Is warcraft 3 dead?

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Aug 18, 2013
I love this game and I have been playing it since 2002. My first experience of it was at an internet cafe, I finally bought the game around 2003 and loved it.

I remember at the time games would fill up instantly even the worst maps would fill up instantly.

But nowadays games take forever to fill up. I'm afraid warcraft 3 is gonna die soon maybe completely in a few years.

Do you guys have any optimisitic words to say maybe assuring me this won't happen. Because I love warcraft 3 I consider it the greatest game ever made because of the variety it had. It's like playing with legos as a kid or being in the sandbox. You can literally make anything you want or play other franchises within warcraft 3.

I heard starcraft 2 put limits on what people can make. Me being jewish myself I was never offended by the anti-semitic or more blatant racist games against black people. I was glad people had the freedom to do that because it wasn't entirely racist it was for fun and not serious. You know what I'm talking about games like Attack of the N------s. Everyone loved that game.

I heard starcraft 2 also doesn't allow other franchises so does that mean there is no Jurassic Park?

So please tell me warcraft 3 is not gonna die. It's the last bastion of free speech. One day you will envy the days that you join a game called "hot girl" but instead of pornography you got pictures of gay men.

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Warcraft 3 is most certainly not dead, at least as the time of writing this. Modders are stil here, big projects are still being worked on and we have pushed the editor past it's limits more times than I can remember - from simply using Jass to getting customized editors such as JNPG, not to mention the amount of creative art assets and systems already developed.