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[Campaign] Arathi Reborn: Rise of Stormwind and Reign of Chaos Undivided!

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Mar 23, 2015
Arathi Reborn: Rise of Stormwind and Reign of Chaos Undivided!

The Kingdom of Stormwind has singlehandedly defeated the Orcish Horde, slaying Blackhand and establishing themselves upon the planet of Draenor. Yet peace won't last. One year later, the Kingdom of Stormwind has reorganized themselves into the New Arathi Empire, claiming all of the former Arathi territory as theirs. With their armies marching onto Lordaeron, the rest of Azeroth must decide whom shall they join:

The Arathi Coalition:
-New Arathi Empire/Kingdom of Stormwind. Lead by Anduin Lothar
-Warsong Horde. Lead by Grom Hellscream
-Troll Confederation. Lead by Zul'jin

The Grand Alliance:
-Kingdom of Lordaeron. Lead by Uther the Lightbringer
-Wildhammer Dwarves. Lead by Falstad Wildhammer
-Kingdom of Kul'Tiras. Lead by Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore

-Kingdom of Stormguarde. Lead by King Thoras Trollbane
-Ironforge Dwarves
-Elves of Quel'Thalas. Lead by Prince Kael
-Frostwolf Clan. Lead by Durotar
-Goblin Confederation
-Nerubians of Azoj-Nerub
-Tauren Tribes
-The Naga

Prologue: Arathi Reborn
Chapter 1: The Hidden Blade
Chapter 2: Aggressive Negotiations
Chapter 3: Holy Deception
Chapter 4: K-Day
Chapter 5: Outnumbered and Outgunned
Interlude: Trouble in Outland
Chapter 6: Winter of Orcs
Chapter 7: Culling of Stormguarde
Interlude: Elven Conclave
Chapter 8: Underground Stalingrad
Chapter 9: Chaos in Ashenvale
Chapter 10: The End of Azeroth
Epilogue: C?AO? UN?I?IDED

-Unique Alternate Storyline: The Kingdom of Stormwind managed to beat the Orcish Horde lead by Blackhand on its own... with the help of enigmatic entities. Explore the downfall of this majestic kingdom and the descent of Azeroth into madness.

-New factions: Play as the Arathi Empire, compromising of Stormwind soldiers along with Mercenaries and Auxialry units.

-Modified factions: The Alliance and Coalition will form as the Campaign progresses not during the beginning. Therefore certain factions (ie. Dalaran and Dark Iron Dwarves) will have smaller unit pools and have specializations. Kul'Tiras has a better navy and unique Footmen but lacking knights. Zul'jin's Trolls lack much melee capability but will have some special range units to even the odds.

-Play as both sides (with unique units): The Campaign will switch between both sides many times during the campaign. Players must deal with the unique units both the Alliance and Coalition will bring onto the field. The Coalition is more brute force while the Alliance relies on overwhelming number and better spellcasters.

-Custom Models: Kudos to Direfury and Wandering Soul

Yet the fate of the world lies not only on its inhabitants but from players behind the scenes. Dark Gods have latch onto the Arathi Empire. It is a matter of time before they show their daemonic hand!

-Keep in mind this is my first attempt on WorldEditor and a Custom Campaign. Thank you very much Hiveworkshop for supporting me in my endeavor.
-This is a crossover with a certain British fictional unverse. Very dark and very powerful.
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Keep adding more content ! Gonna keep an eye on this...

Good Luck !
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Jun 27, 2008
That name is way too long, I honestly believe you overdid it. Nonetheless, looks ambitious, good luck.
Keep in mind this is my first attempt on WorldEditor and a Custom Campaign. Thank you very much Hiveworkshop for supporting me in my endeavor.
Your first attempt is a campaign? I would not recommend it, as a campaign is much more challenging and as a start it is not a very good idea in my opinion, but if you manage to deal with it and learn rapidly, everything is possible of course.
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