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Hi, here is Bloodslaughter, this model is not made by me, but I dunno the
name of the creator. It is someone from MetalPlanet.org!! I found this orbs
and thought I should give it to public.

orb attachment circle ghost spirit undead

orbe5 (Model)

Level 13
May 11, 2008
this orb is barely visible. it kindof acts like a shadow orb. when combining it with the purple orb it behaves normally but when you combine it with the red lightning orb it becomes one with it and makes the red lightning orb look uglier. it also becomes one with the orange orb and makes it look better... so, kindof an odd orb overall i guess...but good to see some weapon stuff in here...

like i said combine this orb with orange orb(earth orb, orbe1) and you have a pretty good looking orb.