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Legions of Warcraft1.07f

Legions of Warcraft is a WC3 Mod that takes the Warcraft melee-games action to a higher level, by introducing new features, custom races, and a new set of gaming strategies waiting to be exploited.

The Mod gives you the chance to command an army of demons, a horde of rampaging Blood Elves, a swarm of magic-enhanced insects, or even the forces of nature itself to clean the world of the evil once and for all. Join the struggle for total domination, pick the army of your choice and grind your enemies down on this challenging WC3 Mod.

Some of the features are:

* 12 races
* 4 heroes per race *NEW 1.06*
* 48 heroes in total
* 150+ units
* New strategies for each race <just check out the Magical Cage! o_O>
* New items
* AMAI support for computer players *NEW 1.06*
* Fully functional Multiplayer modes (FFA, Melee)

Well for those who doesn't know the races yet, they are:

1. Human
2. Orc
3. Undead
4. Night Elves
5. Blood Elves
6. Forsaken
7. Insect
8. Draenei Renegades
9. Ice Ravagers
10. Burning Legion
11. Gaia's Forces
12. Naga

Credits & Acknowledgements:

See the (F9) in-game option


[email protected]

Legions of Warcraft1.07f (Map)



Level 41
Jan 7, 2005
I almost forgot about this map. when I last played, it was version 1.01 and I received credits in 1.02 if I'm not wrong. It was well done, with an imbalance or icon bug here and there.
I'm willing to test this new version. I'll rate this version after I played it.