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Guild Arena: BattleChasers v1.11 AI

Submitted by Darkwing
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.


:fp: 25.09.2011. Yo Darkwing here, I am opening up project recruitment
for the sequel of your favorite arena map,
the new Guild Arena II: the Broken Pact.
Join our Guild Arena Team NOW!!!
Click on the image below to go to the Project Recruitment Thread.



The vast city of Utopia lies atop millennium of conflicts, congregations and betrayals, peace and wars, overladen with monuments of past carved both in stone and flesh. The Guilds within City are bound by the "game of throne" each claiming the rule over the other Guild in its own manner. Now after almost century of peace that was protected by the "Pact", the new era of struggle is slowly drawing near. Rumors circle the city from the Kaos slum-taverns, across the fire pits of Skarana, over the libraries of Zycra, through the most inner circles of Verdana glades, across deserted roads and wastes of Ahkrep up to the Aspire bell towers, that the pact is shattered. With the rivalry and tension between Guilds brewing up, slowly both Heroes of old, and young upstarts are rising up to once again chase the battles across the territories of Utopia. The only thing that remains now is that YOU chose your favorite amidst the many who have entered the battle already and ask yourself...

Which guild are you?

* The map has -ap (all pick), -ar (all random), -em (easy mode), -nd (no duel),
-na (no achievments), -3d (3d camera), -cf (Capture the Flag) modes.
* There are total of 35 Heroes/ines divided among 6 Guilds. (33 standard and 2 Fun Heroes)
* Experience new additions to the gameplay, such as animated "killing spree" text, achievments, 3D camera and much more.
* Map also contains a basic AI that I intend to improve through the gamers feedback.

I strongly recommend for all those new to the map to read the Game Info (F9) or check out the official map website www.guildarena.co.nr at for full explanation of the game, it's feats and new stuff.

Me and my testers have done the best of ourselves to remove all bugs we spotted, so if you find any bugs, syntachs errors, find explanation ability, hero etc. confusing, or if you have an idea, constructive critics, or WANT to join our team, please contact me.

:fp:mdarkwing@gmail.com (e-mail)
:fp:www.guildarena.co.nr (official map website)
:fp:Guild Arena: the BattleChasers (facebook fan page)
:fp:Guild Arena Youtube channel (where you can expect new trailers and regular updates about the map)

Show new feats
This version mostly consist of large corrections of Hero/ine bugs from previous versions. :thumbs_up:

-Trainer now shows trainings
-fixed the Necronomicon bug with rage Heroes
-fixed Vampire bug with his "Portrait Curse"
-fixed syntax with Leonidas abilities
-fixed the knockback with his "Heroic Leap" ability
-added utility explanation to Artifacts so now you can see what does the Artifact do (new player friendly)
-edited mana cost for casting Lightning Hammer or Spear
-fixed bug where Army Crusher and Groundbreaker were destroying trees
-reduced casting range of Red/Blue scepter to 500
-fixed the bug of the flying height when revived (some heroes)
-changed the Pyropulse spell hotkey into "E"
-fixed the bug with Vixenas ultimate "Sabbath Children"
-fixed the drop player hero icon
-fixed the items of the dropped player (now at center of the base)
-fixed the air unit flag thingie about Tazar's Hawk
-fixed the base dmg and as bug of Alchemists "Chemical Rage" (set new 1.5/1.3/1.1 sec)
-changed Urza's "Shapeshifter" Werewolf form base as to (1.7, 1.45, 1.2)

Hero/ine base damage and attack speed:

-Devil Hunter (dmg +7, as 1.76)
-Paladin (+7 dmg, as 1.77)
-Yuger (+4 dmg)
-Grok (1.83 as)
-Vampire (1.85 as, +6 dmg)
-Alchemist (1.86 as, +3 dmg)
-Bulk (+8 dmg, 1.85 as)
-Wondo (1.87 as)
-Tazar (1.82 as)
-Blood Knight (+8 dmg, 1.82 as)
-Cavalier (+5 dmg, 1.83 as)
-Dreamweaver (1.83 as, +3 dmg)
-Furbolg Monk (1.84 as, +3 dmg)
-Urza (1.86 as, +5 dmg)
-Pit Lord (+9 dmg, 1.87 as)
-Skullsplinter (+5 dmg)
-Rook (1.83 as, +2 dmg)
-Assassines (+100 attack range, +10 dmg, 1.81 as)

:fp: Changes in version 1.1
Show new feats
Let's go over the major changes firstly :thumbs_up:

DESTROYABLE ENVIROMENT: The surprise additon
-Thanks to Mile Rizik who started modeling just recently, you can now utterly destroy whole enviroment in GA. He created and animated models for Archways, Pillars, Columns, Torches, Braziers, Skull Piles and Statues.
-However due the complex thing of creating such good Destroyable Enviroment system I've implemented the simpler system
-The new version will feat this more complex system for sure (I'm half way there making it)
For now the things you should know about the system:
-All of the Enviroment Destructables have set amount of hit points so that they cannot be destroyed early in game. Destruction starts approx between 10-15 min of the game when full scale asskicking between the Guilds begins
-Not all abilites can destroy the Enviroment (lol hels sure cannot)
-If your Hero has Army Crusher or Ground Breaker equipped he can destroy the enviroment near the target he is attacking
-Also if your Hero is near the Destructable when its dying your camera will shake as the Pillar, Statue, or Archway..etc. falls to the ground

-Now duel ranges from 1v1 to 6v6 based on the number of players in Guilds. Also the bugs of the previous duel have been removed, this duel rocks. The skill of the ones of who achieve Immortal Fame Rank will be tested in duel of type Immortal vs Guild where you fight alone against whole enemy Guild.
-Features new bet system with old commands. Fixed the bug where you could bet more gold than you have.
-Added "-finish" command which can be typed when AI's fight duel to randomly kill one of duelers and finish the duel so you don't have to wait for them to fight.

New SCOREBOARD (Multiboard)
-Features all of the major game stuff up in the MB.
-Show scores of both Guilds in the title.
-Also shows the duel countdown if duel is on
-Show the pending time of all reviving Heroes

-Added item ownership sys. Items you don't own cannot be pwned. You can still manipulate with them. This does not apply to Recipes or
Consumable artofacts such are Pots and Net.
-Added "Pick All Artifacts" ability to the Stash Box which picks all of the artifacts in your base region to your Stash Box.
-Changed the Pandora's Box into two shops "Mida, the Fame Keeper" (sells Fame Artifacts) and "Trainer" (changed Tomes into trainings of Might (Strentgh),Endurance(Agility), Knowledge (Inteligence) and Omnimind Training (level gain))
-Added new Artifact "Apprentice Ring" (Wee Tradonauts); +2 armor, +200 mana pool, +Replenish Mana (AoE mana restore)
-Added new Artifact "Avatar" (Kitty); +300 hp, +5hp regen, +24 dmg, +Avatar (spell immune for 9 sec)
-Added new Artifact "Sentinel" (Kitty); +15 to all stat, +10 armor, +Withstand (75% chance to withstand(block) critical damage when under 50% of hp)
-Added new Fame Artifact Necronomicon (Mida, the Fame Keeper); 3 lvl upgradable, +Int, +Str, +Mystical Teachings (passively empowers your summoned creatures giving them bonus dmg,as,armor,hp,mp,hp regen, mp regen)
-Added new Fame Artifact Toast Goblet (Mida, the Fame Keeper); Heals and restores mana when Hero levels up.
-Removed "Emerald Stinger" and "Aspire Icon" artifacts
-Changed the name "Ghost Slayer" into "Emerald Reach" and changed icon
-Emerald reach now give +12 to Str and Agi
-"Bulwark" is now made combining Giants Belt + Metal Pauldrons + Short Sword
-The price of "Energy Stone" is same as for the "Power Stone" 1250 gold now
-"Mana Stone" price is now 900 gold
-Increased regeneration of "Oak Signet" to 3.5
-"Valor Shield" now grants +5 armor for 15 sec.
-"Apothic Orb" now grants +5 armor for 20 sec.
-The cooldowns of "Spear" and "Hammer" both start from 45 sec now
-Reduced "Pipe" recipe to 625 gold
-Sacred Body is now Fame Artifact

New CTF MODE (Capture the Flag)
-Type "cf" in addition to the game mode to activate the CTF mode
-Both teams have 3 flags (one in base (5 points), one in the crossroad in front of the base (3 points), and one in exit (1 point))
-Each of the flags carries a certain number of points to your Guild when you retrieve it to your base
-The limit of the points needed to win the game can be changed with -cl ### command where ### is the number of points
-Only one flag can be carried at the time
-This is the Experimental mode so pls feedback anything you like/dislike about it
-AI does not work with this mode (They won't collect the flags)

3D camera
-Now follows your units movement height so it changes wheter you are in the moat or up on the walls it follows you providing clear view of your hero
-Basic distance of 3D camera is now 700
-Max distance can now be set to 1000
-Reduced the lag that could happen while in 3D camera mode

New systems:
DM - Dynamic Movement System
-Replaces the old DK system that does all of the jumps and knockbacks
-Now added a general SFX (dependent of the spell) for the knocback on the ground (dust and ground breaks) and while in water (small waves)
-Fixed the bug where units with flying height would hover on the ground after the knockback or throw
Drop Players System
-now registers when players leave the game
-divides gold and medals among the Guild memebers
-banishes the left players Hero/ine from the game
-Artifacts are returned to base

Hero/ine stucked problems
-There are now 4 Waterfalls in the Arena (two near the wells in the moats, and two in the entrances into Dragon Vault) that throw you back in the Arena when you finish up on the walls
-The "-stuck" command has been changed from the vote command into non-vote command that turns the collison of your Hero/ine for 2.5 seconds so you can leave the place where you got stucked. After that you cannot use it for 90 seconds, so that should fix the problem of "-stuck" abuse.

-New Hero, Leonida the Hero of Thermopylae (Fun Hero Sheet "E")
-Fixed the bug where the players had astronomical small chances to pick two same Heroes/ines
-You can now change Guild Hero Sheets by clicking on the floating arrows
-AI now uses abilities with Snowman and Jaffar
-Removed the bug where Bear Rage could knockback Rooks Towers
-Lowered the prices of medals to 300 gold
-Fixed the pause bug when Bulk Spits the Devoured unit
-Fixed the Snowmans damage with "Penguin Array" ability
-Added new effects to Snowmans "Snowtard" ability
-Added stacking of the Spell Damage Ressistance/Irresistance
-Modified the sfx for energy burn attacks (purple - mana, orange - rage)
-Fixed the loss of Hero Glow when using morph abilites/spells
-Cavaliers "Jousting" can now be activated while on the run
-Wondo has new effect for his Moment Aura
-Fixed Astronomers base dmg, hp, mp, and stats
-Fixed the damage of the Astronomers "Cycle" spell
-Astronomer now has rather cewl hat :thumbs_up:
-Sorcerors "Fire Cannon" spell is now controlled by two abilites (Q/W hotkeys) that show up when he starts the casting instead of the previous arrow key control
-General Armor for all units now has general damage reduction of 2% per point of armor
-Rook has his ultimate cooldown reduced to 75/60/45
-"Pick Me" rune now throws you in random direction
-Blackhearted Achievment now requries 125 creeps to be killed for unlock
-Terrorist is now more terrorizing Hero. He has his "Smoke Bomb" and "Firefly" abilites replaced with "TNT Barrel" and "Molotov Coctail" abilities
-Terrorist has new icon
-"Kidnape", Ba'tmons ultimate has been completely redone
-Reduced arming of Terrorist Explosive Devices to 1 second
-Nara now has +3 base dmg, 2.8 Agi per lvl, +20 base hp, 15 start Int, 1.2 Str per lvl, 1.15 Int per lvl
-Naras "Siphon" now takes and attack speed as well and has no cooldown
-"Dread Arrows" mana cost reduced
-The "-comnum" command now has grace period at the first two minutes till it can calculate the min and max commands
-Edited the Hawk Rage effect (now has blue trail)
-Fixed the bug of the special effect left behind when Grok activates "Brute Anger"
-new Loading Screen and Map Preview
-Added new wai cooler look to the Necromancer :thumbs_up:

:fp:Changes in version 1.03
Show new feats

-new Hero "Bleak the Astronomer" (Skaran Guild "A")
-3 new Runes (Pick Me!!, Attack Speed and Magic Shield Rune)
-modified terrain and enviroment (new doodads and new look in bases)
-new Rage System (now has two level of rage dropping slower and normal)
-implemented new Fear system
-implemented new Deselection system
-Potion of Rage now has 2 charges
-fixed the "-comnum" command
-fixed the 3D camera arrow key rotation
-fixed bug where Cyclops could by Tome of Inteligence
-"Deathguard" artifact has now new icon
-changed the name of Kaos Cage artifact into "Bulwark"
-"Bulwark" has new special effect in its buff
-added line of sight blockers to the wells in the moat and added a small "window" so players can spy the healing process
-"Amplify Curse" buff now has new model
-"Knockout" now has new model
-increased the cost of recipe for Scepters to 1325
-changed the bug where the runes where the same at the start of each game
-now changed that runes spawn between 40 and 90 seconds intervals
-all Ultimates are now learned starting from level 7
-the 5lvl spells and abilities damage system for all Hero/ines now ranges between 100-500 which speeds up the game
-added runes in front of the bases of each team
-"Recharge" Rune now recharges "Potion of Fury", "Storm Tamer", "Net" and "Vial" artifacts
-Dragon Cave now has more "caveish" look!!
-Juri now cannot kill the Black Dragon with her ultimate skill. (Deals 350 dmg if the combo was succesful, she can still kill if under HP amount)
-many spells and buffs now haw new special effects also
-uhh edited the text in the "food" part of interface

Balance and Fixes (Heroes)

-increased casting range of "Geyser"
-"Depth Aura" now has 525 AoE and 8%~24% ms reduction
-modified Drench ability cooldown
-Coastal now has new "Tide Crush" spell instead of his old "Bubbles" spell
-Grok now has new "Trample" ability
-"Trample" has increased cooldown
-increased "Command Aura" bonus damage to 10%~30%
-Grok has his base attack speed set 1.91. base damage to 24
-Grok now has reduced rage cost of his Shockwave ability
-Scimitar base attack cd reduced to 1.27, evasion is set to 50%, spell cooldown 50 seconds, duration 27 sec
-Increase AoE effect of "Repulse Shot" ability
-modified the knockback of the "Repulse Shot"
-Paladin base attack cooldown 1.84
-improved Paladins "Surge of Faith" spell so that it gives him the maximum duration cuz of his faith (Blood Bath)
-Paladin now has new models for his augmentation auras
-Cavalier base attack cooldown 1.86
-Skullsplinter base ms 300, 2.4 agility per lvl, +70 base health
-"Berserk" now lasts 15 seconds and Skullsplinter takes less damage
-modified "Fearsome Leap" it now starts at 700 distance jump, and has reduced cooldown
-"Loaming Aura" 3~7 hit point regen
-"Rejuventation" heals 150~450 (75) hp, over 7 seconds.
-"Shapeshifter" duration is set to 25 seconds to 25 duration, cooldown 80/65/50 sec
-Increased "Feral Rage" damage bonus to 16~80% STR, and attack speed 25%~125% AGI
-Shaman King now increased AoE of his ultimate "Tempest", and lightnings deal more damage and strike more often
-fixed Dantes ultimate (damaged himself and allies)
-Beastmaster has his base damage increased by 5
-Beastmaster now has "Hawk Rage" with his ultimate skill
-other Rages with the Bestial Rage have also been modified
-Paw now also has % chance to knockback
-Reduced the Furbolg Monks starting INT to 18 but he gains now 2.55 INT per lvl
-Elikas "Sacred Duty" also gives bonus damage and attack speed to creeps now
-"Martyr's Gift" is now a standard 5 lvl aura
-Elika now has new ultimate "Last Retribution"
-modified the "Hook Drag" AoE of hooking the unit with it
-"Incapacitating Bite" now slows by 30% at all levels
-"Dreamwalk Aura" (increased fade time) and increased the invisibility duration to 2.5 sec, activates once per 3 seconds
-Dreamweaver has increased chance to sleep unit again with "Dream Bash"
-increased Alchemists "Gold Bomb" base stun by 50 damage and 0.5 sec stun
-Wondo's "Moment Aura" now has increased AoE from 450 to 525 and more chance to evade
-Changed "Chrono Heal" name into "Equilibirum", reduced duration to 5 seconds, cooldown increased to 16 seconds and increased heal/damage done
-Increased armor of Necromancer Skeletons
-"Bone Prison" walls now can be destroyed with 2 attacks
-Snowman is now a brand new Hero with 5 completely new spells
-increased AoE of Pit Lord "Rain of Fire" to 400 and damage dealt
-reduced cooldown of "Plainwalk" to 100, 85, 70
-Added energy burn attack to Hellhounds (rage/mana)
-Fear effect of Howl of Terror now has armor reduction
-Erect Tower now has 625 range ban between towers and takes 1.5 seconds to construct the tower
-increased the bleed effect of Rohems "Gore" spell to 30 dps
-activating "Blood Reaver" does not cost the % of life any more.
-reduced cooldown of "Blood Orb" spell
-increased Vixenas "Fire Nova" damage
-increased Vixenas INT per lvl to +3.2 and added +50 base mana
-improved duration of Vixenas Children and Apparitions
-increased duration of "Fire Armor" to 16 seconds
-improved Yugers "Caution" ability (it now has more % of evasion activates when under 50% of hp and does not count the fwt bonus hp into the calcualation).
-improved Yuger's ms with "Fel Wolf" training
-improved "Mass Ensnare" AoE and duration
-improved Naras ultimate so that it now leaches more health
-Nara also has new "Siphon" ability instead of "Traitors Clutch"
-various other balances

:fp: Changes in version 1.02
Show the feats:

-new Loading Screen
-new Map Preview
-new Hero "Gorg the Cyclops" (Skaran Guild "A")
-new Hero "Jaffar the Efreet Sultan (Kaos Guild "D")
-new command "-dmxfunroll" (fun in-game command for killing time during the match)
-new command "-comnum" (displays the number of command you've given to your Hero/ine in the periods of 60 seconds)
-new command -camcom (shows the list of commands available for 3D camera mode)
-1 new achiemvent (Clickerz - this is also new type of achievment called Timed Achievment)
-New Fame, Gold and Medal system (check out the site for more info)
-smoothed the game camera
-changed the time span between the spree, -1 second after each spree (you have 11 seconds to perform threesome after double-kill, 10 to done-4 after threesome and

-in Easy Mode players now lose less gold (twice)
-new 3D camera system (made by me, less lag and leakless)

Balance and Fixes

-Jennala's "Repulse Shot" ability now does real knockback
-Paladin has new buff for his "Shield" ability
-Paladin has new effect for his "Ascension ability"
-Changed the Snowman description
-Necromancers Skeletons have new look now
-Demon Hounds now have Fel Step ability
-Replaced Nara's "Nether Shift" with new ability "Clutch of Darkness"
-Reduced the lifsteal of Nara's "Dread Arrows" ability
-fixed the "-fl" command
-Cavalier has now new, way cooler lance
-items "Granchica", "Gloves of Haste" and "Boots of Speed" now have models according to the icons
-added arrows to the Hero Selection (just for look)
-Wondo has been hardcore rebalanced, base attack cooldown is set to 1.93, 28 base damage, +2.6 Int per lvl, +2.5 str per lvl, 590 base hitpoints, and has heavily

reduced cooldown of his abilities.
-New buff when "Midnight Bargain" is activated
-Alchemist has now new animation for transmute while in normal form
-removed the default game bounty from Heroes/ines
-Modifed the Blood Reaver ability
-changed "Blood Reaver" hotkey to "R"
-added new icon for "Cleaving Attack"
-Replaced Blood Knight's "Pain Aura" with new "Gore" ability
-Changed Thorn's "Entangling Roots" ability
-improved AoE of the "Ground Spikes" ability (outer ring misses bug)
-fixed "Geyser" bug and increased AoE to 240
-Modified "Erect Tower" reducing the attack range of towers ad Rook is now no longer able to erect tower if there is another withing the 500 range of the erecting tower

(no more tower clustering)

:fp: Changes in version 1.01 Xmas Edition
Show the feats
- New Loading Screen
- New Map Preview
- 1 new Hero (Snowman, can be selected as Fun Hero in the Random Hero Selection sheet)
- new game command -fl # (enables server to select the frag limit by typing -fl where # represents the number of new frag limit necessary for victory)
- Added animated texts when performing killing streaks (animated text like the "first blood" text)
- New icons (Doom Pit, Structural Transfer)

- Shaman now has new ability Tremor (instead of Feral Spirit)
- Warlock's Mark is now Fame Artifact and can be bought at Pandora's Box
- Increased cooldown of Rook's Erect Tower abilty (90,85,80,75,70 sec)
- Increased duration of Pit Lord's Doom Pit grip to 2.5 seconds.
- Increased casting range of Pit Lord's Rain of Fire and Doom Pit to 1200 range
- Increased the stun of Paladin's Smite to 1.9 seconds.
- Fixed Alchemist's Transmute ability bug (it always gave 22 gold when converting the creeps)

- New fancy Xmas terrain and doodads

Show the original GA Trailer

The map is locked and optimized to ensure fast loading and better performance.





Thanks to the following people for making map possible whether in direct support (technical support and testers) or

passive (system, spell, icon, model and tool creators):

El Carretero (techincal support)
Mile Rizik (tester #1)
Friend of Dark (tester #2)
Zipatebrex (tester #3)
Sasukic90 (tester #4)

Community members:
-BLOOD BATH-, Marcin013, Savarius, Eldubs, Slayer14 and others

Diablo-dk, The_Witcher

s4nji, Infrisios, Pyritie, DevineArmy, D.O.G., Skizzik, War_Golum, assassin_lord, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, xXMephistoXx, General Frank, Thrikodius, Glen Elendra, PeeKay, JetFangInferno, EviL_BuddhA, shamanyouranus, Norinrad, Callahan, Matilda_Knights, alfredx_sotn, sPy, xXMephistoXx, NFWar, Champara Bros, Epsilon, Nara-shikamaru, Pyramidhe@d, debode, DonDustin, Usedwell, Matareal, hellblazer-14, Tr!KzZ, chilla_killa, Dan van Ohlus, Lestat(br), anarchianbedlam, Dargoth, TLI-Inferno, Radagast, PrinceOFFame, Daelin, -SkatinG_CoW-.

Elaniel, Deathclaw24, Big Dub, -BerZeKeR-, GooS, The_Avenger's_Return, Mc !, CRAZYRUSSIAN, AbstractCreativity, Bluebay, ChevronSeven, PeeKay, GooS, xXMephistoXx, NFWar, chilla_killa, Bogrim, Thrikodius, Darkfang, Palaslayer, OgeRfaCes, Kimberly.

TheImpersonator, NFWar

Vexorian (Optimizer), Magos (War3ModelEditor), BlackDoom (W3IR), TheProphet and KDEWolf (Warcraft 3 Viewer)

Official Trailer:
Celestial Aeon Project (for theme song), El Carretero (for mixing up the video)

:thumbs_up: And in the end, thanks goes to all those who were, who are and who will play the greatest Arena



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Guild Arena: BattleChasers v1.11 AI (Map)

13:21, 6th Apr 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved
  1. KillerNick


    Mar 1, 2010
    ... another bug/leak...
    in a game with some of my buds here, one of them picked the butcher (aka pudge) and we are on a fountain siege !And he was hooking for kills and... he hooked a Shop (its as the "MarketPlace"), i didnt test in every building, any tho is was funny xD,

    and the snowman spin attack u should put the warning "channel"
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2011
  2. Darkwing


    May 15, 2008
    Lolz I'll fix that with hooking the shops it can be rather unpleasant to have all of your shops hooked into another base :vw_wtf: :thumbs_up:
    I'm working on other of the spree and fame rank sounds, just have to find a girl with enough sexy voice :thumbs_up:
    As for the channeling spells you should accept the new game terminology as the all spell that need to be channeled are marked as "sorcery" while those instant cast are "instant", each ability has some of the info related to the targets,duration,AoE and stuff at the bottom of description to make them (spells/abilities) more user friendly, look at the picture to see what I mean. :thumbs_up:

    check out the game site for closer explanation of the game parameters and terminology (the site will be updated soon to match the current version but there is still plenty of info there)

    I'm one step in front of you hehehehe, I'm are working on the real "candy" for that stuck problems and stuff but I won't reveal anything cuz it will ruin the surprise!!! Tnx Blood for the idea, I'll try to make the unit bounce out of the some walls in game, that would be really cool!!! :thumbs_up:
  3. -Bloody Hound-

    -Bloody Hound-

    Feb 27, 2011
    Umm i dont know how to say this but.. I dont know if this amount fo awesomeness is legal?
    Srsly every hero every spell every item look imba... not rly all but they are great..
    You can bet that i will in future post thing that could be improved, like bug's glitch and some things that normal people dont see :) i have a talent or smtn :p anyhow 5/5 and +rep for sure :D:D:D
  4. el_carretero


    Dec 12, 2010

    Hahaha Burke, you really made me smile :ogre_haosis:

    I've posted your quote on our Facebook page: Guild Arena: the BattleChasers

    rep to you from a member of Guild Arena team :thumbs_up:
  5. Darkwing


    May 15, 2008

    Of course this amount of awesomeness is illegal, that's why we do it!!! :thumbs_up:
    And that why we'll keep getting the map better and better!!! :thumbs_up: :ogre_datass:


    Nov 23, 2010
    Aha, already play the 1.03, now time for comments (or critics)
    -Tested the Astronomer, like it very much. But I found something awkward with his 1st skill, Cycle. It doesn't deals damage when the target collides with other enemies, instead it deals damage to ward (sometimes, maybe). Also, the Teleport skill. I already learn the skills to level 4 (0.75 sec casting time). But when I tried, it takes about 3 sec casting time to successfully teleported to the target ground. And, I bet my life, the maximum teleport range is not 1250.
    -"PICK ME!!!" rune on duel arena doesn't too useful, thought. Or maybe it's harm! 1 side can escape with it, if the other side don't have skills with high cast range. The result is, draw. (Or the duel has no duration?)

    -Rakanis, the Sorceror. It is hard to control the Flame Cannon, since pressing the arrow keys also moved the screen. And the bugs starts here : About the Core Dweller and Fire Cannon. First, when I use Fire Cannon to fuel the Kaboom! skills. I see that the damage, AoE, and stun duration increases every time (when fueled). But when reaching 175 -> 200 damage, the damage, AoE, and stun duration refreshed to 0. Also, if Core Dweller leaves the target ground the Fire Cannon is casted (when fueled), directly the damage, AoE, and stun duration refreshed to 0 again. Does the Core Dweller need to remains on the target ground the Fire Cannon is casted? Should add duration on it. And also, the Core Dweller can't cast Kaboom!, even it's already fueled.

    And, that's all.
  7. Darkwing


    May 15, 2008
    About the Astronomer: yeah I've noticed that Cycle skill deal no or really small damage, but it's fixed now, in 1.1 Astronomer will also have new spell instead of teleport, won't reveal what it'll be though, he also needs some minor modifications (like his base damage, I forgot about that unintentionally) :thumbs_up:

    The Pick Me rune good point there with the draw result of it's overall usage, but the rune itself is there for fun, since among the chaos in battle you can still try to escape using it very succesfuly, or combo it with Speed or Heal rune to maximize your chances of escape, since you'll agree with me, any chance of escape is better than none. Also you can use it to gang the enemies, surprisingly being throwed at their position, maybe when they are not looking, and you get a kill or two (worked for me couple of times :thumbs_up:)

    Sorceror fire cannon is quite unique spell due to it's ability to control the jet of the Fire Cannon with arrow keys, so it's quite hard to design that spell in any other way, but my idea is following:
    When you cast the fire cannon the icon for Exceed Ability (if you've learned it) will be hidden and you will get two abilites that allow you to move the Fire Cannon to left or right.
    The synergy between the Fire Cannon and Core Dweller, known as Fueling works so that only when you stop the Sorcero's channeling of the spell Core Dweller is blowed to peaces. On the other hand if the Core Dweller is moved in any kind of way by you or the opponents the explosion will not occur, this provides a balanced option for enemies to evade the explosion and big amount of damage and stun. However this skill was designed as fun skill, but it can be used if you climb up on the Arena Wall, or channel it near the bases in the woods near the entrance to annihilate the running and unaware enemies, it takes a big amount of skill to set up an ambush with this combination, however the results are devastating.
    Also the Core Dweller will be slightly changed (I wont reveal in which manner :grin:) to make him more durable during the Fueling so you can even Fuel him in full scale battles in combination for example Necromancers "Bone Prison" or Dreamweavers ultimate Dream Leash.

    And here is some prerelease info of version 1.1:
    -The fearsome current of the waters in two waterfalls in the Arena can be used to return you back to Arena if you finish up on the walls. (I'll maybe add two more waterfalls)
    -You can expect modified Scoreboard also :thumbs_up:
    I've done much more than these two thing but also more of it remains to be done, I'll not reveal the "candy changes" in 1.1 to not to ruin you surprise (it will be definitely be positive jawdropping changes as you are all used to :ogre_datass: :thumbs_up:)

    Blood thanks once again you are indeed a true member of GA community!! :thumbs_up:


    Nov 23, 2010

    Ah, nice to change it

    Ah, I forgot. I mean on duel arena (when duels). :)

    Ha.. I see. So now, about the bug I mentioned, nothing wrong when you play it? (the "refreshed to 0" and "can't cast Kaboom" problem)

    Wow, nice idea about the waterfalls
    will wait for the modified Scoreboard :)
    jawdropping.. hehe, so awesome, I scared :)

    Haha, I'm not much helping this time, but thanks :)
  9. Darkwing


    May 15, 2008
    Yo guys, hope you are getting ready for GA 1.1, it will be a real bomb release, I'm currently finalizing the new systems and stuff around map, but I don't know how long will I need to finish, I think that I'll be finishing in a 5~7 days, since now the Eastern holidays have come and I can sit down and work properly. Most of the new systems are slightly complex, so it's really hard to manage them all, but it'll be fine, it always does.
    Also the site should be updated and redone after the release for you people to have better info in the game so that a +job to the queue also.
    We'll also throw ourselves into the organization of community, and games over the internet or in lan, since the game is already being played on the Garena and Battle Net.

    As for now I'll let you know of some of the new feats:

    NEW DUEL is applied, it will not bug like the previous duel was, now there is also the different type of duel, not only 1v1 as it used to be, based on the num team players, from 1v1 to up to 6v6 duels can occur. Also the skill of thos who achieve Immortal Rank will be tested in duel since they will be thrown against on the duel against whole enemy team!!! There are also some new feats about the duel but when the release comes you will be able to see all of them in the video we are preparing. :thumbs_up:

    ARTIFACTS There will be about 8 NEW artifacts and 2 of the old artifacts are removed, as well as there are changes and fixes to the existing artifacts (new buffs, costs, recipes changed, etc...), since the game was crying for new artifacts. Also the Pandora's box will now be replaced with training center that will have two shops, one for trainings (to increase the stats) and one which will sell the fame artifacts.

    CREEPS are now categorized according to their Guild and will feature a new spawning system, along with some new thingie about them. Their abilities will be balanced/redone accordingly, and you can also read the experience that these creeps will give in the Game Info (F9), and you will be able to read about it on the site as well.

    DRAGON VAULT in addition to the thing that Black Dragon will now be empowered with few spell and abilities the gold he drops will be categorized and you can expect some special artifacts to drop from him as well!!! :thumbs_up:

    There are numerous other changes/additions in the game, about Heroes, Achievments, enviroment, gameplay well you will see them. OOOOH yes almost forgot

    The new jawdropping thing I was talking about that will be applied in 1.1 is...well I won't tell you since it will ruin you surprise, however I'll give you a small hint...from now one there will be a LOOOOOT MORE SMASHING around in the Guild Arena. :mwahaha:

    :thumbs_up: All in all there is a load of work to be done, but once you see the Ga 1.1 and the stuff around it you will understand why it took so long to make it :thumbs_up:

    Now better for me to get back to work, hehehehe :grin:
  10. jxtranghero


    Dec 13, 2008
    this is rock!! YOW
  11. .VTZ.


    Dec 17, 2009
    Me: Mom, I found the best arena map
    Mom: how so?
    Me: ????
    Mom: Only now you find that out? Baaad :ogre_icwydt:

    Man, how did you made thta kill streak system??

  12. Darkwing


    May 15, 2008
    Tnx guys for the congratulations, I've updated the map once more cuz I forgot to make the Terrorist "TNT Barrel" destroy enviroment. :eekani:
    Glad you like the kill streak, It's not so hard to make it once you have an idea, just do the system based on it. :thumbs_up:

    To all community memebers:

    I'll start organizing online games over the Garena server, we'll start from this weekend, maybe friday, maybe we could all meet up on the Europe RPG rooms, just say which one, I prefer the 5/6/7??
    The GA team will be also playing, although not all of us will be able (I'm not sure for Sasukic and El Carretero is in Russia).
    We can play it around 23, 00h in the evening my GMT is +1, just post here or on the facebook who wants to play, or you can add me as buddy on Garena my account is "Darkwing_" (without " "). :thumbs_up:
  13. .VTZ.


    Dec 17, 2009
    hehe :)
    Darkwing you made rook like 'demigod' rook right?
    IDEA = add a new skill for him, i arrow shower (phoenix fire like) to be a 'arrow tower attch'
    ty :)
  14. Darkwing


    May 15, 2008
    HAHAHHA yeah the basic idea I got from there, I've also thought of making towers on his shoulder like the Demigods Rook, but I'm not sure how would it look like, but now that Mile Rizik is modeling maybe he can brew up something we'll see!! His Towers that are erected have phoenix fire based multiple attack ond the higher lvls :thumbs_up:
    Also the Vixena is based out of the Demigods Torch Bearer, just her story is different and she is the Torch Bearess :ogre_hurrhurr:
  15. -BLOOD_BATH-


    Nov 23, 2010
    Already played the 1.1 version, like all the new feats. I think the most creative feats was the waterfall. Ah and also I test the new hero, Leonida. Entertaining :). Also his ultimate (Heroic Leap), you can add more bonus effects like 'automatically activate the "Warcry" ability when Leonida slams the ground', could be more creative.

    Will see the artifacts next time, I busy now :)
    Oh there is one odd thing in his skill, don't worry, just a typo, the 'Hypocryte Rush' (forgot the name) skill or 'Javelin Throw' skill. It must be 'if Outnumbered' not 'if Overpowered'.
    Last edited: May 4, 2011
  16. .VTZ.


    Dec 17, 2009
    wow nice :)
  17. -BLOOD_BATH-


    Nov 23, 2010
    -2nd testing-

    Woah the model of Wondo's Moment Aura was very awesome :)
    And the artifacts, nice work there. The Apprentice Ring was very useful. But maybe if it's not hard, can you tell the players the utility of an item's ability? If you can, then, you're kind :)
    Also the new ability of the Terrorist, you revive him from life, man! That's what we call Terrorist!

    More updates and more perfect!
    Hope GA : BattleChasers will be famous soon :)
    And see, this make my days more perfect.
  18. Darkwing


    May 15, 2008
    Ok VTZ I've asked Mile Rizik about the tower, and he says that it's a piece of cake so you can expect Rook with new ability already from the next version.

    Glad you like the new Terrorist, he is indeed more terrorizing now, thanks Blood for your suggestion in the first place!!! :ogre_hurrhurr:
    How do you like the destroyable enviroment?? It'll be far more better once i finish the full DE system :thumbs_up:
    For the artifacts did you mean of the utility in game or on the map description of the new feats?

    As for the others I apogize for not succeding to make all the changes in the 1.1 which I promised (the creeps still need to be categorized and to make the new spawn system, a few more items needs to be put in the game, Black Dragon needs to be empowered with abilities, etc.), it is indeed hard to trigger and program all those thing by myself. :vw_death:

    You can expect the next version of the GA to be more of a Hero edition since I plan of adding a large number of new Heroes to make the gameplay more interesting but due the repair of the systems I just couldn't separate the time to make more than Leonida. Also expect the announced improvements of the Hero abilities in the next version, and the Vampire will finaly be fixed, the bug with armor and dmg with his Portrait Curse ability is the Blizzard bug, so I'll just trigger the same.

    Also the Guildmasters of the Utopias Guild's will be joining the battle in their own manner, so it will be more exciting from now on!!!


    The Ga team will be playing tomorrow Friday 6. may. 2011. starting from 00h (our GMT is +1) we'll be on Garena server in Europe RPG Room 7, if sufficient number of players shows up we can separate into Guilds and organize the tournament!!! :thumbs_up: Post here or on the facebook fan page (GA:the BattleChasers), so maybe we can organize the Guild in advance!!! :thumbs_up:

    SEE YA :goblin_yeah:
    Last edited: May 5, 2011
  19. -BLOOD_BATH-


    Nov 23, 2010
    -So it's not in full system? Don't ask me, I'm having fun destroying all kinds of crap!
    -Of course the utility in the game! That can made people understand the use of an item without buying it

    See you soon!
  20. AsXurian


    Nov 24, 2008
    Hey all, this map is amazing, custom spells are inventive and their nice for a change. I like a creator who makes things simple, yet elegant. Many Hero choices and not too many custom models, interactive and well thought out spells and enviornment. I also like how you direct it to teamwork throughout the beginning and the duels. Also more complex item system than most, it really brings out the pro-fighter in all who play this game.

    So far the only bug I found is with the arena. The fights are good and they work out well, it involves strategy more than just skill spams. But as the Blood Knight, his ultimate vengance skill can be useful. When I was in a 2v2 duel round Me and one computer were left. Blood Knight vs Alchemist(btw awsome name for alchemist XD) and he beat me but before he could win Vengance killed him and the game got frozen.:goblin_jawdrop: