Orcish Runes

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"I am Gul'dan! I am darkness incarnate! It cannot end... like this."

For all your tribal runic needs. Based on concept art from the WarCraft movie, modeled from scratch in Sketchup, overlayed on the original rune item's effects.
The models are made white for easy color adjustments in the object editor.

Open source as always, feel free to modify to your liking. Credits will do fine.

Orcish Rune 1 (Model)

Orcish Rune 2 (Model)

Orcish Rune 3 (Model)

Orcish Rune 4 (Model)

Orcish Rune 5 (Model)

Orcish Rune 6 (Model)

General Frank
Very well made rune models. Great use of in-game textures and good implementation as particles. Models works in-game and perform well.