[Picture] "Retribution" Lord Nicholas: You requested to see me? Darius Lanster: Ah there you are

Level 20
Jul 27, 2008

Lord Nicholas: You requested to see me?
Darius Lanster: Ah there you are. I have been getting some disturbing reports of your duty performance. Or rather lack of them.
Lord Nicholas: My man are doing what they can to keep the law of Falmir in capital.
Darius Lanster: And yet a robber in middle of daylight occurred in garden district and your man failed to stop it.
Lord Nicholas: That was just one incident.
Darius Lanster: I am not here to count you every incident tat occurred in past month. And I trust you know the records. Falmir can't allow its capital to be nothing less then perfection. It is our organization and laws that separate us from the rest now fallen kingdoms. And I don't won't some to get any ideas about possible rebellions.
Lord Nicholas: Trust me my Highlord the royal guard will clear the mess.

The two nobles eventually reached Lansters workroom and in there a woman was waiting.
Lord Nicholas: Assassin? Not on my watch!
Darius Lanster: Ahem Lord Nicholas meet dear lady Isabel. She is here since I called her.
Lord Nicholas: She is Black Hand assassin. She can't be trusted.
Isabel: Is this guy really that stupid? Who do you think controls Black Hand?
Darius Lanster: Yes I suppose I could have mentioned this earlier. How was the trip to Radaghan?
Isabel: Oh little sight seeing, meeting new cultures, killing some targets, hiring few vulrakar...
Lord Nicholas: A target in Ragh...wait hiring mangy dogs?
Darius Lanster: Lady Isabel has this strange urge to gather weird associates. Apparently today anyone can be black hand. Even the lowly slave cleaning the halls can be a killer.
Isabel: What can I say, I like meeting new people. So tell me who's next target? Oh the runaway warlock?
Lord Nicholas: You are not supposed to know that!
Darius Lanster: Calm down, and no I have no interest in killing him. In fact longer he is alive longer Templars are busy.
Isabel: They should have just killed him in the first place. Its lot saner then what they do to the magic posed humans.
Darius Lanster: As I said not your concern. Now the reason you are here is because I want you to help our dear lord Nicholas in hunting down criminals.
Nicholas and Isabel: WHAT!
Lord Nicholas: Work with assassin? Me and my man are perfectly capable of handling our own duties.
Isabel: Work with this fool? Bet he can't even tel difference between orc and goblin.
Darius Lanster: You two will work together and that's final . You two may not be aware but something big is about to happen and I am not about to let any scum, criminal, spy or berserk greenskin threaten Falmir. Now that you have your orders leave me. There is much to be planned.


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Level 7
Nov 20, 2011
Argh a levitating scroll, call an exorsist!
Also Falmir run their own assasian's guild?Did they use it for the grand wars or...?
Level 20
Jul 27, 2008
Good thing crossbows existed in not just medieval age but even before. Besides Dual crossbows are impossible (loading one is hard enough) but I have no idea how to remove one. Just look at those two crossbows they hardly look one hand variant.