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  • Yo check out my new "mini-campaign". Its short and easy to play and last about and is about an hour long. The ending is really cool to. The Exile to Silvermoon - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    Hmm, right now I need some story support, seems the guy who used to be doing that hasn't got on in almost three months, so...
    (BTW please post your replies on MY profile page plz.)
    I just saw that one about beta testing right now.
    Hello SuperCow.

    Please note that spam is against the rules. I have deleted your post already, but please in the future do not post pointless messages.

    When you see rule violations, please report them instead of commenting.

    Thank you for your time.

    This is your message that was considered spam:


    EDIT: Triplepost actually
    LOL, seen my new signature? Anyways, u seem occupated, but can you help beta test?
    It's okay, the only changes that need to be done, was that the pokemon place was supposed to be flat, and laced with cityscape tiles. Excellent work on the Fire Emblem area, and StarFox area. Mario area should be grass cliffs with grass on them, there's supoosed to be a World Tree in Kirby Place, and the Dark Aura doodads were supposed to be lacing the Zelda place. In other words, Fire Emblem was AMAZING! Excellent work.
    Today I can finally see your map outcast you did for me, yay! Pc will be uncrapped by six.
    well, i think i give you an OUTCAST of the brawl map tomorrow, i've done an outcast on the mushroom kingdom, the pokemon stadium and the space arena, doin the rest tomorrow :thumbs_up:
    TITAN, oh yeah, since i'm director of it, it gets tiring to explain, just ask hobojoe003, or jedigamer
    i could use a terrainer for Brawl campaign, and for my TITAN group, but if you can get that terrain done before ToastedChicken i guess i could use it, but i don't wanna seem like a dick to him. (conflict)
    I am working on it now :thumbs_up:

    But you may still not like my traps cause it's my first map of that kind :gg:
    I have recover your resources.

    The link is here

    Are You A Retard? - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    actually, i DID fix it (on the right map) but as i already wrote i deleted it, because i clicked the wrong thing, and i din't make a backup because i don't think making maps for a game is one of the most important thing to use space on my computer for (it's still funny btw :thumbs_up:)
    well, if you did not fix the bug at are you a retard map. I doubt you would finish the other 2 of your project.
    well, sry but i'm not that big computer specialist to say it like that. so xD

    Well, anyways. I'm working on 2 maps now rly.

    A super smash bros map. There i almost only need help for a trigger (asked the question in theese forums) :thumbs_up:

    and a game i call ''Movies vs Videogames'' :thumbs_up:
    Well, why never make backup ?
    Always remember to create a backup files.

    You can just edit the old map of yours, it is the bug that need fix.

    Ever heard the phrase of

    A winner never quit, a quitter never win.

    If you really have dedication, any map could be accomplish.
    Don't believe ? You can just check out my resources.
    I have recover your resource, use the update button at upper left to update it with newer map. Do not delete and re-upload cause that is rule violation.
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