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Snow Ball Fight v.01

Submitted by Exavier00
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
Map developed by Exavier00
sorry don't have a building team yet... still finding though...

Total map area: 64x64
Terrain: Lordaeron winter
"Loading screen still needed"
More game advises still could help.
Map still at beta version. (v.01) first release.
When you find any bugs an/or errors don't hesitate to email me at
or pm me here.. it would help alot. ;)


Set the target score to win.
Choose your shooter.
Capture the enemy flag.(when captured place it in your circle of power).
"each td gains 2 points"
Kill your enemies.
Use items (shops found at the left and right side of the map)
You have limited vision at night, use this as your advantage.
Kill snow owls to gain abilities (green-health),(red-speed),(blue-invisibility).
And win!

Camera system by "The Flood"

Press the [ESC-button] to change the current Camera Mode.
Write: [-arcam] to turn|r |cff00ff00ON|r|cffffcc00/|r|cffff0000OFF|r Auto-Rotation.
Write: [-resetcam] to reset your camera.
Write: [-unstuck] to unstuck your camera to a unit.

I'm still going to school soo i can't answer as soon as possible...
well here is my first ever released map... gud luck!!!

I'm making another map its called "bomb a wars". watch out!

snow, ball, fight, shooting, shooter, mini, game, exavier00, 8, players, winter.

Snow Ball Fight v.01 (Map)

21:36, 18th Apr 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected
  1. 21:36, 18th Apr 2011
    Status: Rejected