Jass Resource not counting?

At the moment approved resources are listed under the profile, at the user info, and there are also listed Tutorials and JASS resources now.

Optimally they would also be established at a user's profile, next to the other resources, I agree. There would be the question of which image to use for the preview, but if there's no easy solution, then maybe the user avatar would be a good default value, too. I don't know, @Ralle .


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Feb 6, 2014
For the image to use, maybe we can use the icon for the subforum where the resource (JASS/Wurst/Tutorial) belongs as default? For JASS, it's the green </> thing. Even better if author is allowed to use custom thumbnail for personal customization of his/her resources. Now that I think about it, perhaps we should change JASS/Wurst/Tutorial threads to be like Spells Section so the original post is always visible at any page (No Download button though except where test map is provided). But that requires a lot of work so I doubt we will see that.

Anyway, the resource thumbnail doesn't matter much, what's important is the link to the actual resource displaying in the user's profile.