The Legends of Krath - Act I - The Great Divide

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Jun 27, 2009
This will be my first project if i ever finish it. Legends of Krath is an RPG Campaign where you unfold a dark mystery that is behind the closing of the Third Age. It offers you vast enviroments to explore and experience, like the dusty wastelands of Elokthar, the icy forests and peaks of Dethoris, great desert peaks, where it is believed to be the last stronghold of the Dwarves, their underground city of Bakkus. You can travel through the murky swamps of Fryron, and explore the vast jungles of Roktharus.


1. Ten classes with different skills
2. 100 hero levels in every campaign
3. Three epic campaigns with even more epic storylines
4. About 12 hours of play in each campaign
5. Weapons you find as well as armor, will get attached to your hero like other RPG


01. Warrior
02. Archer
03. Mage
04. Sorceror
05. Paladin
06. Necromancer
07. Hunter
08. Mineralist
09. Priest
10. Hydromancer


The warrior prefers to use the fighting style of the old, raging fury on his enemies, slaming them to the ground... His attacks are brutal, but his defensive powers are very limited.

Spell List:

1. Thunder Slam (level 1)
2. Fury (level 1)
3. Forcewave (level 15)
4. Strength of the Ancestors (level 40)
5. Whirlwind (level 65)
6. Stormrage (level 90)


The archer is an excellent user of the bow, able to send flaming arrows, even to change it's direction. An archer focuses the most on hitting his enemies, but he can dodge very efficiently, to not be hit.

Spell List:

1. Fire Arrows (level 1)
2. Dodge (level 1)
3. Execution Strike (level 15)
4. Fiery Spirit (level 40)
5. Chain Blow (level 65)
6. Dwarven Strike (level 90)


The mage focuses on the magical arts of water, soul, and wind. He can shield himself with air, can clear out an enemy soul in a chain reaction, and drown his enemies in a watery orb.

Spell List:

1. Air Shield (level 1)
2. Waterbolt (level 1)
3. Wind Elemental (level 15)
4. Wisdom of the Mind (level 40)
5. Drown (level 65)
6. Soul Strike (level 90)


A sorceror is to be feared, his unnatural attacks are brutal and deadly, he concentrates on the knowledge of fire, poison, and earth. He can create volcanoes, spread an acid wave, that mutilates the bodies of the enemy.

Spell List:

1. Venombolt (level 1)
2. Strength of the Earth (level 1)
3. Chain Fire (level 15)
4. Earthquake (level 40)
5. Acidwave (level 65)
6. Volcano (level 90)


The paladin has auras to shield him, auras to help him kill his enemies, and holy spells to purge his enemies. But to manipulate strong auras, a paladin must train hard, the stronger the manipulation is, the stronger effect the aura will have on him.

Spell List:

1. Holy Bolt (level 1)
2. Shield Aura (level 1)
3. Thunder Aura (level 15)
4. Spirit of the Light (level 40)
5. Salvation Aura (level 65)
6. Bolt of the Heavens (level 90)


A necromancer uses dark spells, can cast curses on his foes, and the dead, to rise up from their graves to do his bidding. Necromancers and Paladins have long been enemies until a treaty has been signed, banishing necromancers to the murky forests of Fryron. They are very rare, some say they became extinct in the closing of the Second Age, while others intend to prove them wrong.

Spell List:

1. Dark Summoning (level 1)
2. Tubin Curse (level 1)
3. Hand of Death (level 15)
4. Bonewave (level 40)
5. Death Curse (level 65)
6. Wrath of Fryron (level 90)


A hunter knows his way around different types of forests, he can brew strong poisons which he adds to his bow, he can camoflage himself in the forests, and does have a handy knowledge of nature spells.

Spell List:

1. Camoflage (level 1)
2. Poison Arrows (level 1)
3. Naturebolt (level 15)
4. Swarm (level 40)
5. Lerimian Arrow (level 65)
6. Acid Rain (level 90)


He's a famous and ancient dwarven warrior, his techniques are legendary, but many think that the dwarven culture died along with them. He can create a large ammount of deadly minerals, that will in a horde, attack his enemies. He can activate runes, that strengthen him, he can trap his enemies in a crystal, he knows the arts of frost, ice and snow, which provides an ancient and powerfull culture in Krath.

Spell List:

1. Mineral Bolt (level 1)
2. Health Rune (level 1)
3. Crystal Trap (level 15)
4. Blizzard (level 40)
5. Frost Rune (level 65)
6. Mineral Dawn (level 90)


The master of healing, an adept at using spells of the light, and a man of philosophy. The priest can cast healing spells on himself, as well on his allies. He can cast light to appear from the sky purging his enemies, and he can purify his enemies to join his side and serve Dythus, the god of light.

Spell List:

1. Heal (level 1)
2. Holy Light (level 1)
3. Spirits of the Light (level 15)
4. Conversion (level 40)
5. Healing Wave (level 65)
6. Purge of Dythus (level 90)


The hydromancer controls the spells of lightning and water. He can send the tides to his enemies, he can summon great lightning spells, he creates sea minions with ease, and he can send wild tornadoes cleaning the battlefield of his enemies.

1. Waterwave (level 1)
2. Storm Shield (level 1)
3. Sea Minion (level 15)
4. Twister (level 45)
5. Thunder Rain (level 65)
6. Tides of Rethydon (level 90)

Well, that's it, the whole character database. Now I will tell you a small storyline spoiler, you are in the role of a wanderer who seeks adventure, you served once in the armies of Lokthar, but you were betrayed by your battalion in the battle at Wild Peaks fighting the gnoll menace, as you barely survived, you fled to the nearby forests of Thilon in the south, camping and hunting for 1 year, later you hear that all of the other battalions did the same thing and the ones that did not want to betray, their life betrayed them to death. But Remnants of the Kingdoms unified under the banner of the new general of Aeronia Crathom who promised that the betrayal should end and peace be returned to Krath, he rooted out the betrayers and stooped the gnoll uprising. He became the new King of Aeronia, after the rich aristocrats decided it and overthrowned the old King. But he later, decided to use the unified troops not to return them to the other kingdoms, but to conquer all of the kingdoms, he conquered all, purged all, defeated all in his way, only the city of Dethoris stands. The society is now divided into those who serve the new king, but more and more citizens of Krath leave the King off to join the Rebelion. Crathom tries now to conquer Dethoris and destroy the rebelion once and for all. You decide to venture deep to fell the war drums again, to fight for valor and glory. But this path that you have chosen will bring you to the time of truth, the time of justice, and the time for your revenge.

If you want to see some pictures about this project see my albums in my account. There are some screenshots, and a map of Krath which i myself have drawn.
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Feb 21, 2009
i read the spell lists and here is what i think :

Mage~Sorceror (kinda like the same thing)

Sorceror skills :
1. Poison (level 1)
2. Stone Boulder (level 1)

this 2 skills ? absolutly NO ! Sorcerors are high knowlegeble mages not crazed creatures or rogues.

You should replace the sorceror with a rogue cuz as i said before mage and sorceror are kinda like the same thing.
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Jun 27, 2009
yeah, i think you're right. But a rogue would then be almost the same to hunter. I will change the 2 spells. About the mage and sorceror, they are both casters, but a mage has a negative from the sorceror's spells.

Mage - Wind, Ice
Sorceror - Earth, Fire

The only stuff that's not quite negative is that the mage uses mind techniques, while the sorceror prefers the use of acid, poison bolts and such.

+rep for your post, you've helped me to better stylize my project.