[Trigger] Set the text Language of a Map?

Level 5
Jul 16, 2017
Basically, I have a map that uses this hotkey system that's based off strings.

2021.01.14-20.01.png 2021.01.14-20.02_01.png 2021.01.14-20.02_02.png 2021.01.14-19.59.png

And after testing multiple times I've discovered that the map desyncs for players that use a non-english text version of the game. (my triggers check ability names and compares them)

And I'm sure that's what causes it because I ask them which language they play with every time.
So is there a way to make my map English text ONLY?
Level 16
Jan 3, 2022
my triggers check ability names and compares them
I do not know if you need this still because you haven't replied, but basically you're doing it wrong. I don't know what functions are available to you in GUI triggers, but Warcraft provides different names with different functions:
  • full localized name (every player's language, obviously desyncs)
  • unlocalized name (all lower letters)
  • (rawcode aka FourCC aka 4-letter unique object type ID)
You must use the second or the third to avoid desyncs.