Hero Forest Troll Shadow Hunter

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Hero Forest Troll Shadow Hunter

Shadow hunters are masters of voodoo and shadow magic and were once the highest authority amongst all troll societies. Their spirit powers can both heal and curse, walking the line of dark and light in hope of saving the future of trollkind, doing whatever it takes to secure a future for their kin. Shadow hunters are both respected and feared since they walk with the loa and therefore cannot completely understand the needs of mortals.

This is my model for the first HD Model Contest.

My ambition is to increase the diversity of forest troll units and the HD Model Contest was an opportunity to give them a version of the shadow hunter, knowing that these masters of voodoo are present in all troll societies.
So I gave a forest troll model the animations of the classic shadowhunter and give him a more "forest troll" identity. Among the different sets and equipment I gave to the weapon a "forest troll cultural" aspect which forced me to also work on the aspect of the projectile effect. This projectile is also available here and can be added in Worl Editor by importing him like others assets and changing the projectile art of the unit.

Hero Forest Troll Shadow Hunter (Model)

Icons (Icon)

Portrait (Model)

Projectile (Model)

Mr Ogre man
Congrats for winning 2nd place! great and useful model, I'm expecting more variations soon wink wink
Oh my.... I was legit confused for some minutes. At first I thought it's a nice use of some Forest Troll with Shadowhunter anims, but man, all those geosets and their animations, this is legit impressive! Now I'm seeing Shadowtooth pieces (even the dolls are animated, probably by hand?).
Your model basically does such a good job at looking like it came with Reforged, you don't even see how many pieces it's made from.

Very scary to imagine where he got the teddy bear doll from, poor villagers =(
Level 4
Feb 15, 2021
Looks amazing. I like the main screenshot of him squatting on his heels amongst the corpses of his enemies, set's the scene for the hero lore-wise.
I want to know how you added bones/matrices for animation
I tried to explain this in another conversation, and as it is quite difficult for me in English, I paste here what I had answered about the animation of the structure in the back with the animation of the doll and severed heads. Hoping it's intelligible :

I Imported the bagpack with the heads from the dark troll high priest, its skin, bones and animation and scalled the animations with the shadowhunter (before that I had compared the animations to see which ones could go together). An important part i must say is that I imported the parent bones of the bagpack too and replace them by bones already present in the shadowhunter model (in that cas the original parent bone was the backbone of the dark troll pirest, which I replaced by the shadow hunter one)