How to [download | install | configure] JNGP

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Note: You can avoid a lot of stress just by downloading from this link instead:

Please check out the troubleshooting section before downloading. Make sure your antivirus is configured so that you will have a proper download and patch your Warcraft 3 to 1.26.

Actual tutorial:

For the 100th time this year I have to tell a guy how to probably download, install and configure JNGP In order to make it work. So I wrote this short tutorial to not have to answer it every time again and again.

  • Requirements
  • Download
  • Install
  • Update JASSHelper
  • Configure
  • Using
  • Settings
  • Misc

  • Windows or windows emulator
  • Latest Version of Warcraft III.

Open this url, download the JNGP file.
Alternative: JNGP 5d with JassHelper 0.A.2.B.

Extract it anywhere you want.

Update JASSHelper
Open this url, download the JassHelper file.
Extract the content.
CnP this three files:
  • clijasshelper.exe
  • jasshelper.conf
  • jasshelper.exe
, go to the JassNewGenPack folder, open it, and copy it into the subfolder "jasshelper" and click yes to overwrite.

Open JNGP. (For that, you need to open "NewGen WE.exe"
If your antivir program does block something, set it to the exception list! This is not a virus, even if it may seem like it for antivirus!

Check the menu. Click on Reinventing the Craft, check the box "Disable RtC".
Close the JNGP instantly.

Open JNGP again, now you can use it with vJASS support.

To open the map, simply open it in the menu or with CTRL + O.
To save the map, please use Menu - Save (CTRL + S).
To save the map under a new name, press save as and then press save (CTRL + S) again!

If you edit your map (anything, while this can be scrolling in the trigger editor aswell) you can NOT play the map!
You have to save it again with CTRL + S in order to testplay it!

Please make sure the settings of your JNGP match the following:
When saving for real version please uncheck "Debug Mode" in JassHelper menu.


[X] Start War3 with -window
If enabled opens Warcraft III in a window when testplaying maps.
This does NOT change the normal Wc3 startup.

[ ] Start War3 with -opengl
If you enable this you will use OpenGL (GraphicFormat).
This is only useful when you know what you do.

[X] Enable TESH
Like a theme manager.

[X] Enable Colorizer
If you want to choose your own colors for coding, you can
enable it here.

[ ] Enable No limits
Removes the World Editor limits.
For example the 8000 doodad limit will be removed and you
will be able to place more doodads!

[X] Enable object editor hack
Allows you to put in field values that are normally not valid
for the WE.

[X] Disable default description nag
If you go save a map in normal WE and you haven't changed name from "Just anther warcraf 3 map" Then a dialog pops up, letting you know that you haven't.
This disables/enables that dialog.
Thanks to Cweener for this answer.

[X] Don't let WE disable triggers.
When your trigger has one or more invalid actions WorldEditor normally
disables it. You can prevent the WE from doing so here.

[X] Always allow trigger enable.
Same for above, but this time you are able to enable it.

[X] Mute Editor Sounds
You can mute the sounds here. I find it more annoying to
have sounds in the world editor. Listen to music instead.

[X] Disable First Save Warning
The WE pops up a little annoying message that you are saving the
map for the first time. You can disable it here.
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Level 13
Mar 30, 2009
btw for users of AVG: avg has 2 different lists of exceptions. one for pup (potentially unwanted program) and one for resident shield. i had trouble with it, so i added the files to both exception lists, just to be sure
Level 13
Mar 30, 2009
well i deleted the jasshelper and JNGP folders last night. went on wc3c to get me latest versions, but found out that the .zips i kept on my computer just in case were the most up to date. then i extracted them again. and yes i think these are all the initial settings (well it doesnt keep any saved info elsewhere, does it?)
Level 14
Jun 13, 2007
to this path "\$JNGPFOLDER$\jasshelper" and click yes to overwrite.

don't type \$JNGPFOLDER$, it's confusing. Insteed tell them to go to the JNGP folder and then to the jasshelper folder.
Level 14
Sep 3, 2009
hmm good tutorial but i just noticed that i didnt have reinventing the craft in my WE i tried reinstalling everything but yet again it hasn't shown up. do you know any reason that might be? don't think i need it anyway since im disabling it just would like to know.
Level 13
Feb 18, 2009
I don't have the "reinventing the craft" when i open the NewGen WE.exe

EDIT : Nomatter, i just found out that the guy above me had the same problem, i'll try to fix it.

2nd EDIT : You know where the exception list for AVG 2009 is?
Level 13
Mar 30, 2009
as i stated in the first post of this thread (after Anachron ofc) avg has two different exception lists.

first one: open interface. open resident shield. on the lower right of the main part of the window is manage exceptions :)
second: form toolbar open tools -> advanced settings. somewhere in the middle of the list of the newly opened window is PUP exceptions :)

hope this helped :D
Level 12
Jun 10, 2008
Hey, "Reinventing the Craft" isn't one of my options. Is there something wrong with my JNPG?

EDIT: Also none of the things from the "Extensions" section work.
Level 13
Mar 30, 2009
lol i added some of the detected files to 2 different safelists of avg and the only thing that avg found during the last scan were those same files again -.-
and i had to restore them from quarantine again, cause i have no options.
Level 12
Jun 10, 2008
Anyways, everytime I click on something in the "Extensions" menu, nothing happens. I also installed this while my Antivirus system was down.
Level 7
Mar 22, 2010
i did everything you said,..

but when i look in trigger editor it is till in GUI?

im not running the old WE, im running the NEW PACK...

what will i do??
I still cant setup the New Gen properly.

Couldn't start World Editor. An instance of World Editor may already be running.
If running a patch prior to 1.21b make sure the Warcraft III CD is in your drive and try again
If your using kaspersky antivirus, turn it off before using NewGen.

I have Kaspersky and i turn it off, but it doesn't help. It still gives me the error. I updated the jasshelper. But nothing helped. :'(
Level 18
Jan 22, 2010
Anarchon, I really need to use JNGP so I can continue my map, without the fear of too many doodads. I download it, but when I try to unizip it, it says that it's corrupted or something. Please help.


Cannot open file; it does not appear to be a valid archive.

If you downloaded this file, try downloading it again.

That's what WinZip says.