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Which names do you like?

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Let's face it. Having three main characters with names that sound almost identical is very confusing. I have already seen people confuse their names a lot.

Lirch, Pirch, and Firch.

Since the first map has already been released, I can't change his name any more. But I have though up a few other names for Pirch and Firch; choose one of the suggestions or post your own.

And please vote seriously. Don't vote for them all.
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Sep 16, 2006
I like Varthus and Pirchis. Anything more than these and they sound like legendary myths in stories that are supposed to be "long forgotten" and often thought to be "non-existant". :b

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On the other hand..

Voice acting!



-Stands proud- :grin:

.. :gg:
I actually won't vote, mainly because I don't like the names in cause. Although Varthus seems the best (in my opinion), the names have no meaning.
I will try to find a few more names. It seems that people like Spanish names, well, that's no problem, I can speak some Spanish and I should be able to help =)

Expect a few more names the next week (when I have time to think about them lol)
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