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HoW BETA Version 3.3.0a

Submitted by lolreported
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Heroes of War


About the Map
About the Map
The map is, as said, an AoS map. That means every player will control one hero and make this hero more powerful while the game is running. You will kill enemies to increase your heros level. Gain new abilities and make your current abilities stronger and better. You'll buy items for your hero to increase the power of the hero. All players are divided into two teams, The Corrupted and The Outcasts, each team will contain five players. In order for a team to win, the team will have to destroy the enemie teams main building, but it will take some battle to get to it. The main building is protected by strong guard towers and enemie units are almost always defending it.

This is much of the basic things I think everyone knows.

The Story behind Heroes of War

Read the Story

Heroes of War - Story

It has now been 179 years since Arthas was defeated by the great nations combined, but the world was not yet in peace, the war still raged on causing endless misery and chaos.
With the Lich King defeated, the nations once again began to fight each other. Years past and the wars only got worse, as a result the nations summoned massive gods of destruction, trying to get an edge in the war; but only more chaos was born with those summoned gods.

There were a total of eight gods summoned, fighting each other, tearing the world into bits and pieces. However, after a while the gods got tired of the endlessly raging war and the destruction it caused; so they turned against their own masters and broke free from their command.

With the world almost destroyed, the gods defeated their former masters and the remaining nations were ought to restore the badly damaged world.
Only two nations (The Corrupted, The Outcasts) survived the rage of the gods and yet again started to reestablished new cities and armies. Even with the world torn apart, the nations could not forget their past wars and the dispute continued deep inside an old. Now fighting for their very survival or until they fall into the Gods rage.

The Corrupted is an army of terrifying creatures living deep inside forgotten forests and swamps. They grew stronger and stronger while the world was trying to defeat the Lich King. When the world turned into absolute chaos after Arthas death they saw their opportunity to seize power and ran over all enemies they came across with their army of corruption. They are also the ones responsible for the summoning of the God of Immortality, that later pushed them back, forcing them to flee to the very deepths they came from.

The Outcasts is an army of Bloodelfs and demons, they are very self-centered, driven by the will of getting stronger by enhanced magical powers and massive constructions. They didn’t really care about the war but they knew they were going to be affected by it sometime and made a decision to enter the war, testing their magical powers and combat skills on enemies. They are the ones responsible for summoning the God of Vortex that like the other Gods also pushed their masters back to where they came from destroying them utterly with overwhelming power.
New heroes will rise, new kins will be discovered, deadly creatures to be faced and old kings will be on the top of determination in the epic battle to survive in the new god controlled world.


Now about the features of this map. I'll make a list of all the features:

* Current Features
Read about: Current Features
* 54 unique heroes

The map will, probably, at its release, contain atleast 54 unique heroes. Each hero will have atleast one triggered spell, ofcourse there are heroes with more triggered spells. All heroes will hopefully be as much balanced as possible.

Each hero will have four (4) abilities and one (1) Attribute Bonus ability.
Three (3) of those abilities are basic abilities with a maximum upgradeable level of five (5).
One (1) of those abilities is the Ultimate ability with a maximum upgradeable level of three (3).

* 5 Game Modes

At the beginning of the game, the host will currently be able to select one of five game modes:
Allpick (-AP), Allrandom (-AR), Randompick (-RP), Random Tavern (-RT), The Chosen Heroes (-CH)

Allpick (-AP)

When the host selects this Game Mode, all players will be able to choose any hero they want to play with.

Repick Enabled: True

Allrandom (-AR)

When the host selects this Game Mode, all players will get one random hero each, they will not be able to select any hero


Repick Enabled: True

Random Pick (-RP)

When the host selects this Game Mode, all players will get a list of three heroes. The three heroes at the list are randomized. In

order to select a hero the player will have to type either -Pick 1, -Pick 2, -Pick 3 in the game-chat.

Repick Enabled: False

Random Tavern (-RT)

When the host selects this Game Mode, all taverns except one tavern will be deleted from the map. This order players to just

select heroes from one random tavern instead of all five. Otherwise this Game Mode is like the Allpick Game Mode.

Repick Enabled: False

The Chosen Heroes (-CH)

When the host selects this Game Mode, all players will pick a hero in turn. Player one (1) begin picking a hero, then it's player

sixs (6) turn to select a hero and then player two (2), and it will continue until everyone got a hero.

The special thing about this Game Mode is that each player will have four heroes randomized for themselves at the beginning

of the game. Noone will know which hero that will be able for a player.

Repick Enabled: False

This is how it looks when the host shall select a Game Mode for the game:
Game Mode Selection Picture


* A duel area(s)

The map will contain two duel areas, every x second, one random player from each team will be picked and will have to

kill its opponent. Both dueling heroes will start with full HP & MP and with no cooldowns.
The winner of the duel will be teleported back to its previous location and the defeated player will have to wait for a respawn.
The winner will also earn 200 extra gold, while the winners team will earn 100 gold.

(The battlefield will be paused until the duel or the duel-timer ends)

* Different unit types at lanes

Every x second, units will be created both for The Corrupted and The Outcasts at all lanes (varies with the

game mode). The units will not be the same all the time, it varies between two wave groups.
As an extra feature: Every x second a stronger unit will be created to aid the team in battle.
Crazy Furbolg for The Corrupted
Rejected Angel for The Outcasts

* Special tower abilties

Every team will have towers, defending the main base from enemie attacks. Players are able to aid those towers with three

special abilities in a special building called: Forbidden Secrets. Those three abilities are:

Seal of the Forbidden

Max out your allies towers attack speed over 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 300 seconds.

Seal of the Unbreakable

Max out your allies towers armor over 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 300 seconds.

Seal of the Immortal

Heal all your allies towers by 300HP over 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 300 seconds.

* Two outside mini-bosses

Outside the battlefield you can find two mini-bosses with a special loot, that you only can get from those mini-bosses.
The first mini-boss is:

A Water Elemental with a lot of HP and very strong frost attack. Sometimes it may succeed to stun you.
It's recommended to kill this mini-boss togheter.


A very powerful creature. Its HP is a lot more than a hero ever could achieve and its attacks are very powerful. Its abilities is

You should kill this mini-boss togheter, everyone...

* A simple multiboard

I've created a simple multiboard, that will show every player:

* Current Game-Time (Top-Left)
* Time until the next duel (Top-Right)
* Players are sorted into two categories (team based)
* Respawn timer (if the players hero is dead)
* Hero icon
* Players name & the player heros name
* Player heros current level
* Kills/Deaths
* Total Kills/Deaths of the team (Patch 1.3.0a)

Multiboard Pictures



* Upgradeable Units

You are able to upgrade your teams units. You can increase their attack damage or armor for the cost of 500 gold.

This upgrade can be bought at the Forbidden Secrets building.

(Every 8th minute the units attack damage will be increased for free)

* Eyecandy terrain

The terrain is made by me, it may not be the best, but I like it and I think it's well made. Improvements may come.

You can see pictures below.

* Coming Features
Read about: Coming Features

* Quest system

A quest system will be created, allow players to do some on-topic quests to earn some rewards while playing.

Info to be added.

* A Survival game mode

This is a kinda unique idea for a map like this I think. We thought, why do maps like this always have to be about killing

That's why we're going to add this game mode:

SURVIVAL GAME MODE (Damn the Gods (DtG))

The survival game mode is a survival contest between the teams. It's about that every team will have to defend its own main

building from waves of attacks. It will be five waves every round before a boss will appear with powerful abilities, doing

everything to destroy the main buildings.

This is what we've planned at the moment. We've allready written about all the bosses, stats, abilites and such. The only thing

that's left is creating them.

Info to be added.

* Other Coming Features

* More heroes
* More items

* Not 100% sure

* (mini camps)
* (more advanced Hero-Selection system)
* (more game modes (except the Survival Game Mode))

Info to be added.


More screenshots will be added in the future.

New Screenshots
World Editor
Nothing yet.
Old Screenshots

World Editor


BETA Changelog & Updates

Read about: BETA Changelog

The more we update this map, the more we'll unlock, so we need you testers to get feedback and such! :)

BETA Version 1.0.0a

BETA Version 1.0.0b

HoW Patch 1.0.0b (Thanks to Zack1996)


Clay Summoner
> Fixed a hotkey issue with "Stone Throw", it's now corrected to "Q".
> Clay Balls now hopefully always hits an enemie unit.
> Clay Balls will now be removed when Clay Summoner dies.

Corrupted Ent
> Corrected some tooltips.
> Fixed a hotkey issue with "Corrupted Roots", it's now corrected to "R".
> Roots mana cost changed from 50 to 10/20/30/40/50.

Death Dragon
> Corrected some tooltips.
> Ghost of Death duration changed from 1/1/1/1.5/2 seconds to 1.25 seconds.
> The Ghost of Death ability can no longer target building.
> Fixed a damage issue with Ghost of Death.
> Fixed an issue with Ghost Evasion that the transparency didn't was shown correctly.

Bugs & Gameplay

> Fixed an issue with a text that would appear when a hero dies. ("Error Message missing")
> Changed position of the recipie shops.
> Reworked the terrain near the fountain at the Outcasts.
> Reworked the terrain near the fountain at the Corrupted.
> Added a new tile to each lane as a road.
> Added a Weather Effect system, that can cause different weathers to appear while playing.

BETA Version 1.1.0a

HoW Patch 1.1.0a


Crazy Sienceman
> Mad Sience will now polymorph heroes too.

New Heroes
> Re-maked Cancer Kid to Dying Bug.
> New hero: Elemental Master
> New hero: Druid
> New hero: Fire God
> New hero: Dragon

Bugs & Gameplay
> The amount of gold you'll loose as a penalty when you dies is changed from 15% to 30%.
> Gold will no longer be added every second (2 gold every second) to non-playing players and computers.
> Added a global fog (white, light) to the map.

BETA Version 1.2.0a

HoW Patch 1.2.0a

Death Archer
> Fixed a bug with Arrow of Blood, that arrows sometime didn't disappear.
> Increased the range of Arrow of Blood from 700 to 800.
> Changed the arrow model of Arrow of Blood.
> Increased the size of the arrow model of Arrow of Blood by 25%.

Ancient Living
> The immobile units from Circle of Nature will no longer have a weird attack sound effect.

Shadow Assassin
> Walk of Shadow cooldown changed from 25 to 30 seconds.

Dark Spirit
> Corrected some tooltips.
> Renamed the ability "Dark Childrens" to "Dark Disciples".
> Renamed the summoned units from the Dark Childrens ability from "Dark Spirit" to "Dark Disciple".
> Decreased the damage of the Dark Disciples by 6, but they will now have chaos damage instead.

> Corrected some tooltips.
> Removed the attack sound on Dragons attacks.
> Dragon Heat will now correctly show an effect when enemies are taking damage from the ability.
> Dragon Heat will not damage buildings any more.
> Molten Tornado will now shoot out even more fireballs.
> Fixed some attack issues with Molten Tornado.
> Hopefully fixed an issue with Wave of Fire.

New Heroes
> New hero: First Born
> New hero: Giant Sea Turtle
> New hero: Wizard of Immortality

> Renamed Patrox to Paotroxs Mining Pick.

> New icon to Sobus.
> New icon to Dagger of Speed.
> New icon to Sword of Critical Wounds.
> New icon to Weapon of Luck.
> New icon to Paotroxs Mining Pick.

Bugs & Gameplay
> Fixed an issue with a text that would appear when a hero dies. ("Error Message missing")
> When a player leaves, this players hero-icon will no longer be shown for you at the top-left of your screen.
> When a player leaves, the multiboard won't change anymore.
> Fixed an issue with the Duelclock, that it didn't show the correct time.

BETA Version 1.3.0a

HoW Patch 1.3.0a (Alot of thanks to random.guy27)

Lord of Death (100% Remake)
> Remaked all abilities into four new ones:
[Defiled Tempest] (Releases a polluted wind which poisons enemy units it comes in contact with. Poisoned units take initial damage and damage over time for 2 seconds.)

[Deceased Grounds] (Transform an area into a field of plague and deceases, dealing intense damage and slowing all enemies' movement speed by 25%.)

[Rotting Flesh] (Leusus releases a deadly air that rots and corrupts everything from the inside out. Decrease the armor and magical resistance of all affected enemy unit. Last for 6 seconds.)

[Plague of Locust] (Creates a swarm of angry locusts that bite and tear nearby enemy units in an area. As they chew the enemy flesh, they convert it into a substance that restores hit points to the Plague Reverant when they return. Last for 8 seconds.)

Dark Templar (75% Remake)
> Renamed Dark Temple Knight (Old Name) to "Dark Templar".
> New icon to Aura of Dead Spirits.
> Remaked three abilities into three new ones:
[Surging Demise] (Sacrifices a target friendly unit to cast a curse to nearby enemies. The curse damages the enemies and slows them down for 4 seconds.)

[Force of the Dead] (Regand calls forth a powerful force that pulls in and damages enemies in an area.)

[Field of Death] (Regand summon the infamous "Field of Death". All allies inside the field will have an increase in their power, while enemies inside will have a decrease in their power. Last for 5 seconds.)

Elemental Master
> Replaced ability: Force of Nature with Tranquility (Call forth a rain of soothing energy to pour down in the area around

Mareder, healing and increasing the resistance friendly allied units. Last for 6 seconds.)

Mechanical Genius
> Replaced ability: Air Strike with Time Bomb (Xerkip sets up a time bomb and throws it at a targeted area. Once it's in its

place, it explodes after a brief delay, damaging every enemy unit within the vicinity.)

> Increased base damage to 25.
> Improved Confusing Clone by changing cooldown from 40 seconds to 38 seconds, duration from 20 seconds to 22

seconds and damage from 30% to 35%.

Crazy Sienceman
> Changed model.

> Changed the slow % of Molten Tornado fromn 20% to 40%.
> Increased the AoE hitchance of Molten Tornados' fireballs.

Wizard of Immortality
> Changed the drain value of Mana Pool from 38/58/78 to 45/65/85.

New Heroes
> Re-maked Dark Templar (75%)
> Re-maked Lord of Death (100%)
> New hero: King Guard
> New hero: Lightning Elemental
> New hero: Lord of Frost

> Completely changed all items tooltips, re-colored and more.
> The items (in shops) will now have hotkeys followed by:
Q, W, E, R
A, S, D, F
Z, X, C, V
each letter represents a slot.

> Recipe items with no cost can no longer be purchased.

> Renamed A Childs Stick to "Enhanced Branch".
> Renamed Wizard Mantle to "Golden Mantle".
> Renamed Belt of Strength to "Belt of the Giant".
> Renamed Gauntlets of Strong to "Knuckles of Might".
> Renamed Boots of Greater Agility to "Boots of the Agile".
> Renamed Staff of Greater Intelligence to "Staff of Knowledge".

> New icon to Enhanced Branch.
> New icon to Golden Mantle.

> Fixed two typos' with Scroll of Teleportation.
> Decreased the cost of Scroll of Teleportation from 145gold to 135gold.

> A new item: Flash Step.
> A new item: Shadow Necklace.
> A new item: Potion of Greater Mana.

Bugs & Gameplay
> Duel will no longer be activated after a team has won the game.
> Fixed a couple of issues with Duel.
> When a duel ends, the heroes will now get teleported to the fountain instead.
> Changed the duel timer at the multiboard.

> New effect to the orb effect: Double Damage.
> The Orbs placed on the map will now also have a chance to restore hitpoints and manapoints by 750 for 8 seconds.
> The Orbs placed on the map will now also have a chance to temporarily increase armor by 10 for 25 seconds.
> The Orbs 'Double Damage' effect will no longer has a weird effect at the hero.

> Small terrain improvements in the center of the middle lane.
> (Also) Small terrain improvements on the whole map.

Other #1
> The game will no longer automatically exit after 20 seconds when a team has won the game.
> Heroes will no longer respawn after a team has won the game.
> The text "[Player] has left the game!" will no longer appear when a team has won the game.

> Reworked some of the hero abilities to work better.
> Removed some unused data.
> Some model imports removed. (Map-size reduced by about 600kb)

> Fixed an issue that Vimx wouldn't get full HP when he wasn't attacked for a while.
> Fixed another issue with Vimx.
> When any team kills Vimx or Noxtru they will now get an additional bonus gold each. Each player will get +300 gold for

Noxtru and +600 gold for Vimx.

> Whenever a player kills another players hero a "+1" text will appear at the dying heros' position. The text will only be visible

for the killing player and will be shown for 3 seconds.
> Added a new text for the multiboard. The multiboard will now also show the TOTAL kills and deaths for each team. You can

see this at the "The Corrupted" and the "The Outcasts" texts on the multiboard.

> When x numbers of barracks it destroyed, the line units will no longer get +80 bonus damage and +20 bonus armor.

Other #2
> Increased the size of some buildings a little.
> Changed the art animation of some line units.

> Increased the armor of the level 4 defending towers from 30 to 35.
> The last defending towers (Level 4) will now be vulnerable when any defending tower (Level 3) is destroyed (before (when

only-mid wasn't activated), all three defending towers (Level 3) had to be killed).
> Removed the ground-texture of the defending towers.
> Fixed some attack issued with the Corrupteds' defending towers.

> Changed the model of Im 4. (To Banshee model)
> Renamed Im 4 to "Lost Soul".

> Replaced Rejectel Angels' Mana Burn with a healing ability.

BETA Version 1.3.0b

HoW Patch 1.3.0b

Bugs & Gameplay
> Fixed an issue with the Corrupted, that their protecting towers didn't have any attack.

BETA Version 1.4.0a

HoW Patch 1.4.0a (Alot of thanks to random.guy27)

Dark Spirit (50% Remake)
> Remaked two abilities into two new ones:
[Seal of Agony] (With Nightmare's deep knowledge, he places an ancient seal that enfeebles his unfortunate victim, but it will cost him part of his own life. The seal silences the target and reduces its movement speed for a brief moment.)

[Vengeance Unleash] (Nightmare withstands all the pain and sufferings he receives for a short duration. After the said duration, he unleashes all of the pain he received by summoning an impeccable force around him that cripples all nearby enemy units.)

King Guard
> Corrected a mana issue with Spikes of Terror.
> Fixed an issue with Spike Shell, that it wouldn't give the correct armor bonus.

Qerhas Ogre Experiment
> Re-balanced stats: Start Strength changed from 22 -> 24 and Strength/Level changed from 2.35 -> 2.4.
> Replaced ability: Brute Strength with Flash Bomb (Razil releases a flash bomb at a targeted area. Once it explodes, it initially stuns every enemy unit. After the stun duration, the enemies are blinded, causing some of their attacks to miss for 4 seconds.)

Shadow Assassin
> Changed the time of Shadow Drain until it would do damage from 10 seconds to 7.5 seconds.

Ancient Living
> Changed the Circle of Nature AoE from 450 to 400.

New Heroes
> Re-maked Dark Spirit (50%)
> New hero: Mage of Regret

> Fixed a typo with Urn of Forgotten Powers.
> Corrected the prices of some items.

> Reduced the block % of Shield of Survival from 70% to 65%.
> Reduced the block % of Shield of Greater Defense from 40% to 32%.

Bugs & Gameplay
> Fixed an art issue with and some attack issues with the Corrupteds defending towers.
> All defending towers now have siege damage instead of normal damage.
> Re-added the ground texture to some the building.

> Corrected some hero-icons at the multiboard.
> Fixed an issue that the multiboard would dissappear when a player left the game.

> Fixed a huge issue with duel.

> Completely changed the terrain at the Corrupteds Area. This terrain is just temporarily

and will be improved in further updates.
> Huge terrain improvements over the whole map.

> Fixed an issue with the starting gold.

BETA Version 1.5.0a

HoW Patch 1.5.0a


New Heroes
> New hero: Voodoo Hunter

Bugs & Gameplay
> Minor performance fixes.

BETA Version 1.6.0a

HoW Patch 1.6.0a

Voodoo Hunter
> Rebalanced stats: 15 Strength (+1.8), 23 Agility (2.65), 18 Intelligence (+1.8)
> Fixed an issue with Voodoo Power.

Death Archer
> The Death Shadow teleportation is now instant instead of unit-targeting.

Mage of Regret
> Hopefully fixed an issue with blindness, that the vision wouldn't disappear as it should.

Dark Spirit
> Changed Dark Spirit to a melee hero.
> Fixed an icon issue.

New Heroes
> New hero: Magic Twister
> New hero: Mana Eater
> New hero: Moon Devil
> New hero: Shadow Walker

> New item: Old Jewel of Wisdom

Bugs & Gameplay
> Increased the melee lane units hitpoints from 480 to 500.
> Changed the amount of hitpoint each strength attribute

gives from 25hp/str to 20hp/str.
> Re-made the tooltip of all abilities in the Forgotten Secrets building.

> Hopefully fixed an issue with the start gold.

BETA Version 1.6.0b

HoW Patch 1.6.0b

Bugs & Gameplay
> Forgot remove a test unit from the game.

> Added a new feature:
SINGLE PLAYER DETECTION. This feature allow players playing in single player use special commands on the map and have unlimited heroes. At the moment there is two commands: "-lvlup x" and "-getgold x".

> When a player repicks using the "-Repick" command, the camera will now automatically be moved to the "Pick Hero Area".

BETA Version 1.7.0a

HoW Patch 1.7.0a

> Fixed some bad tooltips.

> Changed model and icon.

Magic Twister
> Increased the size of Divine Being.
> Fixed an issue with Cursed Prison.
> Cursed Prison will now imprison a random amount of units.

Lord of Death
> Increased the effect size of Defiled Tempest.
> Increased the duration of Plague of Locust from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.

New Heroes
> New hero: Murloc of the Damned
> New hero: Naga Emperor

> Increased the strength amount of Relic of Afterliving from 25 to 30.
> Potion of Recovery healing duration changes from 14 seconds to 11 seconds.

Bugs & Gameplay
> Completely changed the terrain at the Outcasts base (temporarily, will be updated).

> Hopefully fixed a huge issue with the Single Player Detection System, that caused the whole map to act weird. (We think this system was the reason...)

BETA Version 1.8.0a

HoW Patch 1.8.0a

Magic Twister
> The Devine Being summoned from the Empra ability will no longer flee when attacked.
> The Devine Being summoned from the Empra ability do now have 3-3 melee, chaos, damage.
> The Devine Being summoned from the Empra ability will now have a correct icon.
> The Twisted Shield can now be casted as self.

New Heroes
> New hero: Unknown Shadow

BETA Version 1.9.0a

HoW Patch 1.9.0a

> Fixed some bad tooltips.

> Fixed an item issue with the Flesh Golem.

New Heroes
> New hero: Nerubian
> New hero: Pain
> New hero: Pandaren

Potion of Healing
> Decreased the cost of from 90 to 85.
> Decreased the healing time from 18 to 16 seconds.
> Increased healing done from 160 to 180 hitpoints.

> Increased the cost of Potion of Greater Mana from 135 to 140.
> Decreased the cost of Potion of Mana from 75 to 50.

> Fixed the Mana Potions buff.
> Fixed the Urn of Forgotten Powers and Old Jewel of Wisdom buff.

Bugs & Gameplay
> Increased Crazy Furbolgs damage slightly.
> Increased Rejected Angels hitpoints slightly.

BETA Version 2.0.0a

HoW Patch 2.0.0a (Thanks to random.guy27)

> Fixed a manacost issue with Mystic Net.
> Fixed an issue with Mystic Net.
> Changed the hitpoints of the Baby Minions from Parasite from 125 to 175.
> Changed the damage of Rise of a Breed from 50/80/110 to 25/45/65.

> Changed start-strength from 19 to 18.
> Changed strength per level from 2 to 1.6.
> Changed the cooldown of The Pains from 120 to 155 seconds.
> Changed the cooldown of Shinra Tensie from 23 to 24 seconds.
> The Pains Mana Disturber will now burn 14/18/24 instead of 24.
> Pains Creature's "split ability upon death" will now give the new units an expiration timer of 25 seconds.

Murloc of the Damned
> Changed the armor bonus from Water Protection from 150 to 75.
> Changed the damage of Ancient Wave from 200/300/400/550/600 to 150/250/350/500/600.

Unknown Shadow
> Changed the damage radius from 350 AoE to 400 AoE.
> Changed the "life-steal"% of Shadowbolt from 5% to 16%.

> Fixed an issue with Pandaren Rush.
> Changed the damage of Pandaren Rush from 75/120/145/170/200 to 60/90/125/170/200.

Cursed Demon
> Fixed an issue with Cursed Darkness.

Cursed Demon
> Fixed an icon issue.

New Heroes
> Re-maked Assassin (100%)

> Renamed Sobus to "Envenomed Spear" (Also changed icon).
> Renamed Sword of Critical Wounds to "Deep Wound Claws" (Also changed icon).
> Renamed Weapon of Luck to "Fiend Claws" (Also changed icon).
> Renamed Arsktarkta to "Claws of the Forsaken" (Also changed icon).
> Renamed God's Fury to "Hammer of Discharge" (Also changed icon).
> Renamed Uhmotra to "Saevio".

> New item: Soul Stealer

Demonic Fade Boots
> Fixed an issue that you wouln't get a temporarily movementspeed bonus.

Bugs & Gameplay
The Experience System
> Updated the experience-system to work better.
> You'll now gain 25exp * (dying)herolvl experience when an enemy hero dies, before it was 22exp * (dying)herolvl.

The Hero Selection System
> All Heroes of the Ancient War (hero seller buildings) now contain 12 heroes and not 11.
> All heroes in the "buy-menu" is now a lot more sorted.
> When a player picks a new hero that hero will automatically be selected for the player when picked.

Special Lane Mobs (Crazy Troll and Rejected Angel)
> Changed Crazy Furbolg into a Crazy Troll. Crazy Troll has 750 hitpoints, 36 base damage, 2 armor (Large) and is a ranged

> Crazy Troll's temporarily attackspeed bonus ability (Crazy Troll) will now give the unit 70% increased attackspeed instead

of 75%.
> Renamed Crazy Troll's "Furbolg Aura" to "Troll Aura". (Attackspeed aura).

> The Rejected Angel will now have 850 hitpoints and 26 base damage, 4 armor (Large).
> Changed the amount of bounces of the Healing Wave ability from 4 to 5.
> Changed the chance for the Rejected Angel to do a Critical Strike from 35% to 42%.
> Changed the multiple damage of the Rejected Angel's Critical Strike from 3x to 2.5x.

> Re-made the start gold and fixed issues with it. Maximum start gold is now 3750 (1 player) and divided of total players in

the team.
> The gate at the Outcasts can no longer be killed.
> Removed the sightvision of the bases.
> Minor terrain changes.
> The Total Control feature will no longer show when an allied hero level up.

BETA Version 2.1.0a

HoW Patch 2.1.0a (Thanks to random.guy27)

Dark Spirit
> Fixed a new icon.

> Changed start-strength from 16 to 17.
> Changed strength per level from 1.2 to 1.55.
> Changed start-intelligence from 17 to 15.
> Decreased the mana-cost of all abilities.

Lightning Elemental
> Renamed "Thunder Storm" to "Thunderstorm".
> Thunderstorm will now slow all units being hit ON CAST by 35% for 5 seconds.

> Fixed an issue with Pandaren Rush.

New Heroes
> New hero: Possessed Guardian
> New hero: Ranger
> New hero: Soldier of Narjz

> Fixed a lot of description texts with the items.

> Renamed Sangera to "Tempest Boots" (Also changed icon).
> Renamed Corrupted Hand of Death to "Orb of Death" (Also changed icon).
> Renamed Orksi to "Battle Staff".
> Renamed Magical Helm of an Old Prince to "Helm of Valor".
> Changed the icon of Flash Step.
> Changed the icon of The Cleanser.

> New item: Soul Harvester

Bugs & Gameplay
Special Lane Mobs (Crazy Troll and Rejected Angel)
> Crazy Troll will now have the same stats as Rejected Angel (850HP, 4 armor, 28 base damage and 350MP)
> Changed the Crazy Troll ability name to Troll Rage.
> Troll Rage will now temporarily increase attackspeed by 50% instead of 70%.
> Crazy Troll is now melee instead of a ranged unit.

> Changed the cast range of the Rejected Angels Healing Wave from 700 to 400.
> Rejected Angel will no longer run back to the base when have cast Healing Wave.

> Created a new system (Knockback System), that all knockback abilities can use, instead of running a seperate knockback

trigger for itself. This will increase the map performance and reduce lagg. The map size will also be reduced.

> Lane Mobs will now get +25 hitpoints every 20 minutes (maximum of +150).
> Minor fixes.

BETA Version 2.2.0a

HoW Patch 2.2.0a (Thanks to zadelim & random.guy27)

Shadow Walker
> Fixed a hotkey issue with Curse of Shadow.

Demon Lord
> Changed the ability name for Command Aura to "Demon Strength".
> Fixed a hotkey issue with Demon Strength.
> Changed icon of Demon Strength.

An Intelligent Dwarf
> Fixed a hotkey issue with Yellow Flash.

> Fixed a hotkey issue with Bear Form.

> Hopefully fixed an issue with Wave of Fire.

> Decreased the collision of the Explosive Shot arrow.
> Decreased the Area of Effect of the explosion from Explosive Shot from 250 to 180.
> Decreased the pushback speed a little of the Explosive Shot.
> Changed the explosion effect of Explosive Shot.
> Changed the damage bonus % of Bow Mastery from 10/18/26/34/42% to 10/16/22/28/34%.

Voodoo Hunter
> Fixed the description text with Improved Glaive Attack.

Possessed Guardian
> Soul Control can no longer target Ancient units.
> You can no longer drop a possessed hero's items with the help of Soul Control.
> Soul Eater will now properly deal damage to banished units, but will remove the

banish effect from units being hit.
> Hellscream now displays how the bonus attack damage is calculated.

Soldier of Narjz
> Fixed a new icon.

Mechanical Genius
> Fixed a hotkey issue with Mechanical Titan.

New Heroes
> New hero: Rider

> Tempest Boots will no longer allow a hero to teleport to another friendly hero.
> Mana Axe will now burn the mana properly.
> Soul Harvester do now have the Reveal Souls ability.
> Fixed the description with The Immortal.
> Fixed a buff issue with Ring of Honor.
> Changed icon of Flash Step.
> Hopefully fixed the issue with Death Wish, that you could damage yourself or allied heroes.

Bugs & Gameplay
> Removed the Weather Effect system.
> Updated the knockback system (minor changes).
> There will now appear a text when it's 25 seconds left before a new duel, that will notice you about this.
> Noxtru and Vimx is now classified as "Ancient" units.
> Removed a couple (hopefully all) of local variable memory leaks.

BETA Version 2.3.0a

HoW Patch 2.3.0a (Thanks to random.guy27)

Lord of Death (Plague Revenant)
> Renamed Lord of Death to "Plague Revenant".
> Fixed a new icon.

Crazy Scienceman (Mad Scientist)
> Renamed Crazy Scienceman to "Mad Scientist".

Ancient Living
> Fixed an issue with Power of the Ancient.

Death Archer
> Changed primary attribute from Intelligence to Agility.
> Changed start-agility from 17 to 22.
> Changed start-intelligence from 22 to 17.
> Remaked Cold Arrows into Marksmanship. (Being a skilled archer, her accuracy is phenomenal. Enemore will have a x% chance to deal extra damage on an attack that also will ignore her targets armor.)
> Shadow of Dispair will no longer reduce enemy units armor. Also the shadow will disappear when teleported to. Fear duration changed from 3/4/5 to 2/3/4.
> Fixed an issue with Arrow of Blood.
> Increased the cast range of Arrow of Blood from 800 to 1200.

Naga Emperor
> Fixed an issue with Sacrifice.

Mage of Regret
> Changed primary attribute from Agility to Intelligence.
> Changed start-agility from 24 to 18.
> Changed start-intelligence from 20 to 24.
> Remaked Magic Power into Essence Rip. (Cast a spell that slowly rips the bond between the physical and magical essences of an enemy. Deals damage over time for 3 seconds. After the said duration, the bond between the physical and magical essences of the enemy is completely rip, drastically slowing its movement speed and all nearby enemy units for 3 seconds.)
> Remaked Inner Power into Soul Torment. (Summon a malicious force at a targeted area that tortures not only the enemies' physical being, but their souls as well. All enemy units within the vicinity will take increasing damage over time. Lasts for 5 seconds.)
> Renamed Blindness to "Soul Eclipse" and sight range decrease changed from -575 to -400.

> Fixed a stun issue with Hammer of Battle.

King Guard
> Spike Shell now properly shows a buff icon.

New Heroes
> Re-maked Death Archer (25%)
> Re-maked Mage of Regret (75%)

BETA Version 2.3.0b

HoW Patch 2.3.0b
> Re-uploaded the map, something went wrong with Patch 2.3.0a.

BETA Version 2.4.0a

HoW Patch 2.4.0a

Soldier of Narjz
> Summon Narjz damage will now completely ignore units armor and deal full damage.

Moon Devil
> Fixed some issues with Orb of the Moon.

Mage of Regret
> Corrected the multiboard icon.

New Heroes
> New hero: The Thing
> New hero: Unholy Warrior

> Old Jewel of Wisdom now properly requires its recipe item to be created.
> Fixed the issue that you couldn't get a Über Sheep. This recipe now requires a Sheep[250] and a Über Sheep Recipe[250].

Bugs & Gameplay
> Reworked some of the terrain.

BETA Version 2.4.0b

HoW Patch 2.4.0b (Thanks to someone called "Karkan" for the image.

> Created a new loading-screen picture.
> Created a new map-preview picture.
> Map size reduced with about 600kB.

BETA Version 2.5.0a

HoW Patch 2.5.0a

The Thing
> Fixed some ability descriptions.

Plague Revenerant
> Changed the name of "Plague of Locusts" to "Plague of Lost Souls".

Unholy Warrior
> Changed his voice.
> Infernals from Fall of Chaos is now able to attack units properly.

Mage of Regret
> Changed the icon of Solar Eclipse from being a passive icon to an active icon.
> Essence Rip can no longer target everything, only enemy units.

Death Archer
> Fixed some description errors with Marksmanship.

> Rename the Endurance Aura ability to: "Presence of Nature".
> Changed icon of Presence of Nature.

An Intelligent Dwarf
> Fixed an issue with Hammer Slam.

Voodoo Hunter
> Fixed an issue with Voodoo Magic.

Dark Spirit
> Totem of Nightfall will now have an increasing AoE over time. Area of Effect start at 275, then expands by 75 per second (275>350>425>500).

New Heroes
> New hero: The Living Dead
> New hero: The Forsaken
> New hero: Zombie Master

> All items have been re-maked (bonuses, costs and more).

> Enchanted Scroll do now have a 200 seconds cooldown instead of 90 seconds cooldown.
> Changed the manacost of Key of Time Jump from 50 mana to 75 mana.
> Changed the manacost of Flash Step from from 50 mana to 75.
> Ring of Honor will no longer affect enemy units.
> Changed the buff icon of Corrupted Hand of Death.
> Changed the icon of Saevio.
> Changed the icon and name of Light to Voodoo Staff.
> Changed the icon and name of Hood of the Felstalker to Cloak of the Wanderer.
> Changed the icon and name of Bow of Disaster to Velox.
> Changed the icon of Death Wish.

Bugs & Gameplay
> The amount of gold lost upon death decreased from 30% to 26%.
> Fixed a Neutral Passive creep in the forest to be a Neutral Hostile.

> Fixed some minor things.

BETA Version 2.6.0a

HoW Patch 2.6.0a (Thanks to random.guy27)

The Forsaken
> Improved ability descriptions.
> Life Sap drain values are changed from 110/140/170 to 90/130/180 and duration is changed to 5 seconds.
> The Wave of Terror missile is now faster.
> Wave of Terror values changed and it no longer slows the attack speed. Duration on debuff changed from 3.5 seconds to 4.5 seconds. Armor reduction changed from -2 to -3 and movementspeed reduction changed from 16/20/24/28/32% to 30/40/50/60/70%.
> Fixed an issue with The Pulse of the Forsaken.

> Mystic Net remake. Duration of movementspeed and attackspeed slow changed from 2/3/4/5/6 seconds to 6 seconds. Movementspeed reduction changed from 20/35/45/55/65% to 10/15/20/25/30% and attackspeed reduction changed from 10/15/20/25/30% to 20/35/45/55/65%.

> Ground Slam have been changed into Hunger Breakdown (pretty much the same ability, but with balance changes).

New Heroes
> New hero: Eternal King

Bugs & Gameplay
> Players will no longer get a new "edited" name, togheter with the hero name, after they have selected a hero.

BETA Version 2.7.0a

HoW Patch 2.7.0a (Thanks to random.guy27)

> The Feed ability has been replaced with Hell's Feast.

Death Archer (50% Re-make)
> The Death Blood ability has been replaced with Cursed Blood.
> The Arrow of Blood ability has been replaced with Anubis Shot.

Moon Devil (100% Re-make)
> The Spear of the Moon ability has been replaced with Power of the Moon (New version).
> The Moon Shell ability has been replaced with Body of Immortality.
> The Power of the Moon ability has been replaced with Forgotten Orb.
> The Moon Form ability has been replaced with Devils Pact.

Bugs & Gameplay
> Removed un-neccesary data (decreased the map size a little and loading time).
> Improved some things with the map.
> The Game Mode: [All Random] has been unlocked!

BETA Version 2.8.0a

HoW Patch 2.8.0a

> Small changes to some of the heroes (forgot to write down the changes).

Banished Orc
> Shockwave stun duration as been changed from 2 seconds to 1.5 second.

Death Dragon
> Manacost and cooldown has been changed on the abilities.
> The ability Ghost Evasion's evasion has been changed from 15/30/45% to 15/25/33%.
> The debuff duration of Death Shield has been changed from 15 seconds to 8 seconds.

Ancient Healer
> Light of Justice damage changed from 30/40/50/60/70 damage to 40/50/60/70/80 damage.
> God's Fury will now ignore armor and deal pure damage, also values changed from 20/25/30% to 20/28/36%.

Ancient Healer
> Hopefully fixed an issue with Force of the Dead.

> Item recipies has been fixed, some of them didn't work.

Bugs & Gameplay
> The defending towers has been balanced.
> The dueling text has been improved and will now also show the player names of the dueling players.
> The time before the players can fight eachother is changed from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
> The Game Mode: [Random Tavern] has been unlocked!

BETA Version 2.9.0a

HoW Patch 2.9.0a (Thanks to Zack1996)

Qerhas Ogre Experience
> Flash Bombs' Blind effects duration changed from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.

Cursed Demon
> The duration of Cursed Darkness has changed from 10 seconds to 14 seconds.
> The required % with Blood Aura is changed from 40% to 32%.

Demon Lord
> The damage the Demon Lord suffer from Curse of Hell is now pure (ignoring armor and everything).

Intelligence Dwarf
> Hammer Slam will no longer have a chance to do the spell twice in a row, but damage is changed from 3x intelligence to 4x intelligence.
> Yellow Flash will now slow by 10/15/20% within the duration.
> The Yellow Flash debuff will now show its proper icon.

Ancient Living
> The duration of Circle of Nature changed to 6 seconds and the circle is slightly smaller.
> The number of bounces of Chain of Nature is changed from 4 to 4/5/6, also the root duration is changed from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.

> Shadow Bane base slow is changed from 10% to 15%.
> The debuff duration of Nightmares Edge is changed from 2.5 seconds to 3 seconds.

> Hitpoint cost of Berserk changed from 80/120/160/200/240 to 100/140/180/220/260.
> The hitpoint cost of Berserk is now pure (ignoring armor and everything).
> The damage of Hell's Feast is changed from 90/180/270/360/450 to / 100/180/260/340/420.

Bugs & Gameplay
> Different changes to the UI (Unit Interface).
> The fog in-game has been changed.
> Hopefully fixed the multiboard issue when a player leaves.
> Leaving player will no longer have it's name changed to "Left...". Their name will just be colored with a gray color.
> The kick system is removed (because there are other programs that can do the same nowadays).
> The tavern (Heroes of the Ancient War) that has less heroes than the others are now disabled in the [Random Tavern] game modes, due to the lack of heroes.
> Re-made the core of the forbidden secrets (made it more efficient).
> The cost of upgrading a teams' lane units attackdamage has changed from 500 gold to 850 gold.
> The cost of upgrading a teams' lane units armor has changed from 500 gold to 550 gold.

BETA Version 3.0.0a

HoW Patch 3.0.0a (Thanks to random.guy27)

> Different mana cost, cooldown and ability description changes to some of the heroes.

Dragon (Emerald Dragon)
> Changed his name to Emerald Dragon.
> Fixed a buff issue with the Black Dragon ability.

Frost Wolf
> Fixed an issue with Frost Wolf that he wasn't able to use some of the items.

Cursed Demon
> Fixed a damage issue with Cursed Darkness (dealt 90% damage, not 10%).
> Fixed the duration on the debuff for Cursed Darkness.

Qerhas Ogre Experiment
> Increased the duration of Flash Bomb to 5.5 seconds.

Corrupted Ent
> Changed the health regeneration by Root from 4/8/12/26/20 to 6/10/15/20/28.
> Earth Stomp [Level 5] damage changed to 350.
> Corrupted Roots root damage changed to 50/70/90 and duration to 4 seconds. The poison damage changed to 15/20/25 damage per second.

Dark Spirit
> Seal of Agonys base slow changed from 20% to 30%.
> Changed the cooldown of Totem of Nightfall from 25 to 28 seconds.
> Fixed the description of Totem of Nightfall and fixed the effect issue.

Dark Templar
> The slow caused by Surging Demise has been changed to 28%.
> The duration of Field of Death has been changed from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.

First Born
> Swamp of Sorrow: AoE changed to 580, the duration of the movementspeed reduction changed to 8 seconds and the damage changed to 150/300/450.

King Guard
> Spiked Shell duration changed from 15 seconds to 12 seconds.

Dying Bug
> Toxic Everywhere!! now deals pure damage and can't be resisted.
> The amount of required attacks for the Toxic Explosion has been changed to 5.
> The healing done from Pile of Food changed (for level 3, 4, 5) to 43/50/60 hitpoints per second.

> Roar can only be used in Bear Form (Roar is now also a sub-skill).
> Rejuvenation can only be used in Druid Form.
> Removed Rage and replaced it with Cyclone.
> Removed Presence of Nature and replaced it with Rejuvenation.

Death Archer
> The Anubis Shot explosion now works properly.
> The Anubis Shot debuff duration has been increased to 4 seconds.

New Heroes
> Arcane Disciple

> Added a new item: Improved Envenomed Spear.
> Added a new item: Improved Kyrmena.
> Added a new item: Mysterious Boots

> Fixed a new icon to Kyrmena.
> Flash Step now properly gives the correct movement speed bonus.
> Fixed a huge fps drop issue with Dark's Silence ability.
> Changed the cooldown of Death Wish's ability from 26 to 65 seconds.
> Changed the cooldown of Orb of Eternal Mana and Symbol of Inner Life to 50 seconds.
> Changed the damage of Demonic Fade Boots to 26.

Bugs & Gameplay
> Spell damage now do 15% more damage to all heroes.
> Magic damage now do 15% more damage to all heroes.

> Removed un-used data.
> Small terrain improvements.

BETA Version 3.1.0a

HoW Patch 3.1.0a (Thanks to random.guy27 & others)

Death Archer
> Increased the distance the arrow from Anubis Shot will travel.
> Anubis Shot now deals pure damage (ignoring armor).

Dark Spirit
> Improved ability description of Vengeance Unleash.
> Totem of Nightfall no longer deal damage if it's dead.

First Born
> Re-made the core of Swamp of Sorrow, it's now more efficient.
> Swamp of Sorrow now has a new icon.

Lightning Elemental
> Lightning Power now has 22% chance instead of 15%.
> Replaced the ability Lightning Jump with Lightning Bolt.

Ancient Living
> Replaced Power of the Ancient with Roots of Life.
> Circle of Nature duration changed to 5 seconds.

Eternal King
> Fixed a description issue with Time Vault.
> Time Vault no longer shows an area of effect targeting, just single point.
> Re-made Orb of Time and re-named the ability to Sphere of Age.

Mana Eater
> Replaced Mana Drain with Mana Field.
> Replaced Mana Beam with Mana Explosion.
> Mana Orb now burns 50/75/100/125/150 hitpoints and mana and deals pure damage (ignoring armor).
> Cooldown of Mana Orb changed to 10 seconds from 8 seconds.

Lord of Frost
> Fixed some things about Frost Nova.

Magic Twister
> The Divine Being summoned from Empra will now have a lifetimer at 45 seconds.
> Re-made Demonic Magic.
> Cursed Prison now only affect enemy units. Duration changed from 3.5 seconds to 2/2.5/3./3.5/4 seconds.

Plague Revenant
> Changed the base movementspeed from 285 to 290.
> Changed the base armor from 2 to 1.
> Changed the start strength from 17 to 18.

> Plague of Lost Souls::
> Fixed a description issue.
> Did a balance change with the damage.
> Changed the cooldown from 110 seconds to 95 seconds.
> Changed the manacost from 175 to 225.

> Rotting Flesh::
> Changed the debuff duration from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.
> Changed the cooldown from 18 seconds to 14 seconds.
> Changed the AoE from 275 to 225.

> Deceased Grounds::
> Changed the duration from 4/5/6/7/8 seconds to 6 seconds.
> Changed the movementspeed reduction from 25% to 45%.
> Changed the AoE from 400 to 350.

> Defiled Tempest::
> Changed the initial damage from 60/120/180/240/300 to 85/125/150/180/215.
> Changed the damage per second from 10/10/15/20/20 to 20.
> Changed the damage per second duration from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.
> Changed the cooldown from 15 seconds to 11 seconds.

King Guard
> Changed a model issue with Swarm of Death.

Murloc of the Damned
> Fixed a hotkey issue with Ancient Wave.
> Changed the cooldown of Ancient Wave to 7 seconds.
> Fixed a effect issue with Water Protection.
> Remade Walk of the Damned.
> Replaced Murloc's Blessing with Tidal Slash.

New Heroes
> Desert Scorpion

> Ankh of All Mighty now deals 220 pure damage.

Bugs & Gameplay
> Spell damage now do 8% less damage to all heroes (got increased by 15% in Patch 3.0.0a, this will result with 7% increase).
> Magic damage now do 8% less damage to all heroes (got increased by 15% in Patch 3.0.0a, this will result with 7% increase).
> The Experience Gain Range has been increased and more efficient.

> Added an in-game command [-random] that allow you to get a random hero if you don't want to select a hero manually. This will also give you 200 extra gold to begin with.

BETA Version 3.2.0a

HoW Patch 3.2.0a (Thanks to random.guy27)

Death Archer
> It will now take 1 second to teleport to the shadow created with Shadow of Despair.
> Shadow of Despair cooldown changed to 120/110/100 seconds.
> Shadow of Despair manacost changed to 125/200/275.
> Marksmanship has been remaded.

Murloc of the Damned
> Tidal Slash will now do pure instant damage (ignore armor).

Zombie Master
> The infected units raised by Raise the Dead now has an ability to explode themselves.
> Raise the Dead cooldown changed to 18/17/16/15/14 seconds and manacost changed to 175/150/125/100/75.

The Forsaken
> Fixed the description with Life Sap.
> New icon to Life Sap.
> New icon to Death Barrage.

Naga Emperor
> Replaced all abilities with: Tidal Shockwave, Blade of Pontus, Command Aura and Tsunami Vortex.

Unknown Shadow
> Fixed an issue with Aura of Shadows.

The Living Dead
> New model and icon.
> Replaced Cannibalize with Sword of Chaos.

New Heroes
> Death Bringer

> All recipe items now have their total cost in their description. This text is colored with a gray color.

> Changed the cost of Battle Staff [Recipe Item] from 650 to 500 gold.
> Changed the cost of Voodoo Staff [Recipe Item] from 1800 to 1700 gold.

Bugs & Gameplay
> The hero descriptions has been changed (the text that appear when you'll select a hero).
> Magic and Spell damage increased by 1%.

BETA Version 3.2.0b

HoW Patch 3.2.0b (Thanks to -BLOOD_BATH-)

The Living Dead
> Increased the bonus damage from Sword of Chaos from 8/12/16/20/25% to 10/15/20/25/30% and changed the duration to 7.5 seconds.

Bugs & Gameplay
> Fixed an issue that allowed players to pick unlimited numbers of heroes with the "-random" command.
> You can no longer repick after 180 seconds (before it was 300 seconds) and in single player mode this will now be ignored.
> Updated the knockback system, it's now more efficient.
> Minor improvements to the map core.

BETA Version 3.3.0a

HoW Patch 3.3.0a (Thanks to -BLOOD_BATH- & random.guy27)

Desert Scorpion
> The cooldown of Nova of Poison and Toxic has been changed to 6 seconds from 10 seconds and its damage per second

duration has been changed to 10 seconds from 14 seconds.

Lightning Elemental
> Fixed an issue with Power of Lightning.
> Changed the damage of Power of Lightning to 35/50/65/80/95 damage from 30/60/90/120/150.

An Intelligent Dwarf
> The % chance to stun an enemy unit while It's Hammer Time! is active has been changed to 65% from 80% chance.

Mana Eater
> Changed the Area of Effect of Mana Explosion to 275 from 175.
> The Mana Explosion no longer deal damage per second. It's now an instant damage spell.

Cursed Demon
> Rain of Fire has been replaced by Eruption.

> The movementspeed bonus from Blood Aura has been changed from 10/14/18/22/26% to 8/10/12/14/16%.
> The attackspeed bonus from Blood Aura has been changed from 4/8/12/16/20% to 16/19/22/25/28%.
> The amount of hitpoints required to get the lifesteal effect has been changed from 32% to 30%.

> The amount of Strength taken with Cursed Darkness has been changed from 8/10/14 Strength from 8/12/16 Strength.

Elemental Master (Ancient Druid)
> Renamed Elemental Master to Ancient Druid.
> Replaced Spirit of Mother Earth with Entangle.
> Replaced Crushing Wave with Essence Discharge.

Lord of Frost
> Replaced Frost Nova with Soul Freeze.

Death Bringer
> Renamed Poison Death to Toxic Conversion.
> Renamed Cold Death to Frost Conversion.
> Renamed Black Death to Calamity Conversion.
> Changed the duration of Frost Conversion from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.
> Changed the duration of Drowning Death from 3 seconds to 6 seconds, but reduced the armor reduction from 3/4/5/6/8 to 2/3/4/5/6.
> The cooldown of Calamity Conversion has been changed from 15 to 20 seconds.

> The Fade/Recloaking time of Assassin's Mark has been changed from 3.5/3/2.5/2/1.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

> The initial slow of Shadow Bane has been changed from 15% to 22%.
> Fixed an issue with Shadow Bane.

> The attackspeed gained from Phantom Strike changed from 75% to 85%.
> The duration of Phantom Strike changed from 3 to 3.5 seconds.

> The amount of hits required for Nightmare Edge reduced from 5 to 4 hits.
> The debuff duration of Nightmare Edge increased from 3 to 3.5 seconds.
> The bonus damage from Nightmare Edge changed from 50/75/100 to 65/75/85 damage.

Murloc of the Damned
> The movementspeed bonus from Walk of the Damned has been increased to 16% from 12%.
> Ancient Wave will now slow enemy units being hit by 18%.

Emerald Dragon
> Changed some animation data.
> Wave of Fire no longer create a path of fire to do damage per second. The damage is now instant and has been changed from 60/115/170/225/280 to 75/120/175/225/300 damage.

> The miss chance with Drunken Fury has been changed from 20% to 12%.
> The chance to daze a target with Drunken Fury has been changed from 15% to 25%.
> Fixed an issue with Drunken Fury.

> The damage of Pandaren Rush has been changed to 75/120/160/200/250 from 60/90/125/170/200.

Banished Orc
> Changed the damage of Whirlwind from 130/220/310 to 130/210/290 damage.

Demon Lord
> The amount of reduced damage gained from Howl of Terror has been changed from 16/20/24/28/32% to 20/26/32/38/44%.

> Base defense has been changed to 1 from 0.

> Fixed a description issue with the Parasite ability.
> The cooldown of Parasite has been changed from 8 to 10 seconds.
> The manacost of Parasite has been changed from 50/75/100/125/150 to 90/90/95/100/110.
> The amount of parasites spawned from Parasite has been changed to 2/3/3/4/4 from 1/2/3/4/5.
> The lifetime of the parasites from Parasite has been changed from 60 to 45 seconds.
> The parasites spawned from Parasite now has 160 hitpoints instead of 175, but its life regeneration has been changed from 0.25 to 1hp/sec.

> The cooldown of Web has been changed from 18 to 19 seconds.
> The manacost of Web has been changed from 50/75/100/125/150 to 80/80/90/90/100.

> The manacost of Mystic Net has been changed from 50/75/100/125/150 to 40/60/80/90/100.
> The movementspeed reduction of Mystic Net has been changed from 10/15/20/25/30% to 50%.

> The manacost of Rise of a Breed has been changed from 200 to 100.

> Changed Pains tinting color.
> The manacost of Rinnegean has been changed from 50 to 75.

> The cooldown of Shinra Tensie has been changed from 24 to 22 seconds.
> The manacost of Shinra Tensie has been changed from 120/160/200/240/280 to 100/135/175/200/245.
> The damage of Shinra Tensie has been changed from 100/200/300/400/500 to 120/170/220/270/320.

> Battle Staff has been renamed to Wand of Greater Power.
> Wand of Greater Power has been renamed to Battle Staff.

> Changed the cost of Ring of Honor from 200 gold to 135 gold.
> Shield of Survival now blocks 35 damage instead of 30.

> The cost of Shield of Greater Defense has been changed to 275 from 350 gold.

Bugs & Gameplay
> A completely remake of the terrain!
> The Mini-Camps has been added!

> Now it's only one different duel area, not two.

> The amount of health healed with Healing Wave (Rejected Angel) has been changed to 155hp for each target, but now has a limit of 4 targets.
> The damage multiplier of the Rejected Angels critical strike has been changed to 2.5.

> The timer that will set Noxtrus' or Vimx' hitpoints to 100% when not attacked has been changed from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
> Fixed some issued with the system mentioned above (Vimx and Noxtru: 100%).

> Changed The Smith (Shop) model size.
> A lot of minor changes.


Dickxunder (prime matron)
Dark Dragon
bananaHUNT (BTNBigBadVoodoo)
General Frank (Bloodelf Hero Swordchampion) (Hero bloodelven paladin)
Volvox (BTNBleed)
Jigrael (Lightning Elemental)
WILLTHEALMIGHTY (Ancient Explosion) (Shadow Golem)
Jetfanginferno (Orb of Death Missile), (Greater Shadow Ward) and (Dark Eagle Missile)
Wingednosering (Nightelf Archer)
shamanyouranus (Fear buff)
Megapod By tee.dubs
BTNXThunderfury By X.e.r.e.X
BTNwaterelemental and BTNSphere By inhuman89
BTNMagicBronzeArmour By Juan_Ann
BTNAxe2 By Static
BTNSuperNova By Palaslayer
BTNCrystalRing By Static
BTNGabrielScepter By -BerZeKeR-
BTNTheCorruptedAshbringer By Sunchips
BTNPoisonDeath By Army-of-Pandas
BTNArcaneBolt By kola
BTNPAngelWings By Paladon
BTNNagaSeacaller By Dentothor
BTNDragonBlade By KelThuzad
KICK SYSTEM By hell gate
BTNShadowStrike By NFWar
BTNDarkNova By NFWar
BTNAxeslam2 By bigapple90
BTNCurse By KelThuzad
Crystal Infernal by darkhunter 1357
BTNWoomanGhost By NFWar
Tauren Chieftain Death Knight [v1.6] By zadelim
NightElfDeathKnight_by67chrome.blp By 67chrome
BTNbow By inhuman89
BTNSpellHolySurgeOfLight By Blizzard [Blizzard Entertainment]
BTNForestTrollTrapperFemale By Cavman
Shiva's Wings by JetFangInferno
Naga Death Knight By 67chrome
WarStompCaster By JetFangInferno
BTNAthelas By Palaslayer
BTNThorns By -BerZeKeR-
Orb of Darkness By General Frank
BTNNaturesWrath By -BerZeKeR-
BTNMegapod By tee.dubs
BTNDemonicBoots By Juan_Ann
EvilBeholder By Amigurumi
Chemical Barrage By shamanyouranus
WaterfallFX By Buster
Blood Presence By Champara Bros
Wind Totem By shamanyouranus
BTNDarknessruneV2 By Dmazzz
BTNShieldUndeadDeathMark By BlackDoom
BTNFrost By SkriK
BTNEyes By Big Dub
BTNTimeSpell By Deon
BTNOrganicby67chrome By 67chrome
BTNOrbofEarth2 By The_Silent
BTNRockElementalNew By The_Avenger's_Return
SkulborbByZerox By Zerox
BTNSkulborb By Zerox
Chaos Meteor By shamanyouranus
BTNANAPoisonShock By Anachron
BTNFireTornado By Army-of-Pandas
BTNDragonFire By 67chrome
BTNDarkSphere By Darkfang
BTNAstralCalander By 67chrome
BTNSheild By Ezikielth
BTNPoisonSpear By NFWar
BTNWeaponSword3 By bigapple90
BTNDragonBlade By KelThuzad
BTNDagger By NFWar
BTNKoboldMelee2 By Stanakin Skywalker
BTNTicTac By NFWar
BTNVoid By -BerZeKeR-
Energy Shield By Champara Bros
BTNPriestess By Red Shift
ShadowPriestessV3.blp By Red Shift
BTNLightningBolt By -BerZeKeR-
BTNThunderGlobe By Hellx-Magnus
BTNANAOrbOfLightning By Anachron
BTNBranch By Kwah
BTNDarkmoonPendantDH By Darkmoon Hero
BTNGoldenMantle By Apheraz Lucent
BTNGoldenMantleAlternate By Apheraz Lucent
BTNSkullSpirits By -BerZeKeR-
FlashStep Boots Icon By ????
BTN.DarkLight By OgeRfaCes
Ashenvale Wall By hortaxman
BTNArcaneBlast By Blizzard [Blizzard Entertainment]
BTNMasterSpark By War_Golum
BTNChainsOfDarkness By Amigurumi
BTNAmethyst By SkriK
BTNArcaneBurst By bigapple90
BTNMoonLight By Paladon
BTNDarkNightAura2 By kola
BTNChainSeal By Nugamentum
Stone Wall connector By Kitabatake
Castle Wall By Tranquil
BTNWater By SkriK
Orb of Water By General Frank
BTNKrakenBlades By ike_ike
BTNANABlueButterfly By Anachron
BTNBloodCurseV2 By Hellx-Magnus
FrostArmorTarget By JetFangInferno
Black Glow (terraining) By Debode
BTNEarthPandaRoll2 By NFWar
BTNPsybeam By Elainiel
BTNSpell_Shadow_RitualOfSacrifice By Blizzard [Blizzard Entertainment]
BTNVampireCritical By PeeKay
BTNSoulAxe By PetrKubelka
BTNSoulStrike By tonic
BTNBlizzard_Boots By Blizzard Entertainment [Gwen Stefani]
BTNWindsBoots By Mc !
BTNFlameLance By L_Lawliet
BTNPowerShot By NFWar
Shiva's Wrath By JetFangInferno
Frozen Orb By Daelin
BTNZLDeathTaurenChieftainVer2 By zadelim
BTNArcaneHammer By Elainiel
BTNUnholyResurrection By viiva
BTNCWDeathKnight By CloudWolf
Death Knight By CloudWolf
BTNClawsAttack By pippo
BTNAcid2 By bigapple90
BTNWaveOfTerror By 4eNNightmare
BTNAthelas By Palaslayer
BTNCFClawStrike By NFWar
BTNSpikeBow By Army-of-Pandas
BTNINV_Axe_10 By Blizzard [Blizzard Entertainment]
BTNSnowyGlaive By Elainiel
BTNbluelight By bigapple90
BTNArcane By KelThuzad

Please post a comment of what you think about this map. Any feedback? Any questions? Anything else?

//Flood & DrUnKeN_RiDeR

(Anything in this thread may be updated or changed in the future)

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HoW BETA Version 3.3.0a (Map)

19:47, 3rd Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
  1. 19:47, 3rd Aug 2010
    ap0calypse: Approved
  2. Kl3sk


    Aug 3, 2009
    Here's a riddle for ya : "What looks like DotA, sounds like DotA, and acts like DotA ?...

    ~ On a more serious note, if I saw one I've seen'em all ... But I'm downloading this and testing it... who knows...

    Edit :
    ~ I tested it and stick firmly to my claim. How can you be such a downright hypocrite to not call this a DotA copy ?! Okay, let me put it in a different way.

    *Things you've done :

    - Introduced new items
    - Renamed various items
    - Increased / Decreased item costs
    - Introduced new heroes
    - Re-skinned most ( if not all ) heroes
    - Added a few models (units and buildings alike)
    - Changed creep skins / models
    - Added more types of creeps per wave
    - Tweaked certain abilities
    - Increased the maximum level ability of a skill by 1 (from 4 to 5)
    - Created or tweaked certain spells, skills
    - Added more diversity to the terrain ( in height, slopes and cliffs )
    - Etc. Etc. Etc.

    * But, even with these changes, everyone that will test the map will have to agree with me on one thing : This is DotA... not just a different AoS, it's DotA with less heroes, more items, different mobs and so forth... On the other hand : DotA is the step-child of it's true father - Tides of Blood, and if you're familiar with this map, then you'll understand why I can't just over-look the obvious traits before me. With this said it's approval-worthy and I shall vote and rate it.

    - Rating : 3/5
    - Voting for : Approval!
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2010
  3. lolreported


    Aug 16, 2007
    Your riddle makes no sense to be honest. Nowadays, everyone is screaming that all new AoS maps is like DotA even without testing them...

    But yeah, test the map and leave a feedback of what you think :)
  4. WaremDarkslayer


    Dec 25, 2008
    I must admit the whole map seems like a ,better-made, version of DotA. (I don't mean you copied Icefrog's map, just that you made one like it)

    .Also there is at least one typo in your descriptions: ...when you kill an enemie... . In English it is ...when you kill an enemy... .

    Despite all that, the whole game seems nicely made and could inspire others to either make better maps, or improve their already existing ones.

    In short I rate it with a 3/5,Useful
  5. DrUnKeN_RiDeR


    Apr 27, 2010
    Hello, thanks for your feedback, it is mostly welcome but let me remind you that this is still a BETA version and many things can be changed until we realese the full version. It is true that many things are like Dota but i would like to say that many things also are NOT like Dota. You didn't even mention the duell area we have in this map, thats a kinda big thing in my opinion and i think ppl can like it.

    Things that Dota do not have that we have:

    -Unique lane mobs in both team - Crazy Furborg and Rejected Angel
    -Two different kind of wave mobs (could be fun with some variation)
    -The duell area
    -None of our heroes are like any of Dotas
    -More tower abilities than Dota
    -Players can upgrade the wave mobs with attack power and armor
    -And about the items, there are a couple of items that are like Dotas i agree but there are also alot of items that is nothing like Dotas if you just look around. :)

    We ARE gonna add more stuff into this map to do it more unique compared to other AoS maps so just wait until we have balanced all the heroes.

    Thanks again for your feedback i hope more ppl want to do the same :)
  6. BlackKnightTGS


    Jun 21, 2009
    Make the heroes that aren't available yet to be "out of stock", cause it single player, people can enter...the cheat code...and train ANY hero that isn't out yet. :p
  7. lolreported


    Aug 16, 2007
    Thanks for the feedback, I'll take a look at this typo :) +rep

    Haha, didn't knew that, but that doesn't really matter. If someone want to play as a boring imbalanced hero, let the person do that. :)
  8. Mindblowed


    May 14, 2010
    Really cool map, its not a DotA copy, definitely no a DotA copy, and also nice job with the heroes abilitys and skins, just the mobs from The Corrupted, or something, are a little stronger than the ones in the other team, without the upgrades(which are a nice addition)

    I give a 4/5 because its kinda easy to win in the corrupted side, also because its a beta version i wont say anything bout the lack of game modes and heroes, if you need any help with the heroes i can help
  9. DrUnKeN_RiDeR


    Apr 27, 2010
    Hello, thanks for your feedback, i needed to hear that. :)
    But you said that the corrupted are stronger than the other team, can you please say why you think so?
  10. Koloricsi


    Jun 18, 2009
    Man...u listed all thing which makes it different from Dota, if u think like this every aos map is dota....about items....u say they ar reworked, why the hell do you think about dota IF AN ITEM GIVES 5 STRENGTH INSTEAD OF 4 like in ur precious dota, skills...if someone curses you and u loose hp, then its dota hero skill cuz "there is a shit hero which does apply a curse which makes u loose hp" or what?! Ah, I can't stand people who think about dota if they play any aos
  11. Kl3sk


    Aug 3, 2009
    Please do not quote me if you are not the author of the map. I did everything I could to make it clear that my post was addressed towards the creator of the map himself. By your status ("DotA hater") I can tell you automatically assumed I prefer DotA to any other map and that I am thus a "DotArd" ... what you are lacking is constructive criticism and most of all respect.
    When the author will update his map, I'll gave it a real review and not just a -sketch- like I did in my first post. Have a nice day.
  12. arphax214


    Aug 20, 2008
    dude your maps cool it though it gives me a feeling of dota it have a nice variety of heroes but about some items are like in dota what you should do used custom icons for items..what i like most in these map are heroes skill, spells and gameplay..
  13. lolreported


    Aug 16, 2007
    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, it sounds like a good idea to add some custom icons to some of the items, I'll see what I can do.

    New version: A new version is uploaded, read the changelog if you want to know about the changes and/or updates! :)
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2010
  14. Zeatherann


    Nov 25, 2008
    Wasn't the first AoS Aeon of Strife? I mean isn't that why it's called AoS. Also the war between dota lovers and dota haters is a very distinct line. Don't say AoSes are like DOTA say they are like Aeon of Strife. DOTA (im my opinion) is a overspamed map on B-net tht takes up 75%+ space on the map list. I hate it for that fact, granted i think i played it once, and found it's balence questionable.
    Just my two cents. ALso the terrain from your WE over-view looks sick and well made.
  15. lolreported


    Aug 16, 2007
    Yes I think it was and I think it is. I've never played Aeon of Strife but I think it is the "mother" of all "AoS" maps, also the mother of DotA. Well, everyone has different opinions about DotA and there will always be like that. I hope some peoples will play this map instead of DotA or start playing this map even if they never has played DotA before :)

    Anyway, thanks for the terrain feedback, I hope you'll test the map and give us some feedback from in-game! :)
  16. Gahn


    Jul 13, 2009
    DotA is the child of DotA RoC which was around before ToB existed. which in turn is the child of AoS. ToB is only related to DotA in the sense that it is an AoS.

    From the way your post is written, it sounds as if you assume that almost any AoS is a DotA rip-off unless things are radically different.
  17. Septimus


    May 3, 2008
    correct, aos was the mother of all. Dota are just another son of aos.
  18. MogulKahn


    Sep 24, 2009
    Too much like dota for me !
  19. DrUnKeN_RiDeR


    Apr 27, 2010
    You gotta tell me more then that, plz be more detailed