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  • I'm currently mindful away in moderation criteria, you'll get your map's rating in the mean time.
    Sorry for late response i had problems downloading the map yesterday but it worked for me now,but man that bull mini gunner xD
    Its good,weird bull minigunner tho hahahhahaha (weird is good :p),tho the pervious models were better,sad to see them removed ^_^
    Just a move of tag after the box,i sent you the text file via email.
    Yeah,i know the map submission rules,that will be like a whole remake of half models,and if with the bugs it would be a whole remake of the whole models.you are right that they are perfect and its hard to find such models for replacement because they might not even exist.i will search for some ideas if i can and goodluck :)
    At the map description the medic image doesn't show at center for me,idk about you but if it isn't also center for you,update the description and move the "" before medic and her ability texts to before of the "
    Hey, I saw your map info somehow that Warhammer librarian model is not allowed due to our forum's rules to not import ripped models for the map. If you can replace it with the marine model as well I'll be rechecking your map.
    because a moderator didn't review it,as i said contant hell_master or orcnet.
    idk maybe they are busy :D
    Will feel your pain in 1.5 weeks hahahahhaa.
    too bad that its not my only problem :(
    Yeah,the homework is huge.mostly just for writing,they should put reading as homework so atleast they can learn >.>
    start of school is a little fun or atleast better than the mid or ending,soon you will get bored :D
    Goodluck on the survival :p
    there are still some grammer problems tho,but doesn't really matter >.>
    just a warning,if you put 0.1 version for all they might even stack up to v9 or v5 atleast.
    Btw how's school? :D
    i know,you can finish it anytime you want,focus more on your homework and real life :)
    Hmmmm? what do you mean connected.if you mean connected to internet i have downloaded the page and it shows all the pictures since browser will download all images of the page,and i don't see a reason for someone to download the page lol.if you mean not logined i changed the album to public,try again and see if its fixed :D
    tell me before uploading the map so i can give you pastebin links for images.
    Ok goodluck :)
    i will fix the grammer bugs and send you the map.it will take a while...
    Goodjob,it looks alot better now.also suits the map picture since the starships are blue :p
    mhmk,contact orcnet or orcnet for your map approval,i suggest some grammer changes on the map first tho :p
    yeah i fixed some of the grammer in the description :)
    mhmk,after that that fix some grammer issues of the map and update it to 1.4.5 with new description and message shadow fury for review update and orcnet for approving your map.
    i emailed you the map description.
    that reminded me that i have to finish template generator!
    but my eyes are burning and i have to wake up early tomorrow,so goodnight :)
    yes,btw i finished the coding of sniper class 90% of classes section is finished.i will host it on ent,don't worry :D
    im sorry i cannot give you a preview (post characters limit) and i want you to see the full one (its long and epic).i can pause the coding if you want,just give me 20 minutes to finish the classes part :p
    awh thats bad but there isn't anything you can do :(
    its better to host on entgaming,when i finished coding i will tell you so you can host :D
    i have resized and optimized the pictures for the description and gladly they suit the map,i am currently coding it and reached over 6000 characters still at 2 hours coding almost finished a 30% of it ._.
    aaah nvm,i need to do some button styles ect. (too lazy lol) ill just make the description and then start playing wc3 online again. (was too bored :p)
    i downloaded some pictures for classes part:

    <3 Best One
    Yes i will resize them :)
    And we can play your map online if you want just Pm me when im online :P
    uh oh,ok there is some good news and bad news here:
    Goodnews:i have tested the project and it turned out that everything is how i wanted! and i can proudly say that Yes it will be released!
    Badnews:the project is kinda hard which will take some time,because i have to give it ability for users to create their own templates and share it :D
    so i can't tell when the map description will be made.if i spend a full day on the project it may be done (and if i also get up from the couch and code on chair or even ground since its hard and slow :p).
    the least time the description will take will be 2 hours. (and because of the long time the project will take i will only release a beta version which only contains review templates so you don't have to worry much really ^^)
    well i might make it in my free time tho (instead of browsing maps)
    so idk when it will be done but i will tell you when :)
    you are right,life is always more important than games you shouldn't really spend much time on it only as a hobby :D
    tho,most of the time people are on internet anyways (including me im not going to lie)

    mhmk,ill make it.but it will take some time since im working on the template generator. :D
    tho i need to run tests for errors which tells the user if its going to work on the computer or not since i had some errors and problems which i haven't had before during the knife. (tho idk really i need to work more on it >.>)
    btw,try to put minor versions like 1.4.5 or even thats a great thing to do,also try to improve description it really affects users who view it..i might be able to do that for you im good with scripts also bb code i guess ^^.that reminded me that i should make a description + review creator since supar coda failed!!!!!!!!!
    yes with a checkbox if they want to give credits so others can add theirs but thats off in default :p
    just wanted to share my view of the map so that others can view the beautiful effort put into it lol.
    No i don't understand first i did all your suggestions, secondly the final score is 3/5 wtf, because when i play this map on battlenet people enjoy and rejoin when i recreate etc.. so no i not agree at all. (I played it all the afternoon) . -.-
    well i could with some systems ect idk.
    but don't see 4/10 as a low rating...
    keep calm.4/10 = good :/
    i cannot just giveaway scores.removing some items doesn't add a score to gameplay? :/
    i cannot higher the score more because as said before it won't be fair to others,i hope you understand...
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