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  • Yeah pretty often, we've been playing WC3 maps we've been working on lately... But if you got Skype that's where we hang out in a group.

    My Skype is xRiotZx and Reaper is adriannita51
    Yeah very true.

    The US drafted a document back in the 1700s that said we would never involve ourselves in foreign conflicts outside of South or North America, so much for that shit.
    Did you hear Apheraz got cancer man? It's a fucked up world when the good guys start using bad tactics on innocent people.
    I meant the old DoW crew. As far as THW members go, mostly everyone is still here, only the QQing trolls dropped off mainly.

    Like Frankster, good riddance.
    Yeah man, just me, Reaper and Ivo are sticking 'round from the old crew, oh and NFWar is still about.
    I always read your name as HailFareer. The first number of your age is now a 2 :'( I don't wanna ever be that old. Happy birthday anyway if you like celebrating.
    fuck no.

    we love TES because of it's lore. online will ruin that.

    truthfully I find the gameplay herpy.

    Civil War topic - I like the Mede Empire winning because it's cosmopolitan. Thinking back to the arguments you used, I don't think they made sense.
    they will never make a TES 6 in the Skyrim timeline. They don't want to mess with the gamer's decisions.

    or if they care about me and you, they'll add an expansion wherein the jarls actually convene the moot.

    that is why they're giving us that shitty excuse of a game called Elder Scrolls Online

    also an argonian emperor is possible because there's this faction called An-Xileel that controls Black Marsh and the entire Southern Morrowind.
    well, now i'm pretty certain that the dovahkiin will be emperor.

    remember when the greybeards will shout at you? translate that and it means they're anointing you.
    heil fuhrer.

    skyrim belongs to everyone and Ulfric is an ignorant fag.

    /me hides in a basket.
    Yeah I remember you were talking about that. Do you have MSN aka Windows Messenger?
    Yeah lol.

    And I agree with Reapers below posts.

    You need to get MSN, or if you already have it, tell us your email, I miss the good ol' days of you outmacroing us all so easily.
    Ok maybe games like EE or AoE last a little longer but the same concept applies. If I see you only have 10 guys when I have 50, I will attack you.
    Hey I don't rush every game. I push when I'm at an advantage. A good RTS player doesn't just sit in his base and waits to max out before he pushes.
    Zerg isn't really slow and steady, they start out that way... But the majority of their units are extremely fast and light, though they have some tanks like Roaches and Ultralisks.
    Well, Zerg is backwards, easy to kill for the first 6-7 minutes (if you all in), and after that, you're in deep shit, because once Zerg has 3 bases, their macro spirals out of control and they start covering the map in creep.

    And yeah Reaper told me that SC1 was supposed to be a Warhammer game, but GW wouldn't give Blizz the licensing... GW is probably still dreading that decision.
    Yeah, Blizzard ripped everything from Warhammer and threw it into Starcraft with different names.

    Zerg are super imbalanced btw, they are like Necrons on crack.
    No it's this guy who was in my division, and he was like 38-0 win/loss.

    So I asked him how he was kicking so much ass... And it turned out he was in Masters on another account, and he was doing a video series. "From Bronze to Masters"

    And he was using that account... So this guy has helped me out a lot, I won 9 in a row the other day.
    Ma ko ga jebe! To i ja kažem.
    Ali na žalost ot i faks kaže: ,,Ma ko jebe studente! Uzimaj pare samo!"
    I have improved my macro with Terran. This master showed me some stuff... Now I'm swamping Zerg lol.
    Well... When you are trying to keep many many units alive at once, it becomes macro... Which I tell you, I'm awful at, I totally fail with Zerg every time I play them, timing the Queen's Larvae at each base, managing Overlords, and Units, becomes a huge pain in the ass for me.
    That's the part I don't like about RTS games... Massive armies, 12 production buildings... Etc. Then it just comes down to like a WWII scenario, whoever makes more shit wins, and has nothing to do with casualty rates, which is where I specialize.

    Zerg really bones every way you go... If you don't fast expand (90% of Zerg players do) you have enough reserves and a high enough production speed, to annihilate anyone you 1v1 in a rush, and if they fast expand, you will probably just wreck them... Now if you FE, and they don't, and they rush you, Zerg's production speed is so high, that you can counter immediately without even having units when he rushes you... Because this unit called the Queen, can drop larvae in a Hatchery, so instead of 6 Zerglings in 20 seconds, you have more like 12.

    The only positive of a ZvP match for me is, one Zealot can tank around 3 Zerglings... And when upgraded, about 6. Problem is Roaches demolish Zealots, and their T2 counter-parts Stalkers.
    No... I'm just bad at Macro.

    When it comes to Shooters, and Micro I'm above the norm.

    SC2 involves a lot of Macro though, so I'm kind of, nooby at it. :S
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