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Ninja Spell Pack v1.2

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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-== Index ==-

> This spell pack has 3 spells : Vanish, Shadow Walk and Shuriken.

> Vanish : The Ninja creates a cloud of sand for hide it whenever he wants. If the ninja comes out of the cloud, it will be unhide and if he gets into in the cloud the ninja will be hide ( Stealth ). The enemy units if gets into in the cloud, they get a negative aura that makes -50% speed and -2 HP Reg.

> Shuriken : The ninja takes a shuriken and turns with shuriken, every second he turns, the shuriken gets more damage. The max damage it can do it is 1000.Every second gets 100 damage. Then the shuriken was throw to enemy being cast dealing the waiting damage. If you don't want wait so much, click target for send the shuriken! Max time : 10 s.

> Shadow Walk : The assasin runs faster, creating a trail of shadows in his way. It is unstoppable, can penetrate anything.(Trees,Units,Walls,etc). He has "X"% dodge all enemy attacks.

ninja shadow walk vanish spellpack spell shuriken throw

Ninja Spell Pack (Map)

10:48, 15th Jun 2010 Hanky: Your spells got some leaks and aren't even MUI/MPI. Next time please read the spell submission rules. Fix those things.




10:48, 15th Jun 2010
Your spells got some leaks and aren't even MUI/MPI. Next time please read the spell submission rules. Fix those things.
Level 22
Nov 14, 2008
Laughed on this pack cause it has a very bad feeling about it and I was right.

First of all these are not MUI at all.

You have some notice about how to remove leaks but you didnt find all of them, example in the trigger vanish you leak 30 times per cast

  • Unit - Create 1 Vanish for (Owner of A_Vanish_Unit_Caster) at (A_Vanish_Position_Caster offset by 200.00 towards ((Real((Integer A))) x 20.00) degrees) facing A_Vanish_Position_Caster
or in the vanish remove trigger you leak 30 times

  • For each (Integer A) from 1 to 30, do (Actions)
    • Loop - Actions
      • Special Effect - Create a special effect at (A_Vanish_Position_Caster offset by 300.00 towards ((Real((Integer A))) x 20.00) degrees) using Abilities\Spells\NightElf\Cyclone\CycloneTarget.mdl
      • Special Effect - Destroy (Last created special effect)
Also you run most of the timers at 0.01, which is bad, use 0.02 as minimum but 0.03 and 0.04 are also good.

In shadow walk cast trigger you have way to many ITE functions to check. Just use set level of abilirt to level of ability "your ability" of triggering unit and you will avoid these.

Remove death sounds of dummies in object editor else shadow walk will be very annoying walk instead.

Shuriken only works for player red if you want to fire it before waiting.

Make shuriken channeling so you can intrerupt it without selecting the blade.

Also if you select the unit before the spell ends, you have 0 collision.

No need to do like this, just use the command destroy last created sp
  • Special Effect - Create a special effect attached to the origin of B_Shuriken_Unit_Picked using Abilities\Spells\Other\Stampede\StampedeMissileDeath.mdl
  • Set B_Shuriken_Effect_LastEffect[3] = (Last created special effect)
  • Special Effect - Destroy B_Shuriken_Effect_LastEffect[3]
same goes with this, you dont need variable ofc it's performance increasing but very small ... not even noticeable

  • Destructible - Pick every destructible within 150.00 of B_Shuriken_Position_LastCreate and do (Actions)
    • Loop - Actions
      • Set B_Shuriken_Trees_Picked = (Picked destructible)
      • Destructible - Kill B_Shuriken_Trees_Picked
Also you leak unit groups, need to be set into a variable and after you've used it use this line:

call DestroyGroup(udg_YOURGROUP)

Same in the Shuriken damage loop, you don't need so many ITE functions cause you dont even use the level!

have fun fixing this, also read some good tuts and you will be fine :)

have a nice day