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Last Activity:
Sep 8, 2011
Apr 25, 2009


Runaway, follow the dream

HaniBon was last seen:
Sep 8, 2011
    1. RED BARON
      Hope all is well for you.. Being a runaway and all :wink: So much stuff has happened since.
    2. Kimbo
      Sorry HaniBon, im a solo freelancer and i dont take requests, just suggestions.
    3. Dragonson
      I kinda figured as much, but it still annoys me.
    4. Dragonson
      I'd just like to say: You are not the one who made me.
      Also, your user title seems rather arrogant. No Offense. :P
    5. HaniBon
      Naaaah xD
    6. Dragonson
      Lol. ^^
      SHouldnt you have your sig link to their page or something then?
    7. HaniBon
      Oh and yeh the logo, no my brother works with ROG (republic of gaimers) and he wanted me to advertise it in some way so I made that signature :)
    8. HaniBon
      Haha well I want it to be a bit different :)
    9. Dragonson
      Oh yeah, also: Why do you call your signature factory a "Sign Shop"?
      I know that Sign THEORETICALLY works just as well as Sig, but sig is the most common one and Sign is also a word for itself.

      Sorry for saying but i had to ask. :S
    10. Dragonson
      The symbol in your sig, which has the text HaniBon above it.
      It's the logo of The Republic of Gamers.
    11. HaniBon
      Hahaha what?
    12. Dragonson
      Are you an actual member of The Republic of Gamers or do you just use their log 'cuz it's awesome? ;)
    13. x3GlikE
      i know dw :p
    14. HaniBon
    15. x3GlikE
      Srsly let me to next sig request pm it to me :D
    16. HaniBon
    17. x3GlikE
      Request by FAN
      A signature please =).

      Oh, and with "Transparent" on the screenshots, I didn't meant that it is "barely visible", but, that it is like the rexxar at your first page, that it has a alpha channel around :) The background should be transparent though :).
      Please finish it i will be talking a 10 hour break be on at 1 AUS time.
    18. HaniBon
      I have already finished it :P
    19. x3GlikE
      Hey you watn me to do his signature ?
    20. x3GlikE
      Hey u there can do do something like this but smaller !

      P.S I made this :D
      Hey and can i join ur SigShop :D i am good with effects like the picture above :p
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


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