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Hero Bloodelf Sword Master

Another recreation of one of my concept.
The new version features two animation sets and better, cleaner mesh and UV mapping. Weapons and most equipment made form scratch.

Give credits if you use it in your campaign/map, DON'T distribute to other sites and DON'T edit without my permission.
Have fun with the model.

Bloodelf, Hero, Sword, blade, Knife, double, Double, Wield, Red, Blood,

Hero Bloodelf Sword Master (Model)

Hero Bloodelf Sword Master (Model)

19:58, 9th of September 2009 I cant see any Flaws ingame, so i dont see any reason why i shouldnt approve this one. 5/5 19:59, 2nd Sep 2009 Pyritie: Your particle counts are pretty high. You could easily cut them all by half (and some of them...




19:58, 9th of September 2009
I cant see any Flaws ingame, so i dont see any reason why i shouldnt
approve this one.

19:59, 2nd Sep 2009
Pyritie: Your particle counts are pretty high. You could easily cut them all by half (and some of them even more) - ideally they should all be under 100 for the big ones and about 50ish for things like in that slam anim. Also in the death alternate anim he goes through the ground.

Also is it just magos or does the tornado thing in the spin anim "wander" a bit?
Level 2
Jul 28, 2009
The combination of the Blademaster's and Demon Hunter's animations is absolutely brilliant. Get ready to receive your second Director's Cut.
Level 16
May 23, 2009
Awesomenessnesssssss! another epic work by you Good job
But it has a little messy part on walk alternate and all stand alternate (1,2,3) the handle is out of the hand a bit, the fist could be a little bigger or the handle a little thiner, that should fix the problem I think |Edit: or rotate the sword nearer the elf


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Level 26
Apr 13, 2008
Wow GF another incredible model. Epic shoulderpads, but i also have to say, you did an absolutely superb job on the face. Great UV, very realistic. I love his swords, they look great and a very clever use of ingame animations. I dont necessarily like the morph alternate (lift sword up and *pop* they switch) but the others are well done. I agree though, this thing is without a doubt a director's cut.
Level 1
Dec 1, 2005
Awesomeness Agreed. However, the chest and leg armor are a tad underwhelming though, compared to the superb shoulder pads. The level and style of the detail just doesn't match up. A reskin of those parts to match the shoulder pads would be sterling. Recycling the armor of the blood mage is kind of a downer. Also, the grey hair kinda doesn't go with the red and gold of the armor.

Awesome on the whole though.
Level 9
Jan 23, 2009
This is just awesome, beautiful, and well-rendered.. I personally dislike the Blood Elves, but this is something I would actually use, and it will obviously find much use here on THW. A great complement to anyone using the General's Blood Elf models en masse!
5/5 Highly Recommended / Recommend for Director's Cut rating
Level 4
Sep 18, 2005
In Magos, the swords don't appear attached on some attacks. I'll check it out in the editor/game, but it's a little weird.
Level 6
Aug 19, 2007
Once again...I bow before the might of the almighty General Frank, or Doctor Modeler or even Mr. God of Modeling would suffice, but even so...
THIS...MODEL...IS...SPARTA!, err...i mean:
No seriously, this is kickass a single model, with 2 kickass models built inside, it's like a cow but with double the utters! Or even Neo with double the sunglasses, yeah, that ones better. W/e, of course, the score of this is: "Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his score on the model?!"
IT'S OVER 90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!!!
"There's no way that couldn't be right, can it?!?"
Level 3
Dec 17, 2008
It's Awesome, the only thing I can say that might improve it, is to add the green
Blood Elf eyes, the normal eyes that people keep posting here makes them look weird.(No offense to anyone, I'm just adding some constructive criticism):)