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Ocean of Bitterness

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Updated! See changelog!
「Ocean of Bitterness」

By Lichkings Slave

Charge your enemy head on, or work through the darker backround of this dead place! 2v2 means fast pace battles with small armies and weak creeps for easy leveling, But be prepared for an epic battle on this small map becuase you will cross the Ocean Of Bitterness!


2v2 means fast paced battles
detailed Terrain

None;except me.

updated terrain, smoothed terrain.

-updated with Abgm's feedback
Map Description Generator 「By Vengeancekael」

Kewl, melee, 2v2, 2 player, quick, pace, slow, fact, sea, ocean.

Ocean of Bitterness (Map)

09:18, 20th Jun 2013 Orcnet: needs more work
Level 10
Jan 20, 2011
Oh also you should fix the ramps on the right hand side of the map that lead into the base, since the ramp is smaller by one square unit. Yes on square unit I said it one..... so fix that since it restricts amount of units that can go into their base compared to the left side
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
Terrain looks very wide :(

some problems with your map:

-There are no creep camps to the main bases, even though its a 1v1 map it still needs guards when a player wants to play this game alone with no AI or sort.
-Main lumber resources supply is lacking, buff it some more from a shape of a half-circle
-Remove the creeps guarding the tavern
-creep difficulty is a bit simple right now, make it like this:

; 2 green camps near/half away main base/s
; 4 green/orange camps to the neutral buildings
; green/orange camps to the main bases

- since this map is too small, you can replace the other goblin laboratory to a merchant building

Terran needs more work, it looks very simply made right now give those ground blending with the deep sea some borders like rocks, etc.

For now it needs more change, sorry to disappoint.