HD Modeling Contest #1 - Results

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May 18, 2018



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Contestants were to create a Neutral Hero or upgrade a Neutral creep into a Hero. HD submissions only.


  • 1st place: 750 experience points
  • 2nd place: 600 experience points
  • 3rd place: 450 experience points
  • Entry: 150 experience points
  • Judge: 50 experience points per entrant
The three winners will receive an award icon representing the winning entry.​




MeshHow does the mesh look? How are the balance and scale? How coherent is polygon distribution? Do the shapes complement the model's theme?/15
SkinHow good is the wrap? Are the textures appealing, or do they look blurry/stretched from the default game camera and portrait? Do the tones go well together? Is there sufficient contrast? Do the Normals and ORMs create proper lighting for the model?/15
AnimationsHow natural, smooth, and appropriate are the animations? Do they have physical coherence? Do they have character/personality? How well are they executed? Does the model have enough animations to function properly?/15
EffectsWere the particle, ribbon, or mesh effects made in good measure? Do they contribute to the model? Are they impressive?/10
ThemeHow well does the model follow the contest theme?/15
IntegrationHow well does the model work in-game? Does it feature the necessary attachments, footprints, sounds, and collisions? Are the attachments obscured? Is the model fully selectable? How well does the it fit in the game environment?/10
CreativityHow original is the general idea? How inventive is the execution?/20

  • Judgement: 70%
  • Poll: 30%
FinalScore = (30*Reached_Votes/POSSIBLE_VOTES) + (70*Average_Judge_Score/POSSIBLE_SCORE)

Mesh-The model looks great ingame, as if it were made by LemonSky. I wouldn't be surprised if it were an actual asset from Warcraft IV.15/15
Skin-The textures fit perfectly in the default camera and the portrait. The normals and ORMs are properly set.15/15
Animations-The model has attack -1, spell -1 and spell throw animations, and all are well executed. An additional attack -2 would be the cherry on top, sincerely.14/15
Effects-The particles work well with the model, both in the death animation and the lance.10/10
Theme-The model, sadly, is not a creep nor a neutral hero per se, and could belong to the human roster. On the other hand, the Dark Ranger, the Pit Lord and the Beastmaster could belong to the undead and orc rosters as well.9/15
Integration-The model is fully optimised and fits in the game environment.10/10
Creativity-Gnomes are largely unpresent in Warcraft 3, and it's great to see more of them. The execution is on point.20/20
Overall, the model is a great example of the potential of Warcraft III Reforged and RMS. I would love to see more variations of the model.93/100

Mesh-The mesh looks fine, but it would have shone with custom textures, especially in the pauldron. Most geosets look too similar to the base models, especially the pauldrons and the riflemen's gun.12/15
Skin-The tone of the pauldron does not merge well with the rest of the model, and looks a bit off.10/15
Animations-Most animations are buggy, as the cape and the pelt clip a lot. The rifle is also incredibly glitchy. I know how hard it is to animate that rifle, but it can be done with patience. The model, on the other hand, has many animations, as well as a working death-dissipate, and has a lot of work put into them.7/15
Effects- The model lacks particle effects. While not necessary for most units, this unit needs at least the riflemen's explosion. The model also suffers from the silly blood bug, but that's Blizzard's fault.2/10
Theme-She is a human, but she's also a neutral hero. It doesn't fit very much, but you wouldn't see this unit in the human roster either.10/15
Integration-The model works ingame, but lacks several sounds (attack, death).7/10
Creativity-The idea of a neutral human, a militia hero, is quite decent. Perhaps, the model needs a little more backstory, as it doesn't look much as a hero but a simple riflewoman. Giving her Bloodsailer or Defias vibes, or adding something with more character, would have helped with the execution.17/20
The model is decent and the animations are on point, but the clipping issues really break the model. On the other hand, with some polishing, this model would truly shine. I recommend you not to leave it, but fix the animation issues and the sounds and effects, and it would become a very useful model for the community. Some minor retexturing would be awesome.65/100

Mesh-The model looks great. Nice execution here.15/15
Skin-The model is excellent. It has some issues with the effects and particles, which are shown below.15/15
Animations-The animations are simple and well executed, but mainly because the model animations are based on another (Bloodfiend). The whip animation is a nice addition, but it has some issues with the particles as well.12/15
Effects-While the particles contribute to the model, I find them too... shiny. As they are a light source, they make weird shadows in the face and body, and make the model feel . Perhaps, instead of using building fires, it'd be better to use the firelord's. The portrait doesn't need to change, though, only the base model. Likewise, the whip electricity is all over the place; perhaps, making it so it shows for a second when the whip cracks would improve it a lot.4/10
Theme-It is a creep. It is a hero.15/15
Integration-The model is optimised and works perfectly in game. Sadly, it has no FaceFX, because the original model doesn't have one either (or, at least, I wasn't able to make it work).10/10
Creativity-Demon heroes, apart from the million Nathrezims, Eredars and Annihilians, are not found in wc3. It is a great addition, and it's perfectly executed.20/20

Mesh-The model is awesome, and it looks as a LemonSky variant of the troll Shadow Hunter.15/15
Skin-While it has a lot going on, it looks aesthetically pleasing and looks great ingame.15/15
Animations-The model doesn't have custom animations, but they look great still. All imported geosets are properly animated within these animations.12/15
Effects-The model includes its own projectile, which looks great.10/10
Theme-Forest trolls are the main unit that you think of when you think about mercenaries. So adding a forest troll hero is something obvious.15/15
Integration-The model is optimised and works ingame perfectly.10/10
Creativity-The idea is a bit simple, but effective. However, it's not quite original, as a troll hero already exists that fulfils the same role. Still, the execution is great, and I hope to see a variant for each troll subrace in the future.13/20
The model looks awesome, works great ingame, and I believe it's the one that fits the most in the contest theme. Great job.90/100

Mesh-The mesh could look a lot better. The pauldrons are too big and wide, the shield doesn't look Draenic at all, and it's overall just a recolour of the vile tormentor.5/15
Skin-The skin colour is spot on, but it is just that, a recolour of the vile tormentor. Also, why is there so much pink? The eyes should be white/blue/yellow. The loincloth should be TC. Currently it's hard to see what team is she from. Also, the face tattoos do not suit her at all, they are far too demonic.1/15
Animations-The animations work okay, but the model should use its shield for something. It's currently a dead weight.5/15
Effects-The hero particle effects are wrongly set (they are currently way too high).2/10
Theme-The model fits the theme perfectly, especially for Outlands taverns.15/15
Integration-The model is not optimised, and still presents LODs. This alone would make the model substandard. Otherwise it works ingame.4/10
Creativity-The idea is original, although it's not the first iteration of @Superfrycook of a female Draenei. The execution of it, on the other hand, is not quite well made.10/20
While the idea is great, and the base model is well chosen, the execution falls short, especially for a model contest.42/100

MeshYou use Vile Tormentor(Succubus) as base model and she belongs to a demon race, so you should remove the face paint in order to make her look more friendly, change the lips' color into smoke grey or purple grey(it looks weird for female Draenei if the lips are red)

Change eyes' color to blue

Loincloth shouldn't be tattered for normal female draenei

Try to make weapon from ice texture or ice geoset to make it looks crystally, instead of using pink overlay

Her pauldron has a part of yellow metal,you can replace it with pink crystal. Furthermore, you can add pink crystal to where the pauldron's skull used to be (her pauldron was from Eredar Warlock pauldron)

Skull shield isn't suitable for normal draenei

The shield should be connected to the hand. You can do this by connect her hand to the handle or make the handle wider and put the arm between the handle and the shield.

You should add her 2 tentacles on each side of her head, begin from the back of each ears and end at chest or neck (tentacles are typical for draenei race)

Model still have LOD geoset,you should remove it to reduce file size( just remindful)
SkinThe back of her pants has a part that you forgot to change color to pink

The loincloth has a chain but you recolored it to pink while it should be golden

The color of her pauldron and clothes is too bright. It would be better if you make it darker or using purple-pink instead.

The eyes of the skull on the shield isn't match: diffuse(Pink) ; emissive(Green) texture

Emissive texture doesn't need an alpha channel,you can reduce half of the size of this texture by removing it.
AnimationsUsing Vile Tormentor animation,good work on Dissipate animation but you set "Always Loop" for it==>Dissipate two times when unit die

Clipping between Pauldron and the shield when moving
EffectsHas blood splat when unit dies

Model doesn't have any particle or popcorn emitter except for hero glow
ThemeThe idea about an unbroken draenei hero is good and follow the contest theme.Reforged need more of this idea15/15
IntegrationModel has enough necessary attachments,collision shape but don't have footprints and lack of Dissipate sound animation (you can use human dissipate sound)9/10
CreativityGood model but still lack something to become a truely unbroken draenei from Succubus model (crystal axe,tentacles,remove face paint,change eyes' color to blue,adding some crystal to her armor)17/20

MeshMesh fit with your model's name (Female Villager Hunter), simple yet very nice15/15
SkinEverything is ok15/15
AnimationsCape and hair(ponytail) are clipping in all of animations

Clipping between cape and foot in "Stand Ready" animation

In "Attack" animation,right hand movement aren't smooth ( I know it is very hard to use rifleman as base because dwarf bone's animation is shorter than normal human)
EffectsNo blood splat when unit dies

Missing popcorn emitter for gun shot
ThemeHuman huntress hero is a very good idea, it brings more variety to Reforged15/15
IntegrationMissing sound of unit when die,dissipate

Missing "Weapon Ref" attachment( this attachment is very important that make hero show orb when carry orb items like orb of frost,darkness,fire,...)

I see you put blood splat,villager female death sound,footprint but you forgot to set keyframe for working (convert model to mdl format==>search "Event==>look at the line below "EventTrack",you set 0 that mean blood splat,... will happen at keyframe 0)
CreativityYour idea brings more vibrant to Reforged. The idea is one of a kind, very unique and special.20/20

MeshPerfect mesh, look like true forest troll15/15
SkinCustom texture works perfectly15/15
AnimationsUsing hero shadow shaman as base animation, you also make extra geoset( head,feather,..), bring life to the model14/15
EffectsHas blood splat when unit die, no addition popcorn emitter except popcorn hero glow (I think it would be better if you add priest's spell popcorn to left hand when he casts spell)9/10
ThemeHas many potentials, suitable for some Reforged ideas.15/15
IntegrationNothing to complain.10/10
CreativityExtraordinary! Keep up the good work.20/20

MeshExcellent geoset choices,every geoset fit perfectly15/15
SkinRe-textures is good,you turn this model into true burning legion commander, really differentiate with Bloodfined15/15
AnimationsNew Spell animation is good( head and left pauldron are clipping at spell animation but still good due to the animation speed and the camera angle)14/15
EffectsHas demon blood splat when unit dies

Suitable popcorn emitter for model and spell animation( I suggest that you turn off fire popcorn emitter on model and weapon when unit die)
ThemeSuitable, have a lot of possibilities15/15
IntegrationMissing Dissipate sound9/10
CreativityThe uniqueness of your model and the different between it and the original Bloodfined is a solid proof of your creativity20/20

MeshPerfect,your choice of geoset from mechanic model in Reforged(dwarf car,tinker car,siege engine,...) and combine them all together to create this mode is very good15/15
SkinGood UV mapping,very good idea of hair color based on team color15/15
AnimationsAnimation is unique and novel.15/15
EffectsMissing blood splat when unit die(you put wrong keyframe for SPLxEBL0 and SPLxEBL2)9/10
ThemeUnique and novel, could be further intergrated in Reforged15/15
IntegrationVery good integration.10/10
CreativityThe perfect combination from various geoset creates one of the best model I have ever seen. A very good achievement indeed.20/20

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Assigned Staff: @Riki

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Oh hell yeah, gnome stronk!
That was a lot of fun, doing something quit different that usual and of course the thrill of a contest, hope everyone else enjoyed it as well.

Great contest! Great entries! Congratulations to the winners! EXP awards have been given, but there seem to be a problem with the add medal award system. We are looking into it.

Can't wait for the next HD Modeling Contest!
I better get that murloc icon asap, was doing it all just to have a murloc, man!

Also, I'd be up for judge or some other role for the next one, had my fun (WILL get my icon), now I got to return to CSW.
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As I feared the votes stole the second position from Raddazong but still congratulations to all since those three are the ones that deserved the spots for sure.
As soon as Bagysta said that he would participate, I knew:
"Yeah... that's it with second place." 😅

Nevertheless, I'm so happy that I can stand on the podium with these two giants!

Thank you YourArthas for your enthusiasm! 🤟


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Well, then. Let the theme discussion begin!

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