Soul of Killarmin_ First BETA

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Aug 10, 2011


The Soul of Killarmin
The first beta of my single-player RPG
Newest version 31st March 2012

Map Preferences:
Map size: 480x480
Tileset: Village
Suggested Players: Single Player
Category: Medieval / Warcraft
Type: Rpg (Campaign)

This is actually not the first post about this map, but I'm uploading a beta so that everyone could try it and point out some bugs.
It is important to note that TheSoulofKillarmin_Beta.w3x is way too big for the Hive Workshop and I have to post a link through other filehosting server.

The reason for this frightening size lies within the vast music files for which I decided when trying to make a good atmosphere for the game. Afterall, it's single player, so even if it was 200mb it wouldn't matter, right? :D

The starting area is complete with all quests and story elements, creep respawn, hero abilities, music, ambience sounds, and many other features. Three more of these "lands" are to be finished during the development of this map. This is just to show you some of my latest work.


To check out more information about this project visit this post:
The background story is, more or less, revealed during the game. But if you need a deeper understanding of what actually happens in Killarmin, I will post a plotline and story background in another thread, provided that I will have some time, of course.


Known Bugs:
There are many things that are not yet present in the game. Aside from having only 1/4th of the overall terrain filled, there are a few thing that need to be noted

-I was planning to put a starting cinematic into the beta, but I don't have time for that now. It will be there at some point in time. So when you run the map you will automatically appear in the starting zone with your starting hero.

-All vendors have the same items for sale. I didn't put much importance to that, although you need potions in some occasions, because there is just no way you can run without renewing your hp or mana. So every time you find a vendor in a city, he has 2 mana renew drinks, 2 hp renew food, 1 mana potion, and 1 hp potion. The vendor in Nardefield has advanced potions for sale

- If you receive a quest reward in form of an equip item, you might not see it, because it's made from the attachment model, but clicking works when you want to pick it up

- There is no item kicking system every hero can wear any equip, even if it were six swords... the attachments fold, of course, and it looks ridiculous when you wield both an axe and a sword in one hand. This stuff is not yet done. I recommend picking the best attribute items and sell the old ones to a vendor.

- There might be a pathing hole somewhere in the Stillwood forest, tell me if you find it.

- The area that is located at the north-eastern corner of Stillwood is an area that will be in the final version of the story. It has no pathing there.

- When you do quests in the starting area, it's a little hard to see through the dedacious trees on the units below. It's supposed to look like that, so if you don't see, press Alt, select Display Health bars always, or just scroll down the camera.

- The gates of Truthangel only have "open" and "close" animations, no stand open or stand closed. Sometimes when during the game initialization the trigger freezes it, it stays either in open or closed state. Pathing still allows you to walk through. It just looks like the gate is closed.

PM me or post in this thread if you find more bugs... pls


Some reminders:
Optional quests are picked by interacting with questgivers with ability "Talk". And main/story quests are updated as you follow the directions, usually based on entering regions, killing units, and other stuff.


So, I hope you enjoy this map. Any suggestions for map development or even the story itself are more than welcome.
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Feb 27, 2011
Loading screen screenshot stretches the page
Good job. But I don't like the fact that you can't go into all houses and talk with all the npc.
This seemed really interesting so I downloaded the map. I encountered some problems at the beginning of the map though.

-There don't seem to be any dialogues when I talk to the questgiver, their portrait show dialogue but no text is shown. My character just stands there for some seconds and then get a quest.

-When trying to pick up the armor rewards from the inn keeper the game froze.

-When I leveled up to level 2 I clicked the level up icon and the game froze.

-The monsters in the beginning seem to be a bit too hard to handle. Especially the level 4 and 5 wolves just west of town.

Hope you can do something about these problems :)

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Aug 10, 2011
the dialogues display only when you have subtitles on

This freezing stuff is probably something with your PC... for me and other PC's it works fine. The items will be adjusted to custom models (just the old style treasure chest, because they tend to sink below the terrain too much if they're modeled by the attachments)

The harder creeps are not a part of quest line, just lvl 1 and 2... and also 3
I will delete some if they run into the starting area too often.
But there's also a bandit camp, and the bandits are invulnerable until the quest starts, so beware of that (their kills are in trigger conditions)

the new version will be up this spring.
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Aug 10, 2011
Some more stuff...


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Aug 10, 2011
The name of my fictional world may sound like it, but the resemblance is merely accidental... it just sounds cool. Or maybe I've read about Killmaim from warcraft lore before and chose the name subconsciously. Anyway, there's absolutely nothing that these two have in common.
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Sep 7, 2010
good news boddi! hope u can finish it.. shadows of the past and other highly promoted maps are not able to hold the candle to your amazing product (in my layman opinion)! bless
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