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PKBlaster - Reforged PKB Color Swapper

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This is a tiny Java program created to allow recoloring/tweaking of PKB files. I am posting it here without a lot of testing yet. It will probably have a lot of bugs in a lot of cases. But I thought that by putting it here, that gives people access to try it out. When I showed some people screenshots of the first PKB files that I was able to successfully recolor, they were immediately asking "how" and rather than try to explain it, I think it is easier if I link them to this small program.

Here's an example video of Flame Strike turned purple with this program:


This program is open source and you can find the source code here: https://github.com/Retera/PKBlaster

PKBlaster - Reforged PKB Color Swapper (Binary)


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Apr 19, 2008
There was a new update tonight but I didn't want to double post. Within the past hour or two, 0.02 was released. You can check what version you have by looking at the title bar while the program is running.

0.02 fixes support for Group 14 in some PKB files while doing the automated color swapping. Thanks again to @Wildone for finding that this was a bug!
Thanks guys! I updated the download so that if you download the program again, it will have the fix for the "unknown Group 10" exception that Wildone got while testing. After fixing this, i was able to change the color of Blood Mage attack hand glows

Hey man, loving this program for editing the pkbs, thought i would let you know i found a particle that is giving errors when trying to change colors, it is the annihilationmissile.pkb, lol ofc i would want to be changing one that i cant, Group 1 it appears for this one. i took a screen of the errors. so yea here lol
i did find some others that dont fully change colors, but that could be because of something else i dont know, just info lol


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