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  • Greetings lord_ken,
    I have observe your cinematics and its very good... really very good.. I decided to recruite you as our cinematic creator....
    Our goal is to make quality maps for peoples enjoyment. If you are asking, what would I do? You would just simply provide us cinematics in our campaign to be used in our maps.
    If you have any more questions, please fell free to PM/VM me.

    Project Page!!

    Admiral Jack
    Snapped? =O What if I offered to pay the debt owed from the reconstruction of Stormwind and allowed you to rule Westfall (as a duchy)?
    Okay, so you red the article? Remember to edit it when you do something to it later :)

    And only 40%? Sounds fair, but be sure to get rid of the evil insects in southern part of the region - I hate those nasty creatures, and there are far too many in Silithus already!
    Noooooeeez! D: ... Without any wildlife Un'goro gets boring! D:

    What about you only "purged" half of Un'goro and then build a huge wall, cause it is known that Defias is good at buillding such (It was actually the Defias-guys which builded the wall of Stormwind). The second half should remain untouched and the wildlife should live there...? :DD

    By the way, I've made an artice in DPWIKI, about the Steamwheedle Port... Are you sure you wanna make that your base, instead of just building a new one? Well, it's kinda small...
    Cool, but I don't think you should mess with the Devilsaurs... There are only three of them but they are deadly! :O

    And please destroy that silithid region - I hate silithid! D:

    Well, if the ground doesn't follow the base will get half burrowed in Un'goro ;) ... Well, anyways gotta go to school, C ya! ;)
    But if you do that, Un'goro becomes kinda boring D:

    anyways, where in Un'goro will you teleport Steamwheedle Port or whatever base it is to?
    So you wanna make Un'goro a desart too, by purging down all the great trees?

    And by the way, you should check this... there's also a picture at the side you might find interresting :)

    And I got several maps and pictures, you should take a look at too:
    -Un'goro Map
    -Southern Kalimdor Map
    Well listen,since Im such a nice guy,I'm gonna make a deal with you.

    You can live in the crater and make your base IF:
    1.You dont cause any trouble on the empire population that will soon arive.
    2.You dont clame the land as your own,its mine and youre a guest on it
    3.No actions that can affect me without my permition
    4.You mustnt break all the imperial laws and you must pay tax as everyone else in the empire
    What?That will make me even angryer,Un'guro crater is mine entire Kalimdor is!I really hate when people mess in my stuff -.-
    Well Argus is a safe place for you to go.

    And blame Evillizard for attacking me but failing to defeat me thus causing a counter attack that won me the entire Kalimdor.
    Well, if Wolfe and the other Stormwind-citizents remain calm, Trolman won't touch you...

    Did you create a base on the shores of Tanaris? Well, I guess you have rebuilded Steamwheedle Port then?

    By the way, you should make a "notable Defias members"-headline in your article in DPWIKI, and maybe create some more articles?
    You really should, and now there's no reason to leave anymore, since Stormwind get's good again... :-/

    What base did you mean then?
    Destroyed? They never reached it...

    - Demons entered the Westfall-region in Northern Westfall from Elwynn Forest...
    - Demons moved south to Central Westfall which is the location of Westfall Citadel, but they was killed here...
    - Demons never reached Southern Westfall. which is the location of Deadmines...

    Come on, I mean, Deadmines is the coolest place! D:
    Dont worry you'll get good in time remember to play on the easyest levels,if some monsters whant to join always say yes if you have room for them,if some monsters dont want to fight refuse the battle unless you're sure you'll defeat them without any major loses,and read what your skills do.
    I have the screen. Do you want to write the report/dialogue? It is, technically, your moment. ^.^
    Will you or I be posting the picture about the assassins delivering Tyrael to your guy?
    Alagremm might be right. Perhaps something happens, distorting the reality (because you are no longer happy) and sending you into the dimension Tyrael is in.
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