Hive 1 -> Hive 2 FAQ

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Jun 30, 2016
Many of you are confused about the new system and I don't blame you. I am compiling this FAQ to help you get started with the new site.

  • Where are my subscribed threads?

    If you go to the Forums section and click the "Watched Threads" link in the top. You will see all subscribed threads that have new posts. Unfortunately the read status of threads was not imported, so you will have a lot of unread things in this list.

  • Where is my rank icon in the chat?

    We need to do some work to separate the rank icons from the flags to make them compatible with the new rank system. They will come back soon.

  • How do I search for resources now when there is no search field?

    Top right of the page is a box containing the text "Search...". When you focus it, you have two check boxes "Search this repository only" and "Search resources only". Those are nice having kept ticked when you want to search for resources. Enter your search term and you will get a list of results. If you want to filter these results click "Search Again" in the top and you go to a search page with lots of settings for filtering.

    The search results don't look nice yet. They follow the default XenForo style of having the submitter's avatar as the icon for the resource and show very little data about it. I plan to improve that in the near future.

  • Where are the social groups?

    They were removed, however the discussions still exist in the "Social Groups" forum inside Off Topic. You can also start private group conversations with people now that we are in XenForo.

  • Where is "New Posts"?

    Go to "Forums" and click "New Posts" just below it.

  • Why are there two of almost every resource when I search?

    Models are separated from their portrait which means that many models that used to be one are now two. The portrait was commonly used for a completely different model so it didn't make sense to keep them together. The reason why two models with the same name show up is because there commonly are two.

  • Where are user albums?

    You can see them in user profiles by pressing the "Media" tab but also by pressing "Media" in the top of the site.
I hope you enjoy the site. If you have more questions, send them and I will add them here if they are commonly asked.
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