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Orb: Waking of the Titans

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Feb 13, 2009
Waking of the Titans

On this map work:
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Wolfe Orschytehttp://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/members/wolfe+orscythe/

Orb: Waking of the Titans is single-player hack & slash-type map with puzzle elements. It's still in idea stage, so you are free to comment, give ideas, and criticize them.
Point of this map: Well, I wanted to mix RPG hack & slash elements of some games like Sacred, Diablo and Titan Quest with (not so hard) puzzle elements.

This map takes place in fictional Universe of Xo. This is small Universe full of life-filled planets. Most of planets have one-celled life forms only. The most developed planet is Nesiss, inhabited by some form of Humans.
In the darkest place in Universe of Xo is Dark Citadel, place where souls of dead go, and something strange is going on there. Four lords of the death are waking from the thousand-year dream, and now, they are ready to use powers of their spirits to create horde of demons to slaughter all organisms in Xo. King of Nessis sends you with magical portal to the Citadel to stop four lords from destroying Universe. (I will write historical info about lords of death later)

What to expect:
- A lot of enemies
- Good puzzles
- Fun bosses with their own triggered abilities
And much more...
Classes system: There will probably be around 6 classes, because I don't want to spam hero classes, BUT they will not be ordinary classes like warrior or Mage.
I have only one class ready, and that's....

Starting Intellect (Intellingence): 24
Starting Dexterity (Agility): 17
Starting Power (Strength): 15
Elementalist masters power of four elements and uses them to destroy his enemies. His spells and attacks are very powerful, but he fragile, and can be killed fast.

Burning Rain

(Icon by Mr.Goblin. Thanks Mr. Goblin!)
Skies are burning, and Fire balls are falling down to destroy enemies of Elementalist. 6 levels.
Level 1 - Deals 70 damage in 200 AoE range, 5 waves.
Level 2 - Deals 80 damage in 200 AoE range, 6 waves.
Level 3 - Deals 90 damage in 200 AoE range, 7 waves.
Level 4 - Deals 100 damage in 200 AoE range, 8 waves.
Level 5 - Deals 110 damage in 200 AoE range, 9 waves.
Level 6 - Deals 120 damage in 200 AoE range, 10 waves.


(Icon by Blizzard)
Freezes enemies in 300 AoE range from caster, slowing them and damaging them slowly.
Level 1 - 35 DPS, 4 seconds duration.
Level 2 - 45 DPS, 4 seconds duration.
Level 3 - 55 DPS, 5 seconds duration.
Level 4 - 65 DPS, 5 seconds duration.
Level 5 - 75 DPS, 6 seconds duration.
Level 6 - 85 DPS, 6 seconds duration.

Earthquake Charge

(Icon by Palaslayer. Thanks Palaslayer!)
With high concentration of earth essence of earth element, caster charges into point, delivering damage to enemies and knockbacking them.
Level 1 - 130 damage.
Level 2 - 160 damage.
Level 3 - 190 damage.
Level 4 - 220 damage.
Level 5 - 250 damage.
Level 6 - 280 damage.

Sorry for bad quality...
Well, I decided to add reviving points, after certain areas, to make game more playable.
Youngest of the death lords, Aroxx invented souls. He lives in the Crystal Halls, and he is weakest of all four lords, but indeed strong enough to destroy a planet. He was mortal, and lived in the world of Loghar. When other lords saw his potential, they made him immortal and gave him powers. After 100 years of living in Dark Citadel, he saw that every dead being means one more skeleton in his home. Aroxx didn't like skeletons, and he told other lords about that. They then said to him to invent new form of dead, and after long period of time, he invented the soul. Everything was alright for 300 years, every skeleton became soul. But once, skeletal lord of dead Maghtrimus got angry, and turned some souls into skeletons. Aroxx didn't dare to attack Maghtrimus, because Aroxx is weaker. That's why these two lords don't like each other.
Brother to Bolg, Demon lord, and son of Ilguss, lord of the death lords, Maghtrimus created skeleton army. He lives in Rooms of the Skeletons, and from there commands all skeletons he created. When he was young, he watched his father and older brother grow stronger with every death in Xo. He wanted to do same thing, and then he though hard. He saw dead people after long period of time turn into skeletons. He then animated every skeleton he found on every planet in Xo, even ones that don't have souls. That's why there is a lot of skeletons in Citadel.
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Nice idea, is this a campaign btw? or is it single player adventure like the lightning brigade series (for which map 2 is postponed till my friend debugs the registries). IMO you should be inventive, do things that haven't been done before, explore new heights. Also, here's a friendly tip: it helps to make things clear about what kind of map your doing, because helps a lot with feedback! Cheers! I'll be checking in a lot from now on to see your idea take shape! GOOD LUCK!
Oh nice, okay then, you'll want to explain what your map is all about, also, will you comment on my new campaign? Check it out here
my idea? Well I'd say you need to get a team together, I'll help you if you want. What I like in this kind of game is a good story with a lot of cinematics I made one of those once if you wanna check it out go Here and get some Ideas
Level 11
Jan 17, 2009
The death lords' stories is kinda interesting if I have to say, you should make them playable, like an alternate storyline or whatever. Cause I don't like the ''SAVE SAVE THE WORLD!!!" thingy. It has been repeated by many RPG maps.
Level 10
Feb 13, 2009
i would suggest for you to make this 2 or more maps otherwise i wouldnt call it a "campaign" but i still like the elementalist spells ya got going there, i just hope you improve on what you already shown us.
This is single-player hack & slash map, not a campaign.
The death lords' stories is kinda interesting if I have to say, you should make them playable, like an alternate storyline or whatever. Cause I don't like the ''SAVE SAVE THE WORLD!!!" thingy. It has been repeated by many RPG maps.
Good idea, but maybe on some other map which would involve universe of Xo, but in this map - no.
Level 16
Nov 30, 2009
The story is a bit funny (They fight over childish thing), the characters have funny personalities (Aroxx is a bit childish (Ever heard of any childish demon?), while Magthrimus is very egoistic). Maybe Aroxx would revolt somewhere in the middle of playthrough? Seems that this will be a succesful project anyway (Too bad i can't help. I'm currently helping Forgotten_Warlord in his project).
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