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A simple attachable hero glow, just attach it to the units origin and you got a unit with glow.

Team colored and have alternative size for normal and large

Give me credit if you fell for it, because I can't stop you form using it if you don't

I'm terrible sorry but in later Wc3 versions this model won't work as I planned, apparently team-colored attachments won't change color anymore so this model is more or less fucked, I'm planning on making a full series of glows for each color but I'm not sure if it would be approved here so don't get your hopes up.

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HeroGlow (Model)

18:42, 29th May 2009 Pyritie: Could be useful. I should also mention that you should use an ability like the healing fountain's AoE heal as a dummy ability. That one changes the attachment's team color when the unit has that ability. Of course set...
Lol. Why is it that the original never gets any credits, and then when another person does the exact same thing many years later, they receive all sorts of praise?

This was done in 2004, long before this particular model was uploaded in 2009, yet this model has even more praise than the original.

I honestly don't see why this was approved in the first place, when there was already a Hero Glow model on hiveworkshop many years before, which is still here. The other one even has a lower file-size.
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Aug 9, 2015
I am facing the mentioned team colour problem. I am using a dummy unit for a global aura to give 4 different players the glow for all their units, since the units in my map are tiny and it helps greatly with visibility. But yea the colour of the glow is always red now. Anyone know a workaround or smth?


Nvm, found it myself. For anyone interested:

Set the Event whatever you want, in my case Unit - A unit enters (playable map area)

Unit - Change color of (Triggering unit) to Gray
Wait 0.10 seconds
Unit - Change color of (Triggering unit) to (Color of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))

The first color change ofc doesn't have to be gray necessarily but the 0.10 seconds wait is mandatory or else it won't work. Hope this'll help somebody out there.

Edit 2:

Oh, I forgot something. You'll need a separat trigger for this to work:

Time - Every 0.10 seconds of game time
Game - Set ally color filtering to 1
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