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Thx. I have some funny ideas for the project with that, specially the revive system, which I plan to completely remake (but keep your pants on, alpha version will use Xarwin's revive system and not my system so my idea will not "destroy work" and it will not pull you back).

On the other hand, I also plan to add funny talk system for the units. Basically, when a unit casts a spell, the name of the spell appears above the head of the unit casting it (a colored texttag !!!) to make it funnier. I also plan to make units talk (it will be funny if our soldiers scream "Kill the enemy!!" or "Help me Player_Name" while killing each other).

By the way, how are the spawns going ? I would like to know the types of units available (I know there will be archers, footman and mages. Anything else?)
Xarwin implement successfully a copy from Dota's revive system. My idea is to make things look decent. I am not saying Xarwin did a bad work, I am saying that Dota's revive system makes no sense to me. I mean, when you die, you simply don't disappear from nothing and get back later in a fountain by magic ...

My idea would be to explore the caravan system that I and Viikuna discussed. Instead of a fountain where you heal magically there is a hospital center with medics and nurses.
When you die a caravan leaves the hospital and they go to get your body. When the caravan reaches the body, they take it back to the hosptial and heal it and bring you back to life with 0 cost.
Optionally, if the enemy is ganking the caravan, you can opt to purchase your hero (buyback in Dota) and so a spirit summoner will try to summon your soul in an altar and bring your body in a more expensive way.

This idea can be explored to be really nice. Imagine that in each outpost there is medical center. Then you can select your respawn place (choose the outpost where you will be brought back to life) and the caravan will travel in that direction. Once in the medical outpost everything happens normally.

The caravan idea can be explored into something really nice for the project. Imagine this: when assaulting an enemy outpost you can choose to destroy everything or to take the outpost by conquering a flag or something. If you conquer the outpost you can keep it. If you destroy it, your base can send a caravan of builders and they will travel to the destroyed outpost in order to build a new one for your base.

This ideas are surely not for the alpha version (to be honest , i think that alpha is the best the project will ever have) and they need some polishing, but it would be lovely to see them in action some day.
That. I like it best. Having a caravan travel over the map is bad. AoS is fast action, no time for caravans.
You have no time for caravans and yet you state that you can wait 60 seconds for your hero to revive when a caravan would take less time to revive your damn stupid hero. Not to mention the possibility that you could choose where your respawn would take place.
Both options are similar, one just offers more possibilities than the other. But I understand we won't have time to explore the possibilities.

Anyway, I still think that this doesn't invalidate the option of selecting where you can respawn. The spirit could go to an outpost instead of the base and same would happen. What do you guys think?

This death system is age of myths like.
Duh ... I suggested it remember? Btw, don't you have systems to finish?
I don't mind wether you know it or not, I am just telling that you shouldn't critize things which you don't know anything about it.
Doesn't it occur you that perhaps I know about them!? ... You see, I can't criticize something I don't know, it's technically impossible. AoM revive system is an improvement of Dota's revive system and I am happy Xarwin accepted it, but there are still similar in many ways... I wish Viikuna was alive...

Anyway, I get the main idea -> HailFire doesn't want caravans and Xarwin is happy with AoM revive system. It's cool for me.

Btw, having in mind you have time to make useless posts here, perhaps you could find some time and finish your job? It would do me and Xarwin a huge favor...
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Feb 25, 2009
Meh, looks like my vacation has finally come to an end and I'm back as well.
Ready for the new concept which will come around the next few weeks or so.

I'm planning on adding more stuff to the entire map as well as fixing the pathability problems with the current trees which I've changed a lot.
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Aug 30, 2010
I like the caravan idea but how long will it take the trip? and maybe the caravan can have two guards so the normal creeps doesnt kill it easily, if the caravans is killed by a hero it give gold? and the hero who losed his caravans is left with the only choice to buy a summoner?
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