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Attention! Everwood ORPG needs a coder!

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Level 17
Nov 4, 2008

Fellow Hive Workshop members and fans of Everwood ORPG,

Recently, I and the team have been informed that our current Coder and Project Lead must leave in four weeks due to 'efterskole' or for those unfamiliar with the concept (like myself) college/university. This, as obvious as it already is, will place a very big wedge in the development of Everwood's systems and spells and even the BETA that the majority are looking forward too. And it is crucial that we recruit yet another coder into our team to finish off RPG's brilliant work thus far.

As RPG still has a few weeks left with us, the team will push and push so that we release our first BETA before he leaves of which possibly you will resume the work in releasing Everwood ORPG officially. Of course we have standards and requirements that the new coder must fulfill.

+ You must not be working on any other main project, this includes large projects that may possibly take up too much of your time
+ You must be able to apply creativity whenever, this is crucial as the project will thrive on the creativity and originality of its systems
+ You must be constantly motivated and active, if you are inactive for long periods of time this will give the team the impression that you are slacking off
+ You must be experienced and be able to bring these systems to life and be able to cooperate with team members, you must also be able to prove that you are experienced and have much skill by performing the following test:

Your test is to code a spell as this will be your main role. This spell is not however going to be featured in Everwood ORPG, however RolePlaynGamer will judge your coding in vJASS.

The hero keeps his eyes on a certain target and then jumps into the air, unseen by all, and then descends on the target. All targets in the area surrounding the initial target are knocked back and stunned for three seconds whereas the initial target receives 205 damage. A shield then encases the hero, keeping him invulnerable for five seconds.

+ You must be able to code in vJASS and also be able to make spells and quests designed by myself

If you are unsure what Everwood ORPG is, please follow the link at the top of this post. If you have any queries or concerns regarding Everwood ORPG or this thread, please PM either myself (preferably me as RPG will be absent for two weeks) or RolePlaynGamer or you can email myself at [email protected]
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Level 9
Apr 5, 2008
And to those who're reading this, I'll focus on finishing most, if not all, of the major systems during my holidays, so you'll most likely be coding spells most of the time.

We have several systems imported into the map that you can use in your spellmaking. I'll try and put together a list of those.

Public systems:
-xe (includes all of the modules)
-ABuff (includes all modules at the moment)
-SimError (includes SimErrorEx)
-TimerUtils (custom one, more efficient)
-KnockbackSystem (Rising_Dusk's)
-JumpSystem (Dynasti's, slightly improved)

Custommade systems:
-ConditionSystem (UnitAddCondition, UnitClearCondition, UnitHasCondition, GetUnitConditionLenght)
-Custommade SpellSystem (includes useful functions)

You're allowed to use all of the above-mentioned systems in the test.
Level 17
Nov 4, 2008
Not a question of whether you like them or not. It is a question of whether you will do it to join the team.

If you would like something different, just say.
Level 21
Dec 9, 2007
I can make that spell but I can use BJ's.
I don't know why but functions without BJ's don't work in my fucken computer! :sad:
(I don't need to use any of the systems mentioned there)

But after all... I know I'm not good at scripting and I don't want to mess up the map with my messed up new gen world editor.

I just hope someone will post here the spell and will pass the test.

I suggest The_Witcher. He's a good scripter.
Level 8
Aug 6, 2008
Nice to see that you are using all the cool systems. ( UnitProperties is awesome, isnt it? )

And youve been doing some pretty impressive work, I hope you find some good coder.

And yea, its probably better to ask at wc3c.
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