[ORPG] Shadows of Everwood

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Nov 4, 2008




As of 2012-04-12​

The Team


Project Leader, Designer, Writer

Lead Coder, Designer, 2IC

Lead Terrainer, Designer, Artist

Lead Artist

Consultant Modeller

Coder, Video Designer
"I'm using a step-by-step process."
- Wolfe


Project Information



Shadows of Everwood is an open roleplaying game raised from the ashes of Everwood ORPG currently in development by a bunch of happy folks. Shadows of Everwood is a very ambitious project that has been in development for a couple of years, and tries to offer players a different gaming experience compared to that of normal WarCraft III RPGs.

The team is passionate about this project, and although it is just a hobby, we hope to see this through and release something successful. We consider a successful game to be a game that combines the efforts of our team into something that players genuinely enjoy with their friends or even a couple of strangers. Everwood Entertainment wishes to create a game that offers players the opportunity to leave WarCraft III for a while, but not stray too far from it.


Shadows of Everwood has many features tailored to both challenge and aid the player. We wish to immerse a player in a hand-crafted world, while offering challenging gameplay and the ability to customize their characters. The game itself focuses mainly on group-based player vs. player combat and player vs. enemy experiences which attempt to shed such boring activities like grinding and solo questing. Within the game, you will be faced with difficult challenges and tasks, while being rewarded with items and currency. Shadows of Everwood is its own entity that strives to provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience.


Story and Setting

In a world where humanity is at its peak, its leaders squabble for power. In the midst of their violent bickering, the empires foundations begin to buckle and chaos ensues. Insecure, weak and vulnerable, the people caught in between the turmoil cry for salvation, to be liberated from those who oppress them, starve them, and rape them of their independence. Those who whisper rebellion now shout in defiance while sinister plots erupt from the silence of the black nights. Now, the one man who kept it all together is dead.


Welcome to Everwood Forest, a playground for the divine entities of the world. You are one of its human denizens, a member of the empire. You have been driven from your homes, watched as everything you loved burned and witnessed perverted misuses of magic. As the empire collapses, its people suffer greatly. It is left to a new generation of warriors to rise to the challenge, free the people and reveal what lies in the darkness.

It is left to you.



Shadows of Everwood ORPG invite players to choose one of nine classes. Each class is unique in its own right, with varying themes, playstyles and skills. One key aspect of our classes is that they are not designed with a specific role in mind. They are each designed according to functions, covering niches such as ‘versatility’, ‘risk’ and ‘attention’.

Ultimately, how you build your class determines what role you play in a party.

Wizard: “The cold only stings when you fight it.”

The wizard is a supportive spellcaster who emphasizes versatility, able to devastate ranks of foes with lightning or cure his allies with the soothing powers of water.

[Class Preview]

Berserker: “My sword is my tool, my rage is my weapon.”

The berserker is a ferocious opponent on the battlefield who emphasizes attention. Through powerful area attacks, the berserker is able to gain threat quickly and maintain it.

[Class Preview Not Yet Available]

Pyromancer: “Touch me and you shall watch everything you cherish burn in hellfire.”

The pyromancer is a vicious warlock who emphasizes risk, able to enhance his devastating spells with daemonic energy for a cost.

[Class Preview]

Valewalker: “Nature has a voice, child. And that voice is me.”

The valewalker is a guardian of nature who emphasizes combat and mysticism, calling upon the spirits of the natural realm to imbue his attacks.

[Class Preview Not Yet Available]


Key Features


Local Save Bank System

• No more typing in long codes to load your heroes
• Codes saved as files in folders for your convenience

Custom Interfaces

• On-screen inventories, backpacks, stat and shop windows
• Easy to access via your UI

Beautiful World

• Explore a world tailored with incredible detail
• Visit shops, travel in the treacherous night or the safety of day, experience dynamic zones

Dynamic Stories

• Immerse yourself in the civil war, participating in a story where you are the protagonist
• Make conscience decisions with your allies affecting the next chapter of your story

Fast-Paced Combat

• Fight hordes of dangerous monsters, using powerful skills in challenging combat scenario
• Experience dynamic combat where positioning and strategy is key


Super Posts











Supported Projects



(in no specific order)

This Post

Paul Davey - For many of the cool icons.
Dragonson - Member signatures, screenshot border, project logo and delimiters used in this post!

The Map

A lot of persons. (To be added, of course)


- The Shadows of Everwood Team

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Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
Hehe, yeah. It looks good. As I said before, the demo is under construction, and we're quite passionate about it.

On another note, if any coders want to join us for the demo (or the whole project) to help us finish all of our spells while Tukki handles systems, we'd really appreciate it. HeroSlayer is a coder, but I want him heavily focused on our models, and Tukki goes back to school in a week, so if he can't finish in time, we need a back-up.
Nice setup wolfe. :)
Btw, do you need a loading screen made too?
'cuz i'm really in the mood for making a loading screen for SoE.
Making that much artwork for a project kindof does that to one. ^^

I already made a Loading Screen for the map. You can find it in the Terrain Thread.
Nice looking thread, still cant wait to see it completely finished with the demo uploaded. ;)
Level 40
Dec 8, 2008
The texts itself are ok, (no offnse :] ) but they seem so. . . random. You mixed three completly differnt fonts togehter, and they just don't fit. The progress pic looks okay, but the other ones with the subtitle in red just don't look good. I suggest also making the subtitle in them in the green with the one from "progress" :)
Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
I'd like to welcome DanThanh to the team as our new coder. I am going to write our first progress report tomorrow and update the thread accordingly.
Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
Yeah, I think a heading and a border on the loading screen would do it good.

In regards to the banners, I see a valid point in Fan's judgments. Perhaps experiment a little bit more with them? Also, could you shrink the banner a little so it fits the page. I hate scrolling across to see all of the information, lol.
Level 27
Jun 23, 2009
Kay. :)
I'l run the loading screen through photoshop, experiment on the headers a little more and shrink the banner.

Off i am!

EDIT: Allrighto!
Here is the loading screen after a quick run through photoshop. :)
Anything you'd like improved or changed?

[Image Being Fixed]

Also, if you guys like the texture of the text (heh) on this one, should i try and use the same texture in another color on the headers?
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Level 40
Dec 8, 2008
Ehm, no offnse, but the borders look a bit ehm... let me explain.
the scene of the LS is a battle in front of demon tower etc. hardcore like and then you see pink wave-moldings at the borders D: Just left the title alone and make it another colour. please.
Level 27
Jun 23, 2009
Heh. :p
Well, when i were designing it i were thinking something along the lines of "Purplish Dark Rune-Magic Things", but i understand what you're saying.
Lemme' fix that.

Allright, is this acceptable?
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I have an idea, how about making a frame around the picture, and then making that lava thing you just made now but only going around the frame, like a snake. that was just a suggestion. That would look nice and this too looks nice. But the right side seems too look too thick, it should be thinner and thinner while reaching the end of that lava frame. Oh and the bottom lava/frame seems to be going in a straight line, it should be more messy.
Level 27
Jun 23, 2009
Hmmyeah, i get what you're saying about the lower part of it, but i'm not sure i understand what you're saying about he right.

Though, i'm still not personally satisfied with it. :p
No matter what we decide, i'm gonna' run it through the detail drive a few more times.
Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
Sorry - lot of other things to focus on. =P

I also agree with Fan's opinion. The battle is quite a pivotal thing that players even get to experience, so capturing as much as we can for it is essential.
Level 27
Jun 23, 2009
Raighto. :)
So, i remove the right side of the lava and ass some tiny details to it. Check.

Then i were supposed to fix the text colors on the lower text of the headers right?
You wanted them to look like the "progress" one as far as i remember.
Level 7
Feb 10, 2008
To be honest; it would look a lot cleaner with just the
content text ("Progress", "Demo" etc.) instead of the whole picture =)

And yes, it'd be awesome if you could make them look something like the current Progress font :D

Progress will probably be revealed when Wolfe gets his ass off the ground
writes the documentation (should be around some unknown time tomorrow)!
Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
Progress Report I

... Everwood Entertainment ...

Progress Report I

Hey guys,

This is our first fortnightly progress report for the project “Shadows of Everwood ORPG”. In the report, I will cover some of the mechanics of the game currently developed, our goals for this project and what we are striving to achieve. I will introduce you to our team and unveil some of our latest system and terrain screenshots.

“Shadows of Everwood ORPG” is a project that is epic and challenges the World Editor indefinitely. Our team is passionate and wishes to see the fruits of their labor accomplished and successful. However, we do not consider successful as “the new Defense of the Ancients” or a new genre of map that everybody wants to play. We consider a successful game to be a game that combines the efforts of our team into something that players enjoy privately or publicly. Our team wishes to create a game that offers players the opportunity to leave the classic WarCraft III gaming experience, but not stray too far from it.

Our goal is:
• To create a game that displays the efforts of talented individuals for all players to enjoy


Everwood Entertainment


Shadows of Everwood Demo

As most of you know, we will first be releasing a demo of “Shadows of Everwood ORPG”. We are aiming to release the Open Demo in two to four weeks and will be spending that time designing, coding and testing the demo map. We have currently planned to release the Imperial Crown Demo first.

The demo spans a great deal of the map and includes most features listed in the main post of this thread. Here you will begin your journey in the mighty Empire of the Imperial Crown as a student of the Academy of War. In the demo, you will experience three chapters of player vs. environment (and, if you choose, player vs. player) action. Below is a list of features you will experience in the demo:

Demo Features
  • Wield an array of powerful weapons as the Warrior
  • Obliterate the powers and minds of your foes as the Illusionist
  • Command the vast powers of wind and nature as the Ranger
  • Display the powers of your gods as the Paragon
  • Experience three chapters of player vs. environment quests and challenges
  • Complete a number of quests with your party
  • Take part in challenging events
  • Dwell deep into the hearts of the Dharmwield Crypt and the Morgash Bogs
  • Observe and participate in battle with a realistic camera system
  • Grasp the full might of our conditions system and counter or enhance them on foes
  • Experiment with eight abilities per class
  • Duel your allies for gold and items
  • Forge your own items from materials discovered in dungeons and quests
  • Test your mettle against phased bosses
Project Leader



In recent times, Tukki has been working hard on our core systems. Attached are examples of his Spell Selection Interface, Custom Inventory (with credit to Anachron and Camera System. Please be aware that some of these shots are a little outdated (with minor changes, such as a sky and better fog for the camera shots). Thanh, our new coder, is co-operating with Tukki and I to script all the Ranger spells. As I design them, Thanh will code them. I have currently designed three of the four classes' demo spells.

Oziris has worked hard to produce some wonderful art to represent out classes that will be used in the further development of this thread. His current task is to polish the demo terrain (which is currently finished as far as I am concerned). He is also currently designing our new, and hopefully prosperous, website (soon to be revealed).

Sunchips has designed our Soldier Archetype. Each class does not receive its own model, but follows a specific archetype. The Warrior and ?????? use the Soldier Archetype; the Ranger, Illusionist and ???????? use the Adventurer Archetype and the Paragon, ?????? and ???????? use the Caster Archetype. All three archetypes have a male and female model. Currently showcased is the male Soldier. Goolygot and HeroSlayer are currently working on doodads and attachment models while Sunchips works on the class models. A showcase of HeroSlayer and Goolygot's models will be included in our next Progress Report on Wednesday, 1st of September.

Until then,

Everwood Entertainment


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Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
Thanks Dragonson!

Well, we may give it a texture to make it look even better. For now, though, design and coding > models.
Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
Hey guys!

I just tested the camera system with the demo terrain and I am greatly amazed! So amazed that I've decided to share with you some in-game screenshots of zones in the demo area with our camera.

Note: The paladin you see is a test hero used only for testing purposes. My apologies for the white background around the screenshots. I got a little lazy, hehe.

1. A merchant standing near the DeVon Fields
2. Climbing up a hill from the Vinoscan Plains
3. A view of the Morgash Forest from a cliff
4. The Morgash Forest from the Dharmwield Graveyard
5. The magic tree - these are found in various areas and bolster certain stats
6. Morgash can be dark at the best of times
7. Bonfires can be fun
8. Bologna Ridge
9. A view of Bologna's grave from across the Morgash Bogs
10. Morgash Forest
11. Morgash Bogs leading into Larmag's Cavern
12. The Bogs close up
13. Larmag sure loves to eat hummies
14. A coastal ogre encampment
15. Zakal is the patron god of the ogres and marg'ol, here is an altar for him
16. This dude looks shady
17. Away from Morgash Forest, the Zebashk marg'ol live out their lives in war with the humans
18. A view of the DeVon fields from the Academy of War
19. The Academy of War (needs new fog), this is the Grand Corridor
20. The Mess Hall where players begin


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Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
I'd like to welcome Adiktuz to our team as our coder. He and Thanh will work under Tukki to complete spells and quests, as well as assist in other systems. As Tukki is back at school, this allows him to focus on his schooling while being productive and leading our coders.
Level 1
Aug 24, 2010
This looks absolutely amazing, I hope to see more soon. If you need anyone to be involved in testing stuff, Let me know.
Level 7
Feb 10, 2008
Thanks for the interest doodes :)

I bring tidings of happiness; the demo ranger is nearing completion!
*HINT* which could mean some cool shit in the upcoming progress report *HINT*

On another note: the demo will probably be released public, so you can all give it a shot ;)
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