Iron Serpent Ward

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
A self operating drone that can be used as a tower or an attacking ward. The animations are well animated and added some effects to make it look awesome. There is a recommended projectile art inside the pack. Upon using the recommended projectile art, the projectile speed must be greater than 2000 and recommend the attack type as artillery. It's up to you how to manipulate this model. Model concept idea is based on the Mobile Legends Game, the nightmaric spawn of Zhask. hahahahhaha. Enjoy!!!

Update v1.1:
-Added Portrait and portrait background
-Added team color
-optimized nodes
-Renamed Bundle from rail gun to Iron Serpent Ward

Update v1.2:
-Fixed geoset animation conflict
-optimized animation frames (op and ed)
-revamped ward zap missile (more tactical and less glowy thing)

Iron Serpent Ward (Model)

MissileArt (Model)

General Frank
A creative model and good use of textures and effect. Works inside the game and performs well. Great job.
Level 11
May 25, 2017
My thought was that Rail Gun is look like a robotic hand and just simply shoot base on Naga's turret animation. Which is awesome!.
You could make the rail gun have a destroyed animation more than just back there and kaboom!. That death animation would be like an morph animation for like... a non-attack mode (withdraw).

Depending on that would make a such nice model XD but here is enough.

I like the missile as well, it could be brighter to look appealing while firing.
I will go ahead and give him a 4* and +3 Rep :p