SD Sylvanas Banshee in Reforged Style

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This is an SD sylvanas banshee in the Reforged Style made upon request for Teruke late at night on a public discord channel.

Hopefully it might be useful to somebody! Give credit if you want or edit it in any way you want or whatever.

SD Sylvanas Banshee in Reforged Style (Model)

General Frank
A very cool remake of the reforged model for classic. I love the detail and the particle effects. Works in-game and performs well.


Tool Reviewer
Level 36
Apr 19, 2008
Someone complained that this model was not working on the old Patch 1.26 era versions, and so I became aware that it refers to the file path "Textures\FelHound.blp" which only exists on newer Reforged versions (and maybe Reforged prepatch, didn't check) so for users of the old client, I made a version that refers to the correct texture path "Units\Demon\felhound\felhound.blp" that is present on the old client. It should be included above as an option.

Edit: The Patch 1.26 version also still works on Reforged because of file aliasing, so realistically if you want you could just only use that one version for everything. If you don't see it above, that means I've consolidated the two.