Hosting your voted Bundle's to Youtube!

What Map Resource should be the one that I wil make a Trailer?

  • Legends of Arkain First Human Book

  • Deadlock [NE] 2.1

  • The Adventures of Rowan the Wise v4.4

  • Chant 1.6 FINAL

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Jan 7, 2017
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I am Working on a Video/Trailer to be hosted in my channel. But I need your help to vote a resource for me.

2 Trailer's / 3 Top 5
You must vote for a fitting Resource so that I can start in creating the Video/Trailer of the Resource. I will make 2 videos in the trailer and 3 videos for the top 5. All in all I will make 5 videos.
The Trailer video will consist of a Map and also a Spell, The TOP 10 that is where I list one of the Top 5 or more..
That's why I need your help to vote on a resource for more to create a video with!
Before I start to make the video I still need those Resources that is parcially the best or your favoraite...

Note that you can only post resources that is posted in this Site

What to Do? (Read This)
Trailer Video 1
  • You Must choose 1 Map any kind wether it could be a Melee Map a AoS etc. everything Map. (does not include Terrain)
  • Then you must post it here in this forum!
  • Still I will put your posted Map into a poll so that you can Approve that it is the best Map and deserved to have a trailer
Trailer Video 2
  • For the second video you must choose 1 Spell
  • Post it here in this forum!
  • Yet again I will put poll in your chosen Spell to Approve the best Spell that you have chosen.
3 Video's of Top 5
  • You must post 5 of your favorate Model, Terrain and Cinematic
  • No need to vote I will personally view them to see if it is really the top 1 to top 5
  • I will create a video of each Resource 1 video for Model 1 video for terrain and 1 video for Cinematic.
  • All you need to do is just post your favorate Model, Terrain and Cinematic. (remember that you can only choose 3 of the resource that I have mentioned)
When Posting in this thread, please use that following format:

Trailer Format:

<Resource Type> (Map's and Spell's)
<explain your choice> (Optional)
  • <Link to resource>

Top 5 Format:

<Resource Type> (Model, Terrain and Cinematic)
<explain you choice>
  1. <Link to resource>
  2. <Link to resource>
  3. <Link to resource>
  4. <Link to resource>
  5. <Link to resource>

The resources nominated in this thread may be featured in my next video, that will highlight some of the best resources found on this site!

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Jan 7, 2017
There's a top 5 on the work by the team, I don't see why a separate one would do well for the community to be honest.

But I guess it's fair in all arrogance to have our own as a pick I assume? :D
well yeah! I actually just wan't to make a trailer video and also a Top 5 I mean it's a little bit the same.... I agreed that the team is working on the Top 5, but mine welll yeahh the same but the trailer should make things different right? I should continue the Top 5 and also the Trailer...

Question: Can you give me at least one Map (any type) just one that is your favorate?

Note:I already asked @IcemanBo where to post this and he said in the Request, so here it is!
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Jan 7, 2017
Personally, I liked Vampirism Fire but that map isn't inside the database as far as I can recall.

I got some from my collection for my pick, as a proud mapmaker that is :
Chant 1.6 FINAL
Deadlock [NE] 2.1

On another more serious pick, I would be picking :
Legends of Arkain First Human Book
Behind the Scenes of Arkain
The Adventures of Rowan the Wise v4.4
For me I would go to The Adventures of Rowan the Wise v4.4 made by @Turnro that was one of my favoraite campaign

And to Deadlock [NE] 2.1 also for that :D

Added to Poll!
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Jan 7, 2017
It's anyways impossible for st.ff to deal with many resources to make videos. It's nice one can request a little promotion video for a nice resource at an other place, too. I don't see something negative with it.

@Wardota2 Gamer , why have you removed the first post's text now? Don't get demotivated at first critiques. ;s
Huh? what happened to the first post? I did not remove it? Oh damn it must be some glitches or some connection problem is there a way to bring it back man I worked hard for that.

I really didn't know what happend at first I tried to edit it and then saved it the connection was down so I reloaded it and never came back to the forum. For a while I then noticed that the first post is gone:(:(:vw_wtf: