Problem with maximum extents of a model.

Level 24
Aug 1, 2013
Hi all.

I made this model which looks perfect in magos but when in-game, it seems that it doesnt have good extents.
So I set the extents to like a thousand times higher, but nothing happened.
I also tried to do the same to the extents of the geoset, but the same result.
Then I created a collision shape around the model, but nothing again.

I assume that I am using a model that goes beyond the maximum extents of WC3.
But I really really really need this model.
Can anyone take a look at it and see why it is not working?


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Level 12
Mar 13, 2012
Units and destructibles seem to have a maximum allowed distance the camera field may be away from their center before they get derendered.
This is also an important problem for me and if you find any solution please tell me.

You are free to experiment with any rare mdx tags or find any other mechanical bug/feature to make this work :).