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Last Activity:
Nov 14, 2016
Aug 4, 2006


aspiring programmer, from College: Stanford, California. Home: Honolulu, Haw

maskedpoptart was last seen:
Nov 14, 2016
    1. maskedpoptart
      Kam, sorry but I'm not doing anything in wc3/jass anymore. I'm simply too busy. :/ I hope you can find someone else to help you!
    2. Kam
      I have a jass spell I could use some help with.
    3. maskedpoptart
      Looks like Maker solved your problems for you. Let me know if you need anything else. :D
    4. Kam
    5. Kam
      I have something I need fixed on the tunnel spell you made for me if you have time.

      When the unit is rescaled after being transported it reverts to the default size ratio of 1.0, instead of what is listed in the editor field for scale.

      Edit: Thank you.
    6. Yixx
      Hey Masked..
      Remember me? :D
      Well, I am currently programming C++, and somehow I came back to Warcraft and creating something in it. I wanted to port a C++ code I found on the internet to JASS. it was Dijkstra's Algorithm for shortest route.. Obviously I came across some problems, for instance the C++ code used Vectors (not as in 2D or 3D objects, but dynamic containers.. meh you'll probably know what I am talking about)..
      And the very first thing I thought about when trying to find a JASS equivalent of vector was your List.. Integerlist :D..

      Well all I am actually saying is that you actually left behind a good system and a great impression, for I first thought of you! :D..

      You still amaze me how awesome List is created..
    7. Midnighters
      lol, sounds awesome, and you should join my new forum, Modern Gamers
    8. Midnighters
      Doing pretty good. Been working on my car a lot, got to replace the entire front end. How you been?
    9. Midnighters
      Hey man, haven't talked to you in ages.
    10. Catch_ya
      oh is that a bad thing :p?
    11. Catch_ya
      i like your avatar :p
    12. Catch_ya
      lol what :P?
    13. gameslayer001
    14. gameslayer001
      hah yea, its all good. ill post the map on hive thursday and tell you then :P
    15. Yixx
      But when you dont call .deallocate() in a custom onDestroy it leaks a struct index, right? You just said that.. So why create a custom onDestroy, but NOT call .deallocate()? Im confused ><
    16. gameslayer001
      lol, well i finished the bomberman map, you should get on USEast sometime, :P
    17. Yixx
      Well since I created my own onDestroy method, i inserted .deallocate(). But now i replaced method onDestroy with method remove, in which I call destroy, meaning no custom onDestroy and no problem with any .deallocate() things. I will do this from now on.
    18. Yixx
      But I thought that it would leak a struct index if you wouldn't call .deallocate() in a custom onDestroy().. Hmm ill look at it a little closer, since it has been a loooong time since I made it. Thanks anyway man!
      (BTW, now I think of it, i have had it before, with a friend's spell, it crashed because of a .deallocate().. )
    19. TriggerHappy
      Hello, my site is currently in need of some vJASS moderators and for whatever reason I have found you and know of your ability in vJass.

      So I was wondering if I could put you on a trial moderation to see if everything would work out (if you do want to become a vJass moderator on my site).

    20. Yixx
      Hey ho, there he goes
      The maskedpoptart always flows
      Hey ho, here stays his a**
      Because he rules the world in JASS!

      (It was not to insult you, a** is just the first word that came up to me that rhymed with JASS xD)
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  • About

    College: Stanford, California. Home: Honolulu, Haw
    Current Project:
    -Starcraft Zone Control v6.0: almost finished! Been working with Angelusz for a couple months now. Should be done by xmas 2009.
    -Bomber Dudes (on hold)
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US West
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    male, 18 years old.
    been world editting for ~4 years now (but never released a map)

    world editting, programming, flash, bodysurfing, your mom


    My Maps My JASS resources My Spells
    Starcraft ZoneControl List Fire Wall
    IsUnitDead[c][r][c]String functions
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