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How can i make it more alive?

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Apr 11, 2009
Yes, thats what i want. The terrain feels so.... well i want it more alive, it is possible with a map like this?

Edit: Uploaded som pictures so you can see. Also, i didnt know which angel to take them in so i took some randoms. I hope they are good.


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Level 7
Jan 10, 2009
Well since your making a game map(or atleast so it seems), its is more limited of what you can use in your map to make it feel more alive. But you should add some neutral units. Also adding some animals wuldnt hurt. You may try to add more different doodads(grass, plant, 1 or 2 custom trees types would help a lot etc.) Also for those big shot camera takes you can add light fog, to make it look more realistic.

EDIT: take a look at this topic. It can help alot i suppose.

I hope this helps you a little.
This seems a great map, but some suggestions about the terrain:
---Dont use the blizzard trees. Chack the UTM (Ultimate Terraining Map) for some and export them and then import them to your map. Use the Advanced> Replace Doodads to replace them and size them (if ther are not choppable ofcurse, if they are, you may aks a modeler to make a chop and death animation)
---Add some variantion to the tiles in the forest (the mountains are good as they are, but maybe use the Village Rocks instead of the Ashenvae ones), maybe use some diffirent Grasses, or idk.
---You need LOADS of environment. I dont see any on the Screenshots. You need mainly grasses and rocks, but some fallen trees and mushrooms wont hurt as well. Again, chack UTM for some good grasses and shrubs and use the rocks on the mountains and mushrooms in the forests to make it more "living".
---Maybe some more isles with some more rivers and waterfalls wont hurt. Also, use lily pads in the Lakes and the Rivers (the fultre ones)
I will suggest reading some tutorials about forest terraining.
Happy terraining, this map looks interesting :p
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