Shadow manor

This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
This is an evil and dangerous place. Ruined mansion full of evil ghosts, shadows and restless souls.

Edit: Added version with bith and death animations.

Shadow manor (Model)

ShadowManor01 (Model)

General Frank
Please make the model disappear completely at the end of the death animation.
Level 11
Oct 12, 2016
It's got a good warcraft-ish building feel to it what, with it being centered on that nice patch of dirt.
I haven't tried it in game yet, but does it play that animation constantly, or only for stand - work?


Arena Moderator
Level 36
Jul 29, 2008
Daaaang, how cool! This is a pretty neat little "spooky digs"; very Scooby Doo. ; )
(It might just be the Hive Viewer, but the ghost seems to jump back into the building in the middle of it's cycle)

Honestly, this could make a pretty interesting Forsaken building, but for a few things:
- Needs Team Color! Bro don't do this to me bro
- Much less overall clutter (lots of cool things happening at once but unfortunately it's pretty visually cluttered for a Warcraft building)
- Build/Death animations.

Level 28
Jan 1, 2013
It has a cool vibe to it. I wonder how people will actually use it.
Thanks a lot) As for me it can be use as decoration in adventure maps, in horror\haunted locations. I will try to add more anims to make it more useful.

damn, this is almost better than mine, however it direly needs more animations. Great how you animated the path of the ghost.
Thanks, your manor is great too. Yes, mine needs a lot of animations.
Level 17
Aug 13, 2007
Alright, I really love this, especially the amount of detail. But I'd say the stand work animation is a bit too busy. Maybe you could leave some of the more subtle things (such as the eyes in the tower) for rare idle animations?