Hive's Core Official Information Thread

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Nov 16, 2006

What is this project?
Hive’s Battlefield is an AoS map which is currently under constructions.
The map is based on the fact that heroes are featured as community members.
By this members have the ability to reflect themselves in the form of a Warcraft III hero.

The map exists out of four lanes.

Left, Middle (two lanes), Right.

Creeps on both sides will push in waves to the enemy in order to gain victory. Heroes will support the creeps in their victory.
Beside this (the main mode), we are also planning to add other modes.
More terrain screenshots can be found here.

Now, let's continue with the tour.
I guess the main information has been revealed so let's start with some system which we'll use.

Featured Systems
Warcraft III can be edited more than regular users know. And we are going to take that advantage.
However, we will take note to create “easy” systems, making it understandable in game for the so named “newbies”. Systems which we’ll probably going to include are:
  • Hero Selection System
    - At the start of the game you’re allowed to pick one community member hero.
    “Choose your Destiny”.
    We are still searching for a system which we will use in our map.
  • Spawn System
    - Without the friendly forces the game would be boring, no? Our Spawn system exists out of creating different units for the battles which are as followed:

    Melee fighters with:

    1)Sword: DMG: 19-23
    A. Speed: 1.15
    Range: 100

    2)Axe: DMG: 20-24
    A. Speed: 1.20
    Range: 110

    3)Mace: DMG: 22-25
    A. Speed: 1.30
    Range: 90

    Shield: Fighters have a 35% chance to pick up a shield. Shield gives +1 Armor and adds +0.15 to attack speed(slowing it).

    Ranged fighters with:
    1)Bow: DMG: 23-26
    A. Speed: 1.40
    Range: 550
    Projectile Speed: 900

    2)Javelin: DMG: 21-24
    A. Speed: 1.25
    Range: 450
    Projectile Speed: 800

    <coming soon>

  • Move System
    - We need a good movement system for our ally creeps/forces. While they are issued to do an action they also should react when doing nothing and after casting a spell.
  • Upgrade System
    - A system which upgrades creeps over time. Important to keep the game balanced.
    We need to take care of different upgrades because we have different units.
    Perhaps heroes will gain updates too in order to replace the current attribute effect.
  • Customized Attribute System
    - We will completely separate the original attribute effect linked to the main hero stats (life, mana, regeneration, attack, attack speed, armor, and anything else I’d miss). Hero stats will be updated manually each time they gain a level. Using this technique allows us to add a new dimension to heroes and their abilities by making “Strength, Agility and Intelligence” seriously mean something. We will rename them to "Body, Soul, Wisdom" and each attribute could increase resistance, damage done by spells and eventually more. The effect will be based on the current number (a higher number adds more effect).
  • Kill System
    Everyone hates kill stealers. Well in our game no more.
    Anti Steal System engaged! The hero which dealt the most last hits (instead of having someone else who didn't damage him blow one hit) will receive the kill.
    Beside this, we’ll include the lovely killing spree system like most of you know it.
  • Death System
    Its just dumb when a hero dies and disappears. To add a twist we’ll add a system which makes the hero fall upon battle right on the spot it got owned. In the meanwhile you’ll gain a spirit which can resurrect your hero by going near its body. Once resurrected, the hero will be moved into his safe base. You can compare it with the WoW death system.
    Wait time is also included: your spirit is slowed for each level a hero gains. Distance takes an important note too.
  • Multiboard System
    Almost each map has it! A multiboard! Important to track the current status in the game.
  • Item Recipe System
    We’ll be using an item recipe system in order to fuse different items together into greater ones. It makes the map more advanced, and grants a better quality when playing with items.
    After all, items mostly cause the win.
  • Weather Change System
    We will include a nice and swift system that automatically suits the weather like it should be. Variation is an important matter when gaming.
  • Custom AI
    Creeps, NPC’s and more will be controlled through Artificial intelligence. It is important that when you play everything is running perfectly and that your enemy isn't just a suicide-bomber.
  • Sound Queue System
    To prevent that sounds are played at the same time we'll use a sound queue system.
  • Killing system (sounds)
    After a few kills it is a common thing that sounds are played. However, we will be using no custom sounds but in-game sounds. More likely a pissed off sound of the killing hero his voiceset. This makes it more realistic and awesome.

This information is outdated. I will update it asap.


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