Due to the many likes of my Haradrim Archer model, i decided to make a pikeman too. This is Haradrim pikeman-version from Lord of the Rings.As in the archer version, the turban is directly exported from WoW, but it uses an ingame skin. I suppose he can be used as any other human pikeman either. Feel free to use it in any way!

EDIT 1: my greatest thanks to RetroSexual for giving me the good idea of using the felguard anims & skeleton instead of the marine's. Thanks a lot, Retro! You plaid a major role in the optimization of this model! If you give repu and/or credits for that model (it's not a must, but appreciated ^^), then don't forget to give to RetroSexual as well! Now it uses the felguard anims. Keep in mind, that it should be scaled down a bit in WC3-Editor for fitting better to the other Haradrim models of mine.

EDIT 2: fixed the minor vertex-assignment problems, which were pointed out at the first moderation.They weren't that noticeable ingames. But anyways, it's better to live without them. Also managed to fix the minor problem in his shoulder up to the maximum possible point. :wink:

EDIT 3: Changed the pants into black cloth ones. I watched once again the movie (it was running yesterday on TV), so i noticed that most of the Haradrim had dark pants (either purple, black or red), so i came to the conclusion that it would fit more to make them black cloth pants rather than the so-far brown leather pants.

EDIT 4: just applied the "new optimization method" at all Haradrim models i made. Filesize has been reduced and quality slightly more increased. :wink:

Haradrim pikeman, Saracenian, Saracenian pikeman, Human pikeman, pikeman, LOTR, Lord of the Rings

HaradrimPikeman (Model)

HaradrimPikeman (Model)

Frankster : Nice model edit and quite good line-up with the concept. Works in-game and performs well. Approved.




Moderation: 14:18, Friday 25th May 2012
Frankster :
Nice model edit and quite good line-up with the concept.
Works in-game and performs well.
@ Misha: the golden thingy at the front of the pike are the tusks from the TrollHeadHunter. (--> same geoset as the pants) ^^

Small head. Edit: animations actualy suck:(
if more such feedback comes, i'll remerge the model with the Rifleman's anims, that may apply better. I just chose the marine for now as it was the first thing that looked attractive as a skeleton & anim donor :wink:

I love this group of models!
If they all get approved, you might want to make them a pack.
yeah i will, if they all get approved, the pack will also include the Haradrim buildings. :wink:
How about a felguard animations?.. Or your own custom animations^^
Resize the head please.
Hell, YES!!! Great idea, dude. Thank you, will try that :wink: thanks a lot for the advise!!! :goblin_good_job:

The weapon does not look like a pike. A pike is not like a staff with a sword. It is like a needle, long, sharp and pointy.
the Haradrim ''pikes'' (or polearms, however their spear-kind weapons are named) are more like this: http://media.desura.com/images/mods/1/12/11617/haradrim_lancers.jpg ....maybe i should rename him into Haradrim Lancer

The rifleman anims don't look good with this model, imo. The rest is good, i think!
I guess i should follow RetroSexual's idea of using the felguard skeleton +anims.:wink:
It looks nice.
Now of course, we need some mumakils, orcs, trolls...

as said in the other Haradrim model's thread, there are Mumakil and also other WC3-LOTR models around the internet, but most of them are either slightly different than the LOTR originals or lack in quality. I guess we have some (LOTR-)trolls and Uruk-Hai around on the Hive. Haven't checked it that far. I just know that we don't have Haradrim (except from Callahan's ''mumakil'', don't want to insult or offend him, but it's rather a battle-mammoth), no Easterlings (soldiers of Rhun) and no Corsairs of Umbar.

he looks quiet old, but in the movies those haradrim soldiers looked kinda young ;)
yeah i know, the next ones will have face masks, so that the actual age of the face can be left to imagination :wink: The major problem is that there aren't many black-eyed younger guys in the MPQ. Admiral Proudmoore would be a possible substitute, but i think he has blue eyes and the Haradrim are supposed to have dark eyes. :eekani:
i have just always imagined Haradrims to be more blackly clothed. Easterlings more Gold/brownish since Rhun was one of the richest "countries".
nice pic. Very usefull as a concept :wink:

In the movie, I have seen them to wear only black and red.

@ Animalpower & Radagast: mainly yes, my Haradrim are mainly having black, red and brown as colors in their clothers. Just take a close enough look :wink: The soldiers of Rhun are another story. The main problem with them is that they have a very detailed armor and there's no 100% equivalent for it ingames. I thought of using a mix of BronzeDragon & SpellThief for them too. I guess I'll make the corsairs first, they're quite easier to be made. Despite to my previous words about the LOTR models that i'm intending to make, the next LOTR model(s) from me will be from Angmar (especially Dark Numenorean & Rhudaur)
I love where you are going with these models. Though I prefer for the pikeman and archer to both have the face masks as well as future Haradrim to have it too. Other than that, awesome models. I'd love to see more than the Haradrim faction in the future too. :D
will work on that later. Not sure yet which ones to make after the haradrim.....i was thinking of either the corsairs of Umbar or the men from Rhudaur. :wink:
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May 17, 2012
Animations are buggy, im not sre if its just for me though. Also file size is a little big. 3/5
Animations are buggy, im not sre if its just for me though. Also file size is a little big. 3/5
as stated in the archer-version, they're going to be updated this weekend (approximately). :wink:

Nvm aragorn will take that with his ghost army for gondor...
in the ''historical'' campaign yes, but i think most people will rather use them as something different than Haradrim :confused:
this is your full army fester its friggin looks awesome and was VERY useful for my lotr builder, my Haradrim is now complete thanks to you :grin:. they look great in-game GREAT JOB! cant pick out ANY flaws. :vw_love:

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Nice to hear that. :ogre_hurrhurr: Wow! It looks great so far, but as said in previous models, be patient and more Haradrim will follow. Btw, did you also check out my Haradrim Slayer? He's so far my only Haradrim hero, but i'm planning to make an assassin as well. :wink: I'll make a few more troll models in the near future, but i was planning to start either with the Easterlings (Soldiers of Rhun) or the Corsairs of Umbar after the Trolls (they're WC trolls btw, not LOTR stuff). Just check out my Ressources, you might find more usefull stuff there (there's a Hobbit house somewhere either) :wink: