Icon Contest #20 - Results






Contestants were to create 3 icons for a model of their choice from a pool of contest winners. One icon for a portrait, and two icons for abilities. Classic submissions only.


  • 1st place: 45 reputation points
  • 2nd place: 30 reputation points
  • 3rd place: 15 reputation points
  • Entry: 5 reputation points
  • Judge: 5 reputation points per entrant
The three winners will receive an award icon representing the winning entry.




Technical Note
How well-drawn the submissions are, in terms of quality & artistry. Elements such as the color, shape, definition, clarity, shading, realism, proportions, details, and expressiveness will be considered./55

How unexpected and creative are the ideas? How original and unique?/25

Blizzard Style
Is the style similar to standard icons?/10

Are the icons visually coherent? How fitting are they for chosen model?/10


  • Judgement: 70%
  • Poll: 30%
Final Score = (30*Reached_Votes/POSSIBLE_VOTES) + (70*Average_Judge_Score/POSSIBLE_SCORE)

Technical Note 45/55
Creativity 20/25
Blizzard Style 10/10
Theme 10/10
Total 85

I love the portrait icon, awesome angle choice and is pretty eye-candy. Zooming in a bit more will help as it looks like an ability icon rather than a portrait due to the effects. Adding a third color will help as well (this applies to all icons). Great use of shadows and effects and each icon can be read properly. For the second icon, I like the previous version more than the one submitted. For the third icon, changing the angle and adding a dynamic effect unto the icon could make this icon much better.

Overall, icons are very clear & well executed. Kudos!

Mr. Goblin
Technical Note 48/55
Creativity 24/25
Blizzard Style 8/10
Theme 10/10
Total 91

Nice set! I really love the ability icons, very detailed. Unfortunately, details were lost when resized. Portrait icon is pretty out of place. Very flat and metal parts doesn't look like metal. Changing the angle can help as well. It looks a bit flat, shading and/or changing the angle will definitely help.

Overall, pretty creative and unexpected. Would love to see a different version of the portrait since that one is a bit lost — in terms of the quality of the other icons.

Great job!

Technical Note 52/55
Creativity 22/25
Blizzard Style 9/10
Theme 10/10
Total 94

The portrait icon stands out the most. Very fantastic execution, although too detailed to fit the Warcraft style. I would love to see this zoomed in a bit, this is just my preference though. For the ability icons, the effects could use some sharpness as it is a bit blurry. Third icon is not distinguishable unless you check on the model. It looks like a shoulder pad at first.

Overall, every icon fits the model. Effects could be better but not that bad. Each icon is versatile in terms of usability. Can be used to any unit or hero.

Awesome craftmanship!

Technical Note 42/55
Creativity 20/25
Blizzard Style 6/10
Theme 10/10
Total 78

The concept is awesome. I really love the sketches made for the icons. Needs contrast and vibrant colors to pop out. Make the metal parts look more metal and fire look like fire. Achieving this will make the icons standout. Add third color as well.

Overall, set needs to be more defined and each material to be distinguishable.

Keep on improving. I can see potential, just need to fix the painting job which can be improved quickly.

Technical Note: 45/55
Creativity: 21/25
Blizzard Style: 10/10
Theme: 10/10
Total: 86/100

Final: A nice lineup of abilities for the hell knight, The creativity is amazing here. I do think the first icon which is the avatar, could be a bit better and defined a little more. I could not really make out anything at first glance but over time you can make it out. The spiked icon in the middle is a very nice touch showing off what that champion can do in battle, very well executed on that note. The last icon with the hand coming forward is very well made, shows exactly what it is and you can figure out what that ability can or cant be in game. Overall i do enjoy this line up, good work.

Technical Note: 42/55
Creativity: 19/25
Blizzard Style: 10/10
Theme: 10/10
Total: 81/100

Final: These icons have outstanding quality and match together well with color and contrast. The avatar itself goes well with the model unit used. The second spell icon in this lineup is very interesting in itself, i do think that the lightning effect could be a little bit more executed and defined. The blade overall is nice and it shows its age by the worn down colors you added towards it. I do enjoy the cannon icon alot, the beam coming out from it is nice, it could have been a more bigger blast but overall it is a nice touch to this model.

Technical Note: 38/55
Creativity: 16/25
Blizzard Style: 7/10
Theme: 10/10
Total: 71/100

Final: These icons stand out by there color and contrast, i love the avatar image and the angle of the face. It is very easy to figure out and point out what unit it is just by looking at it. The "step" or "boot" icon needs some defining in my oppion. Its hard to figure out if its a boot or not, and if it is stepping in lava or fire, i feel like the shading could use some adjusting in some areas to show the shape of a boot in a better way. I also think theres too much red/orange happening to were it gets lost and thats what makes it hard to see. I like the weapon ability icon, it shows what kind of weapon the unit/hero is holding and it could be used as a passive ability of some kind as well. But, it could be defined a bit as in showing what the icon is doing, is the spear getting powered up or is it just sitting around a fire aura?

Technical Note: 35/55
Creativity: 19/25
Blizzard Style: 5/10
Theme: 10/10
Total: 69/100

Final: Overall, i do enjoy all 3 of these icons. But there are some areas id like to touch, the colors are bland and pale. I think a bit more contrast could bring these icons alive more. There are some spots were it is a little blurry also. The avatar looks really good, i like the detail you put around the facial areas. The first ability seems a bit confusing at first glance but im sure once there is a description showing what it does it will be more clear, but i feel like it could be defined as in showing what it is instead of smoke coming from a smoke stack of some kind. The second ability icon is very interesting, i do like it but i don't really understand whats happening here. If its a blast then im expecting to see a light effect in the middle of the icon and then bursting outward. Overall some of these icons need touching up in areas but they are lovely to see.

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Icon 20 1st.png
Icon 20 2nd.png
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Assigned Staff: @Mythic

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