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Last Activity:
Apr 7, 2011
Aug 25, 2004

Awarded Medals 2

Under the sea


Penetrates left eyeballs, from Under the sea

Doctor-Pepper was last seen:
Apr 7, 2011
    1. Toriad
      what's the song used in your CoD map when the police raid the mafia hideout?
    2. Koola
      Yo i love saiyan race can you add me :)
    3. Nimble
    4. AnglE-3lAdE
      its AnglE-3lAdE i need some help on LOAP map its about my country and i need some trigger like your drug city map. like unit touches the car and pulls back something like that
    5. razman
      I´ve done litle on the story now about a police officer :)
    6. mattman111
      Hey i got your email and replied to it. i sent some maps Ive made so you can see what i can do. but ive noticed that you already put me in the team. haha if you still wana check them out you can.
    7. Tylon
      Get back online man, we need you! :P
    8. Tank-Commander
      Happy halloween! :D
    9. Kaderan
      Can you make more video based tigger tutorials and stuff? i would be realy grateful
    10. LsK_LaDyGaGa
      Me love anruto yaya =)
    11. mazoonon
      np about the dbz map, it IS the old map i talked about, its awesome!! please add the buu saga XD
    12. DrPepper1
      And is you avi Inchigo? O_o?
    13. DrPepper1
      You have brought a great name to the best Drink ever *thumbs up*
    14. DrPepper1
      You don't know how many people have asked me "Omgz! Have you made City of Drugz!?".. Nice game btw though. :P
    15. Nikslg
      where i can download dbz tsr IV?
    16. Dentanis
      hi im new to the hive i watched your video and u helped me with one of my problems like the problem with that triger i had to get rid of it was pissen me of >.> but i was wundering if u could make another video on how to make a campane like the real lvls and stuf witch includes the wide screen videos ware the units and crap talk but yet u can get a difrent point of view basicly the campane lvl stuf :) o and if u do plz email me :)
    17. McMikki
      Hi I really liked your tutorial it was very helpfull cos i learned use triggers xD. Are you going to make more video tutorials? or more great maps like once in the city of drugs?
    18. lord_ken
      Oh noez!
      you like naruto?!
    19. Niller
      hey saw your tutorial and wanna hear if you can make more advanced tutorial movies and other tutorial things
    20. Phantom92
      hi, i would like to remind u about what u wrote about moslims in the "city of drug"(which is a cool map if it werent for this problem), me and a lot of ppl would like it if u removed what u wrote, we dont say anything about other religons, and we would very much like it this way for all ppl and religons.
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  • About

    Under the sea
    Current Project:
    once in The City Of Drugs
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    Every day i wake up and wonder:
    "Maybe i am a bot"

    Penetrating left eyeballs


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