, close, moderate, far, extra far) (think you gonna guess what i'm trying to express to you XD)

      Your SplashSystem works good but its different from what i need. :ogre_frown:
    15. BPower
      Cohadars JassHelper throws a few critical errors,
      that's why we advise to use Vexorians instead.
      I don't think there is much chance Cohadar will update
      his JassHelper :/
    16. Stork
      hey how are u doing
    17. BPower
      For me the code you posted in the paste bin compiles perfectly.
      I mean without returning a boolean in iterateP.
      Are you using pjass?
    18. Stork
      What are your thoughts about the distance seperate?
    19. Stork
      I don't mind adding more abilities for dummies, i'm just a bit worry about the code if its too complicated because you said its a bit heavy.
      I did that spell in GUI and using Unit group to separated units between 300 700 and 1000 distance, its work as well but its instantly affected by the slow instead of getting hit and then slow.
    20. Stork
      Yeah, because i don't know if that spell got approved even when a part of it doesnt work at all. btw, perfect system though but i also want to do a spell with close/moderate/far effect with the system you have created recently, it will be like this example: damaging units in a line, if the units get hit within first 300 distance of the line, it will be heavily damaged and slowed(based on buff) (60%), from 300 -> 700 distance, it will be moderatetly damaged and slowed by 40%, and from 700 -> 1000 it will be slightly damaged and slowed by 20% -> almost means the slowing and damaging based on the distance between the affected units and the caster. The damage based on distance can be adjust to normal (means same damage at all distance)

      i do want to give you a lot of +rep but its not allowed to do this on wall post :(.

      Of course i've learned a lot about JASS through you, from 0 of JASS to a slightly 5% of it :). Still have a couple of requests, if you don't mind then i will ask you later.
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