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[Campaign] Stormwind: Rise of a Kingdom

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Level 14
Jul 27, 2007

General Information

Stormwind: Rise of a Kingdom is a single-player RTS campaign in a mostly Blizzard style that revolves around the involvement of Stormwind in the Third War and the struggle against the plague.​


You follow a band of survivors as they make their way from Lordaeron to Stormwind, the last human kingdom offering a safe haven. But when you arrive you find out that Stormwind is as in much need of help as Lordaeron.​

Where does it take place?

The Kingdom of Stormwind, Lordaeron, Khaz Modan.​

Which factions does it involve?

Basically, each WarCraft race gets an overhaul. It involves Stormwind Kingdom (Humans), Cult of the Damned (Undead), Dark Horde (Orcs) and Quel'Thalas survivors (Night Elves).

Also, story-wise it includes the remains of the kingdoms of Lordaeron, Stromgarde, Kirin Tor and Quel'Thalas, as well as the Ironforge and Wildhammer clans and the Defias Brotherhood. Also, it is possible for the New Horde and Kul Tiras to make minor appearances, as well as the Cenarion Circle in a side mission (they helped heal the Eastern Plaguelands, remember?).​

Will we be playing as major characters?

No, but do expect Varian Wrynn and Katrana Prestor to be major characters.​

Who will be the main playable characters, then?

  • Fferyll, a smuggler who was put in prison in Lordaeron but managed to escape during the plague outbreak. Now he's searching the dying land for food and shelter with a small band of survivors.
  • Berontas, an elder priest emissary from Stormwind who arrived in Western Lordaeron just in time to witness the plague outbreak.

Please note that names, as well as characters, may change!


Gameplay is pretty similar to Blizzard RTS campaigns, with less aerial combat. Some of the major changes, as well as some gameplay elements from the campaign, are listed below.​


  • Resources - the economy is not gold-centric, but wood-centric. Gold and Food have swapped places. You need to keep peasants inside of the goldmine to generate gold "income" (food limit), and each unit costs "upkeep" (food cost). Food is generated over time from peasants working in farms (houses). Wood is generated the good old way.

    I've always felt that WarCraft 3 economy system is unrealistic.​
  • Aerial combat - not a lot of it. That pretty much sums it up.
  • Naval combat - there will be SOME naval combat, but nothing really special. Also, not on the top of my priority list.


  • Kingdom of Stormwind - pretty much the "buffed" warriors that are the orcs from the original game. Instead of Barracks they have a Garrison - serves both as a defensive structure, and as training grounds for peasants to become "defenders" (pretty much the same as sacrificing acolytes).
  • Dark Horde - melee-spellcasters mix with some aerial units (*coughcough dragonmaw coughcough*).
  • Cult of the Damned - cheap units, mass production, heavily based on spellcasting. I hope to be able to make the Necropolis a "movable base" that acts as a heavy siege unit. Also, not every Cultist unit is undead - in fact, half aren't. Food is created via Graveyard, Slaughterhouse and through corpses. Only race with more than one way to generate food.
  • Quel'Thanas survivors - anti-magic with some flying units, excellent AoE and against undead.

Progress and Planning

Nowhere near completion, folks, so don't expect to play it during Christmas break. What I'm good at is terraining and gameplay design (as well as some 2d texturing).

I hope to finish the first map before Christmas and release it as a playable demo (to see your reactions and if I should change something or scrape the whole project).

I plan to include ~10 maps, at least 2 of which would be interludes. Realistically speaking, it'd be 8 maps with 3 interludes.

However, if it is successful, it'd be followed by another campaign (as Quel'Thalas wouldn't be that much on focus in this one).​

More Info

More info that is scattered through the thread, basically explaining some of the project's elements in depth.



To keep you interested, here are some screenies from what is currently done. First map only for now.​














Horde or Alliance?

I enjoy the horde story more as it is more complete, that's why I found it interesting to focus on Alliance.​

Need help?

Of course! Especially if you understand triggers/jass, cinematics or are a modeler! Gameplay designers, story writers, terrainers, 2d artists, and even voice actors and musicians are welcomed as well!​

How serious are you about completing it?

As serious as I can. I'm a second year student, I am looking for a job, for a band, and I'm travelling non-stop. Yet I find time to work on it, so it isn't hopeless, for sure!​

Anything you've might forgotten to mention?

Custom music! Probably voiceover of the dialogue! For sure custom lightning, which will change the atmosphere of the game! Custom campaign menu (well, at least, a retextured human one)! Custom font! Custom UI (maybe)!

Basically, I intend to make it look like a mini-expansion without putting unrealistic effort into it. All the eyecandy that is just waiting to be used will be used, as long as it fits the theme.​
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Judging from the Screenies, the project looks pretty neat. I'd like to ask where did you get the city structures texture? did you make it yourself? Anyway, I look forward to more updates about this.
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
Oh yea ! a new campaign with lore-following !

The Story look really nice, the terrain, lovely, the character can have more information :)

Perfect, if u need some help i'm here :)
Good Luck

- Quel'Thalas survivors are high elf, not night elf :p

Thanks! There will be more information on the characters, but they are more of plot tools here (helping the story evolve) rather than a centerpoint of the campaign.

I know that they are high elves, I just listed the race they'll replace. :)
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
Resource system overhaul - how would it affect the gameplay?

Here's a small article on how resource overhaul will affect the gameplay.

In standard WarCraft melee we have to deal with three resources - gold, which is accumulated through mining mines, wood, which is accumulated through trees, and food, which acts as a unit limit that can be set higher through constructing farms.

Thus, with farms being able to be constructed almost everywhere, and wood being quite widespread on maps, the game focuses on controlling points of interest - mines.


Losing such a control point does not directly result in a game over, neither it is such a major drawback (especially in late game, when you have a lot of resources stocked). Neither does gaining one more benefit the player greatly if he's already in the control of more than one.

What I intend to change is the way control points affect the game.

Losing a gold mine in the standard melee doesn't directly set back the player, nor does gaining one directly benefit him. I want to change this by making the benefit directly dependent on whether or not you control the gold mine.

For those of you who've played the Civilization series, it's the same - every road you control gives you income, every unit costs you money.

Thus, gaining a control over gold mine will directly benefit you by increasing your unit cap, and losing control over a gold mine will directly result in lowered unit cap.

Also this will act as a defense mechanism against tower rush tactics, because buildings will cost money, too. Especially towers.

Food and Wood

Food, on the other hand, is created by buildings such as farms, pig farms, graveyards and slaughterhouses. It may seem at first that this has no connection with gold, but it actually has - in other to obtain food, you must construct buildings, in other to construct buildings, you must control gold mines. Food production is extremely dependent on gold, much more than a standard WarCraft Game.

But what will food be used for? Food would be used for training organic units. Thus organic units become double-dependent on the gold mine control.

What about wood? Wood is pretty much the same as in standard WarCraft game, only that now it plays a major role because of the fact that all buildings will cost mainly wood.

Thus "Stormwind" campaign will actually focus much more on ground control than the original Blizzard campaign/melee games. Whereas WC3 is an offense game (where you try to break in the other player's base and creep as much as possible), SW:RoaK would be a defensive game, where you try to CONTROL the gold mines and defend them from the other player.

I hope this short summary helps you understand the basic idea behind the resource overhaul in SW:RoaC and sparks your interest a little bit more. :)
Level 3
Oct 4, 2013
Looks good, can't wait till its finished. I'm eager to try out this new resource system and the effect on game play. Cool idea to change it around. Did you come up with it yourself?
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007

First, make sure to check the Screenshots section!

Second, first map's terrain is now 70% done, nevermind the screenshots (they are 2 days old). Yes, map is NOT very big, but it isn't small, and there's definitely a lot of detail put into it.

I'm planning on starting basic triggering now. I will be recruiting JASSers and cinematic makers in the beginning of November.

Also, missions planning is pretty much done, yet I will give details only about the first few missions (until the interlude):

  1. [*]Mission 1: To Smuggle some Hope
    [*]Mission 2: The Road to Salvation
    [*]Mission 3: An Icon of the Sun
    [*]Mission 4: Where Wildhammers are
    [*]Interlude: Stormwind beneath my Wings

PS: Again, I urge modelers who want to help to look at this request.

EDIT: Strangely enough, BB code is messing up the list. Ah, can't fix it.
I've created a full Human techtree for my own Tales of the Alliance - Human campaign. If you want I could give you it. If you want to change any part of it for your own campaign though I wouldn't mind, just as long as you didn't distribute it around without my permission.
Level 5
Dec 20, 2012
Love the maps! and the custom textures! At first glance I thought everything but the models were wc3 default doodads and textures.

I wish you luck on this endeavor. I'll keep a close eye, eager for more news!
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
Thank you, guys! :thumbs_up:

If you consider helping the project by putting this in your signature, I'd be grateful!

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Level 30
Nov 29, 2012
This project looks good and neat. I like the idea of making a Campaign about the Rise of the Lich King, it always interests me with this type of themes. The plot looks interesting even short, it makes you wonder on what will happen after. Lastly, terrain looks well-done and neat though could have some more ground variations because it is quite flat seeing those screenshot. You could also consider raising the scaling sizes of Trees but still maintaning the random scale in each uses. I do think it would be better with a big size to better make it much more realistic.

Overall, an interesting campaign with an interesting plot. Good luck!
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
I haven't updated in a bit but that's not due to halt in progression.

First off, today is my birthday, so hooray for me for spending my 21st b-day on gaming sites rather than going out with friends.

Chenralstrasz is working on the Wildhammer Buildings that I've made a request for, and it seems that they'll turn out nicely. Here's a WIP he presented.


However, I'm STILL looking for JASS/vJASS coders. I am spending some time learning JASS (Hey, I was a Software Engineering undergraduate, before I switched to Linguistics) but it'll definitely take longer than I deem OK for the project. If anyone is interested - please send me a message. No complex spells, just several systems. :)

I am already working on the second map's terrain while tweaking some stats. I will continue polishing the first map's terrain in the meantime as well.

Have a wonderful week!
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
Well, project was on halt for some time due to said disease. Good news (for the project, at least) - I've left uni because of this mysterious illness, so I'll have time to work on this campaign again.

Even better news is that currently I am okay, so no worries, you mates.

I'll keep you updated. :)
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
Thanks, guys!

Now, here are a few notes on the gameplay:

Gameplay-wise I am trying to go for something between a classical WC3 campaign, and the Bonus Orc Campaign. You get a nice mix of rpg (in the classical sense, decisions alter the outcome & gameplay style) and rts.

As I mentioned, the RTS side would be drastically different from classic WC3 one.

You do have heroes, but they play a much minor role, and you do harvest lumber, but you no longer harvest gold. Instead, gold mines are "occupied" and work the very same way farms do now, while farms produce food.

Units cost food, buildings - wood.

Also, there are 4 "traits" that you can choose from to alter your play-style. You can choose up to 1 trait, and it costs a decent amount of resources, but they pay off really nicely.

The four traits are religious, militaristic, industrious and agricultural.

Each trait gives unique bonus to each race.

For example, the industrious trait will give the nation of Stormwind +2 unit support from every occupied goldmine, while the Dark Horde will benefit from +5 wood per peon.

There are 3 races for now - Nation of Stormwind, Quel'Dorei, and Dark Horde. I do have ideas in mind for a fourth race - Wildhammer clan, but it is not currently planned. It may also be changed to the Defias Brotherhood, as they do play a large role in the campaign.

The Scourge will act like neutral creeps in standart melee, but much more menacing.

A little bit about the Nation of Stormwind, as that will be the nation you'll be playing as (well, most of the time):

Stormwind benefits from strong melee units and troop support+heal casters. They offer a good defense, and food and gold-support wise the cost is balanced. However, they do have poor ranged-unit support, and lack any air units. To make up with that, they have the best anti-air in the game - guard towers.

The Barracks building is called a "Garrison". The T1 military units are all produced their by "recruiting" normal peasants and turning them into Militia or Archers. The other unit-production buildings are Church and War Academy. Church produces Priests and Clerics. Priests offer heal support, while Clerics offer good scout support (Invisibility + Far Sight).

War Academy trains Stormwind Guards, Catapults and Knights.

The traits bonuses:


Gives militia the "People's Militia" aura, which gives increased defense for every other militia unit nearby.


Every occupied goldmine gives +2 troop support.


Archers become Crossbowman, increasing the attack range.
Guards become Pikemen, increasing their defense.


Farns cost -1 gold support.
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
Long time no update? You thought that this project is dead?

Well, I'm happy to announce that I'm back on the track. I've had some problems with my personal life lately (nothing serious - I've moved out of Scotland and traveled several times back to Glasgow to get things fixed, moved to a different city again, and I started a new job) but now that I have a new flat, job (and sadly, my old computer), I've started working on the campaign again.

I should note that I did not like what I've done with the first two missions, so I've started them from scratch. Yep. Big change, but gameplay and main plot remains unchanged.

Expect screenshots at the end of this week.

Also, if you want to help, take a look at those threads;


They contain some genuine questions that are directly related to the gameplay experience of this campaign.
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