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[Campaign] Sins of Infinity: Chilvarous Act

Who's your favorite character?

  • 2. Zyrion the Truth

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  • 3. Taron the Mighty

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  • 4. Balrich the Consumer

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  • 5. Moloch Skullheart

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  • 8. Karnos Darkclaw

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  • 9. Goran the Executioner

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Level 5
Sep 13, 2017
(The Opening)
"Where ever there's Light, there will always be darkness."
The War between Light and Dark has always been unpleasant...
Betrayed, Corrupted, Conquered...
While most of the races of Lore has always hated each one another, fighting for control over of the world. Many joined the battle for domination and conquest, forming allies and conquering enemies. While others flee, forming a rebellion against the races. Lead by the Old Aegis, the legendary swordsman, "he" and his "Exiles" are not to fight the armies of Light nor Dark, but rather to defend their people and the Balance of Lore.
Meanwhile in the Light, a God King was risen, forming a Grand Alliance of all the Kingdoms and Empire to stand against the Great Vile, they were known as The Order. A Grand Empire, which contains all of the Kingdoms and Empires that joined, was lead by the Pantheon and 10th God King Raidriar, with their mass amounts of royal soldiers of Light, they will fight for freedom and for the Balance of Lore.
As the Grand Empire rises so too as the soldiers of Darkness, Ausar, the Vile Horror and the God of Chaos, has formed the Rose of the Vile, an Alliance of all that which was unholy and dark. His armies are vast and mighty, the forces of Chaos are ready for war. Although Ausar's intentions is still a mystery, but the thing that is mostly clear is that his vengeance will be "assured".
The story will take place in the lands of Inerora, where the Empire of Azora resides in, the Emperor, Lucas von Drake II, has to face many enemies of the Vile, on his quest, he encountered with some of the Exiles of the Old Aegis...
What will the story tell?
Only time will tell...
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